Cornwall fishing

Cornwall and Devon are the places for great summer boat and shore fishing holidays..

Well, the weather still seems fairly settled though the winds seem to be set in the northerly flow, which I can’t remember for a long time. It’s unusual for sure, but as long as the sun shines I don’t mind. However, while everyone thought the wet, mild winter would bring species in early on the saltwater scene, it seems the reverse is true. I was out making yet another Totally Awesome Fishing film last week with Wayne off the Eastern Wight and radio talk was of the lack of Tope and their food fish, the mackerel. Maybe the sharks are going to be late as well, although the trusty Blue Shark are always sniffing around from the top shark ports like Falmouth, Penzance, Looe and Plymouth. So the theory is this. Due to the commercial overfishing the mackerel have taken, will that mean it is going to be better for sharking, as there is less baitfish so the sharks are starving and will home in on our chum slick like bees to a honeypot? Or will it be the reverse. With their primary food source wiped out, will the sharks maybe go deeper and find another food source so we catch fewer sharks? A hard one to call, but we shall be pioneering again, trying new techniques and grounds, and I already have a new “secret weapon” that will shortly be revealed on another sharky film. It’s never been done before, because I’ve only just made it last week. I was also the only person to invent the sliding net float with the line held by a Du-Bro Sailfish release clip. It’s in our “Ultimate guide to Blue Shark fishing DVD”, but already I have seen others mention it on forums. Good to know that people are noticing the small things in fishing. They often make a difference.

Shark action

This is the month to load up on a big sea fish

Maybe we’ll have another “play” with taking a shark on a trout rod again (already filmed on our blue shark DVD). Obviously we could use a 12-weight asymmetric  saltwater fly with a non-reverse centre drag fly reel.But that’s not much different than using a spinning rod as far as pressure goes. Drop down to a trout rod and then you really have to fight a fish. I  know a few more anglers are trying fly-for-shark, but I hear some are tipping with bait. Sorry, but that’s not allowed under IGFA rules. You need to use ONLY the bare fly dressing ,bait is not allowed, otherwise it’s just fake and not real fly fishing. Of course sharks don’t eat flies anyway, so it’s all just a gimmick, but can be entertaining when you have a skipper or crew who can bait-tease a shark properly, right to the boat so you can drop a plain fly to it. I once used a sinking line to hook into a 60lb Mako on a fly rod while fishing off the Algarve. Now there’s some fun. Mako on a flyrod. Nothing new. Check the IGFA world records lists, it’s all been done many, many years ago.

I’ve been getting to grips with that Navionics chart card that you put into your sounder/plotters. I zoomed over to Ireland with it from my office, and was shocked to see it even shows one of the tiniest rocks that we get our Irish small boat Pollack with! I’ve also been contacted by a couple of other guys and they love the chart card. Expensive? Yes, but surely worth the investment, especially if you travel around to different spots like we do aboard “Hi Sea Drifter”.

JULY is going to be “DOUBLE-BUBBLE” month!! Yes, we aim to ram the life out of the films by putting up no less than TWO episodes a week for the entire month. There’s even a bonus film going up tonight on how to make an adjustable rod rest from???…..well, you’ll have to watch it to find out. Another potential money-saving tip.

Frank Vinnicombe


As for the Totally Awesome Fishing Show itself. Well I couldn’t help but smile at the analytics from YouTube. We are looking about to pass an amazing SEVEN MILLION views ,pushing 41,000 subscribers, and HALF A MILLION views a month on the videos. Way more than you get with a UK fishing magazine circulation so it’s easy to see why we have such a huge success and “Awesome Army” following. Also had our fastest hitter. Last Friday’s film-“How to find a good fishing spot” ….4000 views in just over 72 hours, and indicative of the huge saltwater following we now have. I have to raise a second smile at some of the freshwater superheroes who are suddenly very interested in catching sharks? Could it be they have seen the publicity we generate with toothy critturs?? And where were these new “experts” 40 years ago when the rest of my generation were grinding out the blanks (and catching) off the ports of Looe, Falmouth, Padstow, Scrabster etc. Yes, I even drove all the way to the far north of Scotland to fish for the giant Porbeagle they have up there. The only thing that kept me going in the freezing cold (early March by the way, the best time) was a poster pic of a 400lb Porbeagle one of the anglers had caught that was framed in the cabin. I wonder if they still get those big Beagles up there?

Ballan Wrasse

July is holiday time and the big Ballan Wrasse should be on your hit list.

Wayne is champing at the bit to get out Thresher shark fishing. We know other anglers are out there hoping to be the first angler to get the “BIG FOUR”, Porbeagle, Blue, Mako, and Thresher shark. I’ve done it several times myself, but not in the UK, however, I hope the superheroes realise Wayne is also only looking for one shark as well to be the first. He’s had Porbeagle, Thresher, and Blue, so only needs a small Mako of up to 200lbs (though a proper 300 plusser would be even better), and of course I’m also in the running with the same species. Mr UK Mako is the one to get for me as well, though I don’t want a small one, something towards 600lbs would be nice, together with some more great film footage in the water. So it’s all to play for in the coming months. Barbel in the rivers, the best of any Tench before they get hard to catch in August, Hounds off the Somerset beaches, and big Rainbow trout in the Hampshire stillwaters. Watch this Awesome space!!  and keep spreading the word.


I only have two more weeks left of teaching then it’s THE BIG SUMMER BREAK! I tell you what though, I have been pretty busy editing DOUBLE videos for you guys each week for the next month. We have some cracking videos coming up and it still amazes me how much great feedback you guys give us. I wake up in the morning and my inbox is full of some incredibly positive feedback from you lot in The AWESOME ARMY. Just wanted to say thanks for all your comments, the most common comment we get is “Please keep doing what you’re doing”. Well I can tell you folks, we certainly will keep doing what we are doing, only this time we’ll be really pushing the limits!

I plan to do a lot of fishing over the summer months to give you guys your awesome “fix’ for the week. But I also have other plans to help make things even more Awesome. So keep an eye out on our YouTube Channel, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and of course, our website.



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how to find good fishing spots


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