18th March 2015


The DVD's are back in stock

The DVD’s are back in stock

With the river season closed we can breathe a sigh of relief. Well, not really, as since we passed 60,000 subscribers and 11 million views some strange things have been going on. I was asked to get involved with some sort of candidates thingy for next year’s US election. Ok, so that deffo won’t be a flier. I couldn’t print what I think of the current politics in Britain, let alone give an opinion on politics on the other side of the “pond”! But the more interesting happenings have been with people interested in the big numbers we now have. Looks like we are now in the position to market some lures, fluorocarbon, braid and other goodies through our shop website. Lots of our loyal “Awesome Army” supporters want to buy gear from us, but until now the filming has taken up every last minute. So those of you thinking of going to “The Big One” fishing exhibition in Farnborough, Hampshire, better check us out on the Lindon Lewis Marine stand, as we are just waiting for a big order of some of the latest, and hottest lures for Pike, Perch and Bass. We also have a few reels coming in the deal, maybe even the Tokushima reels with a bit of luck. Stock will be limited, on a first come, first served basis, but even if you can’t make the Show watch the shop on our website as we hope to photograph a whole range of our favourite lures. Whether we get time this week remains to be seen, as I’ve just spent 6 hours hand painting our vinyl posters to save money on printing.


The new Weedless Sidewinder lures

The new Weedless Sidewinder lures

We’ve got the delivery of our re-run popular DVD’s through now, so anybody wanting some exclusive viewing (these are DVD’s not running on YouTube) you can buy all three from us at “The Big One”. Catfish and Carp, Ultimate Blue shark, and the famous Carp Trilogy. Might even have a bit of clothing in the shape of T-shirts and occasional hoodie. We won’t be doing the clothing again as the cost price went up, unless we can find a supplier at a reasonable price. Actually just had a call and we are supposed to be getting the Tok reels in 3000, 4000 and 5000 sizes, which is good. For all those who like drop shotting for Perch better check out our new Nomura range. We should have pulse minnows and shads, plus Akashi fluoro and Hikaru fluoro coated line. All exciting stuff, which coupled to an approach from a large American clothing manufacturer, has put a lot of potential out there for us.

We have self-funded The Totally Awesome Fishing Show for over 3 years now, so from my point of view it will be good to actually have something come back the other direction!! We have put up over 300 films, free to watch on YouTube, and we know a lot of you out there like to support us so we can keep on making them. Our aim is nothing short of world domination!! Mike’s had another delivery of his “Pimp your tackle box” sticker packs and they will be at the Show, but if you can’t make it and want to glitz up your lure or tackle box, check in with Mike at the shop and we’ll post them straight out.

You should be able to find us easily at The Big One, just look for all the boats which are the Lindon Lewis stand. Whether you are freshwater or sea, you can check out some of the boat deals and outboard engine prices, plus talk to the marine experts if you have any problems with your own boat. They have full catering at the Show, and if last year was anything to go by, there should be lots to see and plenty of bargains.

As for the final days of last season’s fishing it was a case of scratching the odd small Pike out, followed by a blank, then scratching again. I did get some nice big Dace and a few trout using a stick float, but the fish weren’t really that switched on. My last session was a quick two hours grabbed on the River Kennet at Aldermaston Mill for a Barbel. The east wind was freezing, and I moved swims three times trying to buy a bite. I had to pick the wife and daughter up from a coach trip. The phone was answered, and as I caught my hand in my pocket fumbling to put the phone away….that’s right the rod folded over and I missed the only bite of the session!! The language was not good I assure you, so I packed up. Nothing planned this week. It’s a funny old week of weather, plus I have to sort of a lot of stuff for The Big One. I feel it’s going to be one of those weeks where it’s going to drag, as I can’t wait for the Saturday to get the buzz of those thousands of anglers. Mid-March to mid-April can be a dour period, and I hear the early Plaice fishing has still not taken off so while interminably boring, it’s got to be better than watching a rod tip when you know it’s a dead fishing period. “HI Sea Drifter” is still sitting sadly on the trailer, covered by a battered tarpaulin, but I feel she knows (all boats are “she’s”) that come the end of April there could be a trip down west for a big shark. I have a feeling a few more boats are going to slope off down there, but quite honestly I don’t think I could get the enthusiasm until the weather warms. I like to use Britain’s top Mako shark skipper Frank Vinnicombe’s commercial timing for when he reckons the first of the “proper” sharks come in. 18th April the big Spring mackerel should make a showing, but will they arrive on time this year? The plants and flowers seem later this year, so maybe the end of April, even early May might be when those first shoals of mackerel show up down the West Country. So if you are doing any fishing, good luck, and if you are going to “The Big One”, drop by and see us……Graeme


Nomura PULSE MINNOWS from Japan

Nomura PULSE MINNOWS from Japan

No sooner have I finished Dropshot Diaries Episode 1 that filming for episode 2 has already begun! I don’t want to give too much away as like most of our Totally Awesome Fishing films – you never know what you’re going to get each week. I have been inundated with some pretty awesome feedback from you guys regarding the new Dropshot series. You seem to like the format, and the information provided. So I will continue with that sort of format and many thanks to all of you who emailed in or commented your opinion on the video itself. Episode 2 has already been positive, with Perch and Pike both making an appearance 🙂

I have two more weeks left of teaching and then I have a tasty 3 week holiday. Of which I have planned to fish as much as I can (and film of course). I have some incredibly exciting news which I am not going to release until next weeks e-news, so watch this space as Totally Awesome Fishing will soon be going global!!

This week has been taken up by preparation for The Big One. Last year was a huge success for us, with hundreds of THE AWESOME ARMY coming to say hi and chat fishing! It would be great to see some of you again, or even those who we haven’t met. It’s a seriously awesome show, packed full of great tackle deals (of which we will have some on our stand!) The guys at Lindon Lewis Marine are very knowledgeable with their boats, and if you are looking for the ultimate predator fishing boat then look no further than the PolarKraft boats that they have on display. They really are Totally Awesome! And we want one…

I hope do really involve myself in the life of variety fishing over the Easter period. So I already have some Sea fishing sessions planned, and we will soon be turning our heads to fly fishing. And of course with the warmer weather hopefully soon approaching, it won’t be long until we start doing a few more carp videos! I did finish a recent trailer for a brand new sea fishing series coming soon to Totally Awesome Fishing, I hope you enjoy it. We certainly enjoyed filming it, check it out below.

Lots to think about and lots of exciting things to come. You gotta be in it to win it!

Good luck to anyone out fishing over the next week, and if you’re coming to The Big One in Farnborough this weekend, we will see you there!!



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Pike fishing for beginners – Deadbaits

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