Dusk is one of the best times to fish

Dusk is one of the best times to fish

After having a successful solo trip in “Hi Sea Drifter” out at Bracklesham Bay on the south coast, thoughts are turning from fly fishing to the open ocean. I have usually had a few boat trips by now, but workload coupled to wind means everything seems to be running late. The Smoothhound will be well in the shallows in another week or so and that is something I must target from the boat in the skinny water. I have never had a really big one of say 16lbs and up, but by all accounts they are something to marvel at. A good many are lost right at the net as anglers forget these shallow water speedsters have plenty of power, especially right on the surface. Many a “biggie” has dived and bust the line right by the boat, so check your reel drag and make sure they give line at this critical stage.

I find the next few weeks ideal for targeting double figure trout on the fly rod. Many waters turn green, or suffer algae problems in summer which makes spotting the 30-inchers difficult. The middle to end of May can be peak time as the waters are clear and the sun is going round high, to give maximum light penetration. As many of you know, rivers are closed for fishing, and I’m a firm believer that we should revert to the old close season where the fish and bankside at least got a rest for 3 months. Now the waters are hammered from dawn to dusk and there just isn’t the same build-up of excitement as there was on the “Glorious 16th” which is when we all used to get excited. At least the rivers are getting a rest, and besides it gives me time to do shore fishing, boat fishing and trout fishing. Variety is the spice of life, and non-more so than when fishing. I can’t think of anything more constricting than going after just one species, or using just one method. All-round fishing is the way forward!!

We passed the SIX MILLION views mark, and with another exclusive Totally Awesome film scheduled for this Friday the numbers will go even more. And Mike tells me our next target is HALF A MILLION VIEWS A MONTH!!!  I hear we are well over 433,000 a month at the moment. A lot of commercial people would like those as circulation figures for sure. Thanks to all those P.M’s congratulating us for our efforts.

I wonder how many of you watch those WICKED TUNA programmes on TV. I know they seem pretty “samey” but having fished from a fighting chair with a harness and 130lb outfits for big Marlin and Sharks I know just how much power it takes to put a kink of any sort into the rod blank. I realise the guys are commercialling them and leave the rods in the holder, but you can still see their excitement when a big tuna grabs hold and screams line off against a heavy drag. Notice that even the big boats have to back down on the tuna to prevent them being spooled. I think I go to bed hearing that beep-beep of a fish on their sounder as it signifies a feeding tuna. Shame we can’t get the same when a big shark swims under the boat, and I reckon it happens a lot more times than you or I know. Good fishing, and if you are shore fishing look for big spring tides, dark side of the moon and night fishing. The shore fishing around our coast should really be coming into its own now…..


Latched into a big one on the Beara Peninsula in Ireland - Hopefully be back there this year..

Latched into a big one on the Beara Peninsula in Ireland – Hopefully be back there this year..

It’s been an interesting week for me. I am now coming to the end of my PGCE teacher training year and although it has been full-on, it’s been an enjoyable experience. Thankfully I still have my job next year but will be teaching some Geography too!

Trying to get my next fishing plans in now. At the moment I am pretty busy most weekends but I hope to get out soon. I have been toying with a few ideas of a new series to bring out for the show – keep an eye out in the coming months. As Graeme said, the viewing figures for the Totally Awesome Fishing Show are now staggering! Over 400,000 views a month is incredible for just two guys, a camera and just over 2 years worth of filming. Thanks to everyone who has subscribed to our YouTube Channel. 

I have been speaking with our carp expert Tommy Flower, planning the next video. It won’t be for a few weeks yet but we’ll let you know when it’s up. Tommy has a wealth of carp fishing knowledge and if you ever have any carp fishing questions just follow him on his Twitter and he’ll be happy to answer them.

That’s it from me this week. With the weather coming good for the weekend, it might be a good time to hit the rocks! (not literally). The Wrasse fishing will be picking up with the warmer weather and the Bass have started to make an appearance around our coastline too.

Good luck if you are fishing this weekend!

Tight Lines,



Sea fishing for beginners - The Paternoster Rig

Sea fishing for beginners – The Paternoster Rig