23rd SEPTEMBER 2014




A jumbo mullet for Graeme from Chesil Beach.But is it a Golden Grey .

50,000 subscribers  ….Whoopee!!!!  Now that really is a huge number to crow about. Check out some of the professionally sponsored sites and we are even smokin’ them out of sight. And all this in just about 36 months, with the bulk of the subs in the last year alone. And it’s all free for you people to watch, 24/7, on YouTube. Way better than TV as you can go back to it again and again, plus Mike is still managing to crank out 2 or even 3 films, all brand new for you, each week. All thanks to our “Awesome Army” of followers, so keep spreading the word. It makes a change to have something British so high up in the YouTube rankings of all-round fishing, something that I have been doing for 50 odd years. Feels more like 20 years, until yesterday, when I drove two hours down to Abbotsbury on Chesil Beach, and was told I have to lug all the tackle and cameras a mile through loose shingle to reach the “Dragon’s Teeth” fishing mark. I reckon this would make a good endurance course for S.A.S. training.

Right you lot….70lbs packed, fast yomp down to Portland Bill, arms check, clean the weapon, then give me 50 press ups,and yomp back. Last man crawling in gets to do 3 hours of latrine duty ….Move yourselves…Move yourselves!!!”

Beach buddy

Out in the Beach Buddy.Graeme’s new comfort zone.

I decided to leave the big cameras at home and took the handheld and miniature, so rubbish sound, but that’s the way it is. Actually the day was flat calm, blue sky, north east wind and I was grateful for the cover of one of those beach shelters. I’ve never used one before as I thought it would be just another piece of kit to carry. Like a Mauser and six mags of NATO rounds. But I was surprised. Light, in a holdall, it was heaven inside, away from the wind, so maybe the sound might come out OK. It was also a pleasure to see deep clean water close in, and no need to move once base camp was set up on the high water mark. However the sport wasn’t exactly the same as Somerset. Most people were blanking, though in fairness quite a few were heaving feathers towards Cherbourg. The day absolutely flew past, and suddenly it was time to call it a day at 8pm. The long trudge back, and the long drive back. But at least I tried it.

Sunset from Chesil Beach.Get ready fore the Codling.

Sunset from Chesil Beach.Get ready fore the Codling.

Hey, forgot to say I shall mourn the passing of my old Silver Peugeot diesel estate. It has carried tons of building materials, dragged “Hi Sea Drifter” over 3,500 miles and even had settees on the roof rack. I normally stick with diesel estates and chop them out after 100,000 miles as I’m not a car buff at all. They just get me from A to B. If it’s pretty as well that’s fine, but not important. After getting more repair bills than the old girl was worth I had to cough hard and purchase a replacement. A 508 Peugeot diesel that has a dashboard more appropriate in a cockpit of an airliner. Apparently it can reverse itself into gaps, has NO, yes NO manual handbrake, and last night I saw the headlights steered themselves round the bends before I even got there ! What is that all about? It even knows where I want to go? Beautiful to drive, but I feel after a year or so the implications of degrading electrical “thingamies” might cost an arm and a leg. Just the way cars are going I suppose. Why does every manufacturer think we need all this electrical stuff? I had no problem with manual wind-down windows? They worked. So yesterday was the “new girl’s” first fishing outing. I made sure to remove the squid, ragworm and handwipe as soon as I got back.

On the predator front I see the south coast has been giving up some good Porbeagle sharks. This is great news, as it saves many keen sharkers from travelling to where the top spot is supposed to be, when the Isle of Wight and western approaches still remains the place to go if you are serious about your shark fishing. Most of the biggest sharks have come in the Western approaches historically, and right into October is the time to try. I still have to get a tow bar fitted to the new car before I can drag “HSD” anywhere, but until then it will be shore fishing of some sort.

