18th AUGUST 2014



Will Graeme get another giant shark before the season ends ……..

In the last E-News I mentioned my gut feeling was that the recent hurricane would be a sign that maybe the jet stream had gone back to its “naughty” position again. Seems I was right as the wind has barely dropped for a week, making for difficult fishing conditions, and no boating whatsoever. Looks like all this week is scheduled to be breezy, so I may have to resort to plans B, C, and D. Cannot complain though as we now have no less than THIRTY ONE brand new films lined up to be edited and published. So no shortage of work if the weather turns bad.

We had a great response from our 3rd year anniversary mention on Facebook, so thanks to those who took the trouble to comment. We also now have more than 550,000 views a month, thereby confirming that our success is not just a flash in the pan. Views are actually going up, as are the subscribers, so thanks for all of you who have taken the trouble to spread the Awesome Army word by telling others about all our free-to-watch films. I now have the old car back in action, though for how long it will keep chugging along is anybody’s guess. It’s scheduled for a change next month, I’m just hoping I can find something that tows the boat well.


Graeme’s new P.B! His first UK Catfish

With Mike still off teaching we took a gamble to drive down to Angler’s Paradise  in Devon where Tommy Flower was on his annual two week holiday. Of course the best of the big fish had been the week previous!!! And we had to contend with torrential rain that just never seemed to stop. Still, by staying on in a B&B in nearby Holsworthy for an extra night we bought ourselves some more fishing time and that paid off enabling us to complete another FOUR FILMS. Many must think it’s easy doing films, but the problem is the fish never seem to bite when the cameras come out. However, I did have a new piece of kit I am more than happy with and that was an IMAX beach buddy, from Tony Kirrage at Eastbourne. It’s a beach storm shelter, much smaller than the carp angler’s bivvy, but quite tall, so one man can sit in it while the wind and rain blows. It’s a strong material and does not leach water like a tent fabric does, the rain droplets just seem to hang on it. I guess it must be some special material. We got it primarily for putting the camera equipment in, and boy I was pleased to have it when the heavens opened. I feel it’s going to be a bit of kit we take everywhere in the car in those “just-in-case” scenarios.

Fly tying

Watch out for the new Fly Tying series,exclusive to The Totally Awesome Fishing Show

Viewers should also look out for “Mike’s Midweek Madness” which he is going to keep going as long as he can, as once he gets back to teaching he might not get the time to pump out so many films. We told you we would run 2 films a week for the month of July, but we have managed to keep it going into August, and with luck we can pump them, out into September as well. There is simply no reason to go anywhere else except The Totally Awesome Fishing Show. Its new films, up to date, and often filmed and loaded within a matter of 48 hours.2 more back to back films scheduled to go up this Tuesday 19th August, 5pm & 7pm,so don’t miss them.

You may recall we did an “Old School” film about fishing with washed Baked Beans. Well, let me tell you the anglers that have followed that tip and technique are cleaning up big time on some waters. We had one guy alone that nailed about a dozen Carp into double figures, big Tench and even some Bream. Close range stuff, which is really fun, and another angler had a load of Bream on them. Seems nobody out there has twigged that margin fishing with Baked Beans is one of the most successful baits/techniques, especially on commercial day ticket waters. The fish don’t know what’s hit them!!  Fishermen should also realise that the next 6 weeks is the absolute prime time for all margin fishing as the fish have had all summer of anglers dumping their leftover bait containers in the margins. So the time to fish is from 3pm onwards (when many pack up and dump their bait) to about 8pm. But keep your reels on a light drag setting or the rod will get dragged in.

Guide Rob Waddington in action on Rutland's shores.

Guide Rob Waddington in action on Rutland’s shores.

I had a tip off that down in the Bristol Channel they have been getting a few early season Codling off the shore of North Somerset. Given the huge number of mini codling about last year everyone interested in beach fishing is hoping this autumn and winter will see a boom in Cod from 2 to 4lbs off the shore and give a well-earned boost to what has been a tough time. Same goes for Chesil Beach. I heard they were getting Codling off the shore there as well, so be prepared for a run of early Cod in mid-September.

Eastbourne's Tony Kirrage produced a nice Sole for the camera .

Eastbourne’s Tony Kirrage produced a nice Sole for the camera .

Still on the shore fishing we took a run down to fish a day with Tony Kirrage of Tony’s Tackle, Eastbourne off the Sussex coast. The wind was howling all day and just would NOT lie down, even in late afternoon when winds normally ease off. We managed to scratch out Plaice, Flounder, Dab, Eels, Small Bass and even some Sole, an elusive species of flatfish that for some reason seem to be well in on the shoreline from Eastbourne to Shoreham (Sussex). That’s the thing about all-round fishing. Sometimes we have all three kits in the car, beach, flyrods for trouting, and Avon rods for freshwater. And speaking of my old Avon rods, we have a bit of footage from our trip with Tommy where I get a 10lb carp on a floater and the bend in the Avon goes right down into the corks as it used to years ago. Mind you, younger guys with modern gear won’t know about corks creaking or moving under strain as it’s all hypalon, duplon etc foam fits nowadays.But I still like cork handles on rods.

So this week looks a mish-mash of weather, with wind as well, but still fishable, so don’t miss out on the chance of session, however short, and especially in the early evening. If you get a fish, mail it in to Mike on our Facebook or Twitter and he’ll put it up.

Good fishing ….Graeme.


Tommy's 17lb Carp caught on floating dog biscuits

Tommy’s 17lb Carp caught on floating dog biscuits

Another busy week of fishing and filming gone by. No sooner had we filmed a few episodes with Rob Waddington the previous week, we were off to Eastbourne for filming a beach fishing episode, closely followed by a two day Carp filming stint with our Carp man Tommy Flower. Conditions were well against us on this trip, torrential rain for most of the day. Strong winds meant that fishing on the surface was also tough. Nevertheless we persevered and Tommy managed a cracking 17lb Carp off the top on dog biscuit. The beauty of Anglers Paradise down in Devon is that there is a huge number of lakes to choose from. So while Tommy was fishing his solid bag rig on the bottom looking for the big ones, myself and Dad couldn’t help but resist to go to a different lake where we had seen some carp rising on the surface. It proved to be a good choice and we had a great one hour session catching some Carp off the top, what was the bait you ask???? Dog biscuit of course! We like to soak our dog biscuits in water for a few hours, it makes them softer to hook and allows you to strike through the bait, which (hopefully) should set the hook better. It was great to be fishing with Tommy again, he’s a great carp fisherman and works hard to get the results. Watch out for the episode coming soon!

Tommy with a unique silver looking grass carp

Tommy with a unique silver looking grass carp

With the start of a new school term looming, it saddens me to say that I shall have to cut down on the fishing front. As well as the PE teaching, I am also taking on a year 5 geography class this year so I need to do some swatting and get some plans together for that! However, as Dad mentioned, we have A LOT of films backed up! So it will be editing, editing, editing for me over the next few weeks. Having said that I am heading down to Devon and Cornwall on Thursday for a 4 day camping trip with my girlfriend Emmy. She loves a bit of rock fishing so no doubt I will be taking some light LRF gear and seeing if I can get a Wrasse of Pollack from the shore.

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