15th SEPTEMBER 2014


There’s an old saying….”When the cat’s away…the mice will play”…..and that’s just what I did last week. Mike was back teaching, and the wife and daughter were on a week’s holiday, up around the Lake District. I could either stay at work and catch up all the property jobs, or sneak off for some fishing. It turned out that on the Monday I was in the car heading down to St.Audries Bay Holiday Park on the North Somerset coast which was going to be my base for a couple of nights as I had two shore films set up with Craig Butler of West Coast tackle and his team of anglers. For those not in the know St.Audries Bay is a good shore mark for high water fishing, and the actual Holiday Park is set up on the cliffs directly over the beach, with steps leading down. Ideal. Plus they have either residential caravans or chalets, a restaurant, swimming pool, and the port of Minehead a few miles to the west. But then a wild card was thrown into the mix. I had an email from Seagull Tackle in Dungeness where Anthony Hills informed me his son was running the old Boscastle charter boat “Peganina”, out of Newquay. So the shore trips at Somerset were re-scheduled and a couple of sessions added on for a run down to Newquay. Well, with the wife away I had to take full advantage of the situation.


One of 19 bass caught in a Totally Awesome Beach fishing session!

First session was right into the thick of it. Filming as soon as I stepped out of the car after a 3-hour drive, and setting up tackle ready for the first attempt at a mark called Dunster Beach. This is below the famous Dunster Castle, and with a pay and display car park it was a popular mark with shore anglers. It turned out the weather was a little too good, with blazing blue sky and a flat calm sea. The Bristol Channel is always coloured, and the fishing gets hard when it starts to clear. However, with several of Craig’s shore men turning up to help us out we were hopeful of scratching a couple of fish out for the cameras. That evening session turned into one of the best I’ve filmed, with me hopping up and down the beach filming fish after fish. Nothing monstrous, but a good bit of shore action that will make a great film. We finished with an amazing 19 Bass to just under 5lbs (to Keelan Owen) and 9 Codling. I even managed bass and codling myself in between filming so it must have been good.

Next day I was straight out of the St.Audries Bay caravan and away to White beach at Minehead. This is a low tide mark, but I would have to fish on my own as nobody else could get time off work. Same blue sky and flat sea. I stuck at it, and was rewarded with two Codling, a small Smoothhound, and ….a bonus small Turbot. Don’t think I was finished there. I packed straight up and headed back to St.Audries Holiday Park as I wanted to meet with Craig and catch the high water coinciding with darkness. Conger, Whiting and Codling….need I say more!!  A great place for shore fishing is the Somerset coastline.

Double hook ups!

Double hook ups!

Next morning I was away without breakfast to get to Newquay and the charter boat. Bad mistake was taking the coast road which went through glorious scenery like Lynton and Lynmouth, but it took me a full 4 hours to reach Newquay. Straight on the boat in a force 6 Easterly, and a bit of a struggle to get some Pollack aboard “Peganina”. With one of the largest spring tides of the year, coupled to a howling wind I shot everything with a headcam. Skipper Anthony Hills (Jnr) thought it might easer a bit for the following day, so I loaded up my tubs of Porbeagle shark chum, extra bran and we anchored in an area of reef that has exactly the same geographical shoreline features as the North Devon grounds of Bude. Same depth as well, but maybe stronger tides. I worked away hard all day, keeping the chum trail going, which at one stage looked like the runway at Heathrow airport, but alas no big sharks put in an appearance. This means nothing of course, as one day tells you nothing. We had several species though, Scad, Dogfish, Pollack, Mackerel, Whiting, Cuckoo wrasse etc so it points to some very good mixed fishing down there, with a very definite bonus of hooking into a big Porbeagle or Thresher shark. Could even be the odd Bluefin Tuna going through there, and on the same day we were sharking, two nearby charter boats both recorded Bonito aboard, so the exotics do go past Newquay. So there you have it. Another 6 films completed in just four days, a world record drive back home from Newquay in less than four hours. I’d been sharking all day and don’t even remember much of the journey, which is not good. An exhausting week, but at least you can see how hard we work to try and get you these free-to-watch films. So spread the word and get us past the magic 50,000 subscriber milestone!!!

The last two days I came back to earth with a labour crunching bump as I had to claw back all the time taken off, but with that great weather we had been having it just had to be done. Mike has an extra-long “Mid-Week Madness” film going up. Wednesday I think. And then the usual Friday night special at 7pm. There might even be the chance of a sneak out trip mid-week, it all depends how the workload goes. Good luck with the fishing. Make the most of the weather.



I also have an LRF video to edit for you guys which should hopefully be up soon!

Well it’s straight back into the swing of things for me teaching wise. Prior to typing up this e-news I had been marking books for an hour and a half! Think I’d rather be editing! In fact I have been editing. I have been working on a Perch video which should be up in a few weeks, as well as this weeks midness madness video and of course Friday’s main episode. Bring on half term when I can edit and fish more!

I am still in talks with Tommy Flower organising our next carp expedition which if it pays off could be a really good episode. Other than that there is no immediate plans for fishing. Just waiting for the weather to die down really, this humid muggy weather I feel makes the fishing tough. I am certainly looking forward to the back end of August when I get my predator head on and start targeting big Pike and Perch! I have been really into the lure side of things recently but I certainly won’t turn my nose down at a few deadbaiting sessions and twitching sprats!

We are SO CLOSE to 50,000 subscribers now! To reach that will be such an incredible land mark we are getting very excited over here at Totally Awesome HQ! Please keep spreading the word. Don’t forget I have a personal fishing facebook profile now which you can add HERE. Don’t forget to follow our normal Totally Awesome Fishing group on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Good luck to all fishing this week!

Tight lines.




Floater fishing for Carp on the surface