Loads more films to be edited, we’re actually a bit behind as I had a manic week on the properties last week, hopefully this week will be easier. Nothing planned yet, but often our films are last minute affairs, “Can I get away tomorrow” type of thing. Thanks also to all the people who take the trouble to write in thanking us for all the tips. Especially rewarding when someone has picked up an extra fish or two from a film. Had a lesson from Charlie Tudball (England junior Internal) who helped us with filming the other week down at Somerset. He was catching schoolie bass so close to shore it was silly….maybe ten yards out. Which of course must really stick in the throat of all the “I can cast 500 yards on a grass field” casters, with fish ten yards out their shock leader would barely come off the spool! Long casting does have its advantages, but then again I haven’t caught too many fish on a grass field. I find the sea is far better. So any beginners or older guys getting into shore fishing, don’t get bullied by others  into thinking you are inferior when others spout off about how far they can cast. Learn more about where you are going to fish, tides, ground, baits, rigs, and then just cast what you can. I actually now made my own promo slogan when A “big cast” man said I cast like a girl….That’s fine… “Cast like a girlBUT CATCH LIKE A MAN!!”. Thanks for the slogan buddy, I have a feeling it’s going to catch on. I wonder if this is why so many females catch monster fish from the shore? Is it the pheromone thing which has always been linked to fishing, or the fact they cast shorter, into the area the big fish are at? Makes you think doesn’t it. I assure you I have started experimenting with ultra-close range baits after watching Charlie burn up the Somerset bass and do you know what, it’s already yielded me a good fish I would never have caught otherwise. Watch out for the upcoming film.

As for our latest film up “Fishing a boulder beach”, YouTube figures told us it has received more comments and faster than any other film we have put up in the last 6 months!!  And that was really only one of my…”Cast like a girl….CATCH LIKE A MAN” type of films. We’ve had some really good weather this September, but I just haven’t been able to get my sharking head together. I’ve got all the chum, but the year has slid by doing other films. Sharks aren’t everything of course, and we have put up good films of giant sharks from British waters that as yet nobody has been able to follow. I did have a couple of sharky technique films I wanted to do, but if it has to wait until next season, that’s the way it is. As yet, other than our May Porbeagle nothing really unusual or big has come out yet. Haven’t even heard any stories of “the big one that got away” With the year racing by the chance of a rarity is now hanging on the next 3 or 4 weeks, then it’s all over. Shark gear away, and Pike/Cod rods out. Let’s hope this will be the bumper Cod year that everyone is predicting. Pencil in spring tides in late October and early November if you are a shore man, with fresh lugworm/night fishing the key. Fingers crossed.


Awesome army

50, 000 subscribers! All thanks to THE AWESOME ARMY!

Still teaching…… although I did manage to get on the geography field trip the other day which meant studying a river. So whilst the kids were measure the width, depth and velocity of the river Tillingbourne in Surrey, I was scouting out swims and trying to spot the odd fish. A pretty little river really, we were quite far upstream so it wouldn’t have been ideal for fishing but nevertheless the surroundings were stunning and I know that it is a tributary to the River Wey, which is a river I wouldn’t mind wetting a line in. Had a big editing session this week, I can tell you that Friday’s episode is going to be nearly AN HOUR LONG! It’s packed full of tips and looks like another Totally Awesome Episode. Hopefully you guys will enjoy it. If you only take one new tip or technique away from it, that’s all that matters!

I have a Saturday free this weekend so I will be looking to see if I can get a fishing session in with Dad. We have options, I am kind of swayed towards some predator fishing but we will see. As dad said, we have just passed an incredible 50,000 subscribers! A huge milestone and myself and Graeme still can’t believe it. Thanks to all of you who follow us and spread the good word, it certainly helps!

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I need to get back to editing now, there is an episode of MIDWEEK MADNESS that I need to finish….. 🙂

Tight lines,



Sea fishing from a Boulder Beach

Sea fishing from a Boulder Beach

Fly casting for beginners

Fly casting for beginners