Pouting of this size are ideal for a good battering

One of my favourite ways to eat fish is deep fried with beer batter and served with a good portion of chunky chips on the side. The type of fish you fry is up to you, as a rule Cod, Pollock and Pout are three of the best for deep frying with the latter being a real treat if you’ve yet to try it.
I’ll give general amounts for the batter ingredients as it’s fairly simple to knock up more if you have extra fish to fry and you can season to your own taste.
As a starting point for four decent sized fillets sieve six heaped tablespoons of plain flour into a mixing bowl. Add a teaspoon of olive oil, a pinch of salt and a grind of black pepper and mix well.
The choice of beer is a matter of personal choice, you can use lager or an ale, but if you use something flat you may want to either go half beer half sparkling water or add a pinch of baking powder instead.
Stir in the beer until the batter obtains the consistency of emulsion paint, if you can’t get the lumps out just sieve the mixture.
Get your frying oil nice and hot, drop a blob of batter mixture in and it should start to crisp up immediately, if it is not hot enough your batter will be soft and retain too much oil.
Lightly flour your fish fillets and dip into the batter, lower gently into the fryer and cook till the batter has a lovely golden brown colour, don’t overcook the fish mind!
Place the fish on kitchen roll to drain any excess oil.
Serve with home cooked chips.

By Wayne Comben