9th SEPTEMBER 2014


A nice Bass caught by Charlie. One of 19 Bass caught in an evening session

A nice Bass caught by Charlie. One of 19 Bass caught in an evening session

No E-News from Graeme this week unfortunately as he is out fishing ALL WEEK! The lucky bugger! But I have been hearing from him and he has kept me updated on what has been going on. The guys who follow us on Facebook and Twitter will already be up to date with this. Graeme is down at Minehead filming some more beach fishing episodes. He has been fishing with Craig Butler of West Coast Tackle as well as Keelan Owen and Charlie Tudball, both England Youth International fisherman. Two nights ago they had a Totally Awesome Bass fishing session, with over 19 Bass to 5lb and 9 codling plus a couple of flounders. When the fishing kicks off on the North Somerset coast it can be incredible. Today Graeme has had a Turbot and Craig has had a small Conger Eel. That’s as much as I know right now but I am sure next week Graeme will update you on more of his fishing expedition, I do know that tomorrow he is moving on down to Newquay to film some boat fishing episodes!



One of the better Perch caught on the River Kennet using a white 2″ lure

I am back at work now so it’s been planning, planning and more planning as the school term kicks off and I am now teaching Geography as well as PE. However I have managed to get some editing done and I can tell you that I have already edited this weeks episode. It’s set to be a pretty awesome one and dad and I certainly had some fun filming it. It’s up at 7pm on Friday as all our weekly videos are. I have finished my Perch expedition! I must have been out on about 3-4 short fishing sessions with a couple full day sessions thrown in. But finally I have enough to put together what I hope to be an informative video for you guys. I used a variety of different methods all involving soft plastic lures. I noticed that over the recent weeks small white 2″ lures have been doing the trick for me. Lures with a good soft tail action and a smooth, slow sink and draw really sent the Perch crazy for that lure! Now that Autumn is coming I can’t wait to start targeting the predators. At the moment I am hooked on Perch but I will definitely give the Pike fishing a go with some lures. Watch out for it in the coming weeks.

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I have been in talks with our Carp man Tommy Flower and we have something special in the pipeline. It is going to take a while to organise and plan but if it comes off it could be our greatest Totally Awesome Fishing production yet so keep an eye out for it in the next few months.

We are now SO CLOSE to 50,000 subscribers! What an unbelievable milestone that will be. I have been closely following the subscriber analytics on youtube and it looks like we will be set to hit that amazing mark by the end of the month 🙂 TOTALLY AWESOME! Massive thank you to everyone who has subscribed. Please keep watching and tell your mates! Click here to subscribe to our YouTube Channel.

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– Mike


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