11th AUGUST 2014


Wait till you see the hookup on film of Graeme's Rockbourne Raionbow...It's AWESOME.Film coming.

Wait till you see the hookup on film of Graeme’s Rockbourne Raionbow…It’s AWESOME.Film coming.

Yes folks, it is exactly 3 years to the day since Mike gave me a website as an early 60th birthday present. Something I deffo did not want at the time, but which has now become all-consuming. As a writer/photographer in fishing journalism since 1968 (first article in the old “Angling” magazine, with Editor Brian Harris) I was indeed no stranger to stills photography, with over 750 articles and 16 fishing books published. A labour of love. Then came the £100 purchase of a tiny handheld video camera. It marked the turning point for us, as “The Totally Awesome Fishing Show took off like a NASA space rocket under full thrust!!  It was obvious from the outset that the viewers loved our off the wall tips, techniques, multi species, boat, sea, shore, trout, big game, and coarse fishing. As an all-rounder all my life I had been hauling on big fish and writing about them long before most of todays “writers” were even born!!

Rutland guide Rob Waddington teamed up with the Totally Awesome Fishing Show to make TEN FILMS in just over 24 hours !!

Rutland guide Rob Waddington teamed up with the Totally Awesome Fishing Show to make TEN FILMS in just over 24 hours !!

The point the “Awesome Army” love about our films is that we are not continually ramming tackle items down their throats. You often see people constantly trying to flog tackle and bait and to be honest most of it you don’t even need. We get dozens of private emails from seniors, youngsters and novices who have used some of our Totally Awesome tips to get their PB’s (personal best) of various species and that makes it worthwhile. If there is a basic, cheap, free, simple bait or technique that catches you a fish why on earth would you want to waste good money on the latest gizmo or gadget. You would do better trying to get some experience of water craft, talk to other anglers on the fishery, and spend that money on a day ticket of a good water to gain experience. There are others out there, like me, who probably take great pleasure in still catching fish on an old school bait or technique.

In those three years since we started, the financial traffic has all been one way, at an ever accelerating rate, as more computers, software, camera equipment (Mike just told me he’s bought another special camera!!) and we fund it all ourselves. But with over 240 HD quality films up on YouTube it is something that we will continue to do. It’s like a drug this filming. No sooner do you get a good shot or sequence than you can barely wait to get it loaded into the edit software and start work on it. Hour upon hour, day after day, enough electricity going through our heads to fry an egg!! Sponsorship?? Don’t make me laugh. I’m not going to be shackled to a sponsor that won’t let me do what I want or catch whatever species I want. “You should be on TV, its way better than any of the other rubbish we see” is a common comment, but trust me, when we first started with the big camera I did fire out enquiries to the various TV companies, but was told to pretty much shove off, there is no money to pay for the film, so find a sponsor and maybe come back to us. Really?? But that means its sponsor time again. Sorry, but you can keep TV. Our programmes are up on YouTube 24/7. They are teaching people how to fish. I don’t care whether Joe Public likes the films or not. The programmes are for fishermen. Anglers wanting some fun fishing, hoping to get the next generation into something constructive in the way of pastimes. To that end we know, even with just the two of us running the Show in our spare time (what’s spare time?? ) that we have definitely revitalised the entire spectrum of the fishing scene. Something that has been regarded as an ailing industry has now been boosted by all our films. Think I’m being arrogant? Over SEVEN MILLION views in that short space of time tells me otherwise.

The best of both species.A brace of Rockbourne trout.Rainbow,and a nice Brown for Graeme & Mike

The best of both species.A brace of Rockbourne trout.Rainbow,and a nice Brown for Graeme & Mike

This year I got the best “birthday” present when I made the single-handed catch of a giant Porbeagle shark off the North Devon coastline, and aboard my own 17-foot boat “Hi Sea Drifter”. Luckily I had Wayne Comben with me who managed to get some film of the giant, which I also tagged and released. I’ve had way bigger sharks than that of course, but to “solitaire” a British shark of that size, at my age, in my own boat, with no captain, no crew, just making all the decisions myself. Priceless. I’ve never been one to whinge and moan on the various forums, I leave that to the armchair anglers that rarely get out onto the water. I like to be out there doing it, and of course it drives them to distraction when they suddenly hear about a giant Porbeagle they previously knew nothing about. And here’s the kick in the teeth for the moaners and disbelievers. Here at Totally Awesome we have now had the biggest shark caught in British waters for the last THREE YEARS in a row, and all on hi-def film!! Porbeagle/Thresher/Porbeagle. And from just a 17-foot boat.

