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Spot the difference ..There's a patch of blue sky.

Spot the difference ..There’s a patch of blue sky.

Well, don’t talk to me about having enough rain. Back last autumn I was using pipes to divert roof water into my ancient well, which was as low as I have seen it. Then last month I have been pumping it out again! What is it with the weather? Can’t even call it winter any more. I’ve got two shop cellars full of water. Cleared out three times for the shopkeepers, now there’s more in there than before. And it’s still raining. The Thames looks like popping a cork and people might have Bream swimming around in their kitchens. I’m fed up with it. We need a special chant by anglers to make the jet-stream change direction.

Did a film interview on the South East coast and was told the sea temperatures are about 1.5 degrees higher for the time of year. Bad news for the Cod, but could be good for me as it might mean the shark fishing could start earlier. Possibly at Easter. If the rivers do drop there could be some jumbo Barbel caught on great chunks of luncheon meat fished tight in to the margins, or weirpool slacks. Watch out for those, but it needs to be dropping, not rising. We also now realise we can’t give out all the updates of what we are covering or filming as there are several people following our tweets/news etc and trying to steal our filming ideas and move in behind us. Sad to say many of these people cannot be bothered to get out there and hunt down the best Totally Awesome stories for themselves, like parasites they find it’s far easier to cling on to us, so the first you may know of an upcoming film now is when it’s finished and up, as we fully intend being the top Fishing Show bringing you the best material.

I put up a couple D.I.Y. films with tips as we have a good following of enthusiasts and rather than sit around whingeing at least I am doing something constructive. “How to make a Bird Box from Pallet Wood” has already cleared 2000 views and our target of 30,000 subscribers is drawing closer as we pass 29,300 subs with a view down the YouTube tunnel of 4.8 million views. Not bad for just two people I feel.

giant squid

So how many Cod baits could Graeme make from this 8-foot plus squid

We had our 3rd film pass the 200,000 view mark with “Beach Fishing Tips Part 1” but our “Pike fishing with Lures” is in a world of its own up there at 321,000 views. “Pike on deadbaits and floats” plus “River Fishing with Worms” are about to go into six figures, with both registering over 90,000!!!  Way to go guys, keep sharing and hitting subscribe.

Dug through my photo files and found the ultimate Cod bait….A massive Squid that must have been over 8-feet long. Do I rig it on a 20-hook Pennell Rig or what?? Or should I use it whole and tip it off with an Anaconda or Donkey?? And finally, while on the south coast getting more battered than a chip shop got a “Spot the mistake” photo. Take a look. There’s blue stuff in the sky. Think it’s called Sunshine.




See us at The Big One!

See us at The Big One!

We have now made a staggering 200 videos! Pretty impressive for just over 2 years. Thanks to everyone who hit the subscribe button.

Watching the weather on a Sunday evening is depressing, and an all-too regular feeling at the moment. Whilst Graeme has been hard at it with some DIY videos to help pass on some helpful information that is the perfect project for you to do whilst the weather is as it is at the moment in the UK. The projects are cheap, simple and easy – Totally Awesome.

I am still itching to get out fishing but I only have a two day slot over half term and frankly I can’t see the weather changing by then so it looks like it will have to wait until the easter holidays now! Argh! Either way, myself and Graeme are both looking forward to the Big One tackle show in Farnborough on Saturday 22nd and Sunday 23rd February. It looks to be a really good show and we’re certainly looking forward to it. Come along!

Pollock fishing

Click the image to check out this session we had on lures!

One of my favourite types of fishing is lure fishing for Pollack. One of my favourite areas for this is over in Courtmacsherry Bay in Southern Ireland. Not only is it a stunning setting, but if you get the boat drift right, you can nail up to 8 or 9 Pollack in one drift! Every time we go out there we try and beat our previous trips number. I think last year we got up to 20 odd Pollack. If the weather conditions are right this year I will most certainly be taking an ultralight spinning rod and some Sidewinder lures to see if we can break our previous record! A lot of the time that is what I enjoy more. I am not a specimen hunter, I like getting the numbers. Don’t get me wrong when the big fish comes along there is no greater feeling. But I am quite happy just reeling in fish after fish, it helps you hone your fishing skills rather than sitting it out waiting for the big one. Get me over to Ireland!


bird house

How to build a bird house from Pallet Wood

Dog Kennel

How to build a Dog Kennel from Pallet Wood


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