I don’t know how many different species we have up on YouTube, dozens and dozens, all of which are getting great views. So with all the filming projects we have, you guys had better watch our for the new sub-section of instructional coming your way. As a celebration of today’s 3-year anniversary we have worked right through the weekend to slam you with THREE more brand new films up tonight (Monday 11th August). Oh Yeah, and there’s another full length this Friday night as well!! I love it.

Thanks must go to our loyal following of “AWESOME ARMY” guys who came to our rescue when some complete nerd tried to rip off our entire channel of films, so they bombarded YouTube with complaints. Unfortunately Mike (and Wayne) have just told me another guy (maybe the same one ?) has again ripped our films off, so if you are on Facebook, check in with Mike to see if we can’t get this bloke’s case well and truly closed. I know it happens of course. But we put all the money and work into making the films and then some cabbage in a basement somewhere decides it is far easier to steal something rather get out of their dog basket and do some work themselves. Probably seems OK to them and they feel “safe” behind the keyboard. I guess they might not like it when the “Awesome Army” suddenly finds out who they are and starts knocking on their computer door!!  Go for it guys. If you see them ripping us off give them hell (and complain to YouTube of course).

On the fishing front I had an enjoyable session with Wayne last Sunday on Southsea (Hampshire) promenade. I was trying a new mini rig I devised for small baits and it got me a couple of small wrasse a bass and another bass bite missed. It’s a deffo rig to be used again and I hope to return. Wayne assures me it’s a very good mark for mixed species, and it’s convenient to the car as well. We had a day flyfishing at Rockbourne trout lakes in Hampshire, somewhere I had not visited for about 30 years. Great place for some visual stalking, and under new management. Then, on a whim, I fired off up to Rutland with Mike where we fished and filmed our eyeballs out, and in just over 24 hours had recorded no less than TEN different films!!  Rob Waddington was the guide, and we had some good action out on the water, watch for the upcoming films. More films scheduled this week, so keep checking Facebook or the site, and don’t forget the special 2 new series going up as an anniversary treat tonight (Mon 11th August).

                            We might still be the new kid on the block as far as YouTube films are concerned, as many sites have been running for years. Yet in that short space of three years we have raced away with views and subscribers (it costs nothing to subscribe, free to watch, just hit the button) and often more than TWO brand new films a week going up. If you like what we do, and I know many of the adults really do appreciate the huge amount of work we put in, then keep spreading the word, and make “THE TOTALLY AWESOME FISHINGSHOW the best in the world. No need to watch TV….if you want to catch fish, we’ll do the best we can to tell you. Good luck out there……..Graeme


Rutland Trout

Rob Waddington’s great tips helped me land this Rutland beauty!

Wow what a week. Really enjoying the fly fishing lately. The recent trip to see guide Rob Waddington at Rutland Reservoir was Awesome to say the least! Not only is it stunning scenery, but when the fishing kicks off….it REALLY kicks off! First time I had used super fast sinking line over what they call “the boils”, the takes were aggressive as the trout were so pumped full of oxygen from the big pumps. It was great fishing and I really enjoyed it, Rob’s a great guide and a good laugh, I will be back for more Rutland Rainbows soon!

Bit of a crazy day today, edited three videos in a row. As I type this my eyes are blurred from looking at a screen all day! I have started this new thing we like to call “MIDWEEK MADNESS”

40lb carp

Tommy Flowers new P.B Huge Carp at 42lb 1oz. What a cracker!

It’s basically us putting ANOTHER episode up during the week, usually a Tuesday night but today I accidentally pressed “publish” on what was meant to be Tuesday’s video, which means that THREE EPISODES went up in a row today! Oh well, I will post the links to them in the bottom of this email, hopefully you guys can watch them and let us know what you think.

I have MORE fishing plans this week (trying to make the most of the school holidays, although I really need to start planning my Geography lessons soon!). Got some Sea fishing planned, as well as (fingers crossed and weather permitting) a trip to see Tommy Flower who has since SMASHED his previous P.B Carp with a Stonking 42lber! He really is the man when it comes to Big Carp fishing. So hopefully I will have a chat with him in the next few days and he can give me an insight into how he caught this BEAST.

Hope you guys enjoy the episodes this week, there is plenty of them so make sure you watch them all and don’t forget to follow us on FACEBOOK, TWITTER, YOUTUBE and INSTAGRAM for daily updates!

Tight lines,



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