I was supposed to be filming Mike....

I was supposed to be filming Mike….

A manic week just passed, but alas not with tales of great fish, but with all the buzz of the fishing show in Hampshire called “The Big One”. We were located in a section of stand right by Linden Lewis Marine boats, where they were displaying their highly popular “Whaly” boats, alongside the usual aluminium boats. Similar to the models we have filmed Pike fishing sessions at from their base up at Shepperton on the Thames. So if anyone missed out on getting to the Show to see the boats you can always view them up at Linden Lewis on the Thames, or check out their website. One popular boat we were talking about is the smaller of the “Whaly” models. This one came with an electric motor for power and we could see it being popular for carp anglers ferrying out baits as they are really light to carry. Or as a sounder platform where you could go out and make a map of your carp water using something like the Lowrance Elite sounders and recording it to the Insight Genesis mapping system. This is getting quite popular now, and any fishery could set themselves up with a small Whaly boat, electric outboard and the Elite sounder then produce a map to show anglers all the lake features, weedbeds, drop-offs etc. If you want to get an idea what the sounder can do take a look at something like our film on the “Bramble Bank” where Craig Davis from Lowrance took me out to survey what is a famous shallow area between the Isle of Wight and the mainland.

At the Show we had loads of supporters come up to thank us for producing all the free to watch films on YouTube, some even telling us of the increase in catches they had found by putting some of our Totally Awesome tips to good use. One of the world’s top graffiti artists, ”Dusto” was also there. He had some exclusive spray paint samples of his work there and even painted a pike head while you watched on the second day. He had an amazing painting of a Rudd head in close up, plus a Carp about to take grains of sweetcorn, and another of Tench. So if you are looking for a signed piece of angling art for your own enjoyment, check out some of his work. He is also all over Google with his work, which includes commissions for painting the entire sides of buildings. Of course I am a bit of an expert in paint, but it’s with a 6-inch roller and 15 litres of matt emulsion!!! Not quite the same thing.

Sidewinder Lures are now available from our online shop

Sidewinder Lures are now available from our online shop

Thanks to all the anglers who supported us at the Show by purchasing bits and bobs of tackle, it is all appreciated, and doubtless some of you will have noted the re-vamp of the new website that Mike has been working on. Of course it all takes an enormous amount of time and many of the original articles and photographs will have to be reloaded. The new website has more lures in the shop section as we have bought some of the items that might help anglers out. We have a range of colours in the Sidewinder 6-inch and 4-inch lures range. Great for Pollack, Bass, and even Pike, with the 4-inch being ideal sizes for a big Perch. Plus we have the braid of Sidewinder fame and Copolymer lines from Japan, and line clippers for snipping the tag end of lines near the knots, or just cutting line generally.

6 inch Sandeels are great for Big Pollack and Bass

6 inch Sandeels are great for Big Pollack and Bass

If you are a beginner starting out for Pike you are going to need some forceps to get the hooks out, so we have some 8-long forceps for the job. Sea anglers will have seen our use of elasticated thread in bait prep sections of our films. Now we have some spools in stock, and they carry loads of elastic, so you will have excuse for not tying up your baits neatly. Better preparation should get you better fish. Why not not “PIMP UP YOUR TACKLE BOX” with some of our awesome stickers. We have some spare Tokushima stickers left over from the show so we’ll throw an extra one of those into Mike’s usual set of three. All our DVD’s are back in stock, Carp Trilogy, Ultimate guide to Blue shark fishing and “Catfish of Caspe”. Remember these are not films on YouTube.

And so to the fishing. We had a run down to Wiltshire for a test fish and sample of the local canal system down there. As a photographer I was so impressed with the location I went back with the wife to do extra filming. Cost me a fortune in the local charity shops and tea houses!!! Never take a woman into any form of built up areas. They can sniff out shops from 300 yards away!! So what did we catch?? I certainly had a bit of luck, but Mike will cover that in his News items. Our films have been clicking numbers and subscribers faster than ever, plus we now see another Facebook has copied our vintage Q & A pic style…We have to laugh when we see the copycats, you’d think they can do a bit of brain straining and come up with their own ideas. However, The Awesome Show leads, so I guess we should be flattered that others follow. On the numbers scene we topped 60,000 subscribers and over 11 million views, with over 300 films now up and running on YouTube, all free to watch, with lots of tips and techniques that might help you put the extra fish on the bank. Our American following is growing almost daily as many realise they can adapt many of our old school baits and tactics to score heavily on their own native fish.

I’m now realising that much of my local fishing is pretty base and if I want better fishing I’m going to have to travel farther. Several anglers have been kind enough to point me in the direction of some decent Perch fishing, and hopefully next week the Bristol Channel shore Thornbacks, Cod and Bass will get a visit. We have a 4-berth caravan that I used to keep down North Cornwall for the Porbeagle trips, but it hasn’t been used for TWO YEARS now….that’s sad. I find it much more appealing to turn the key in a caravan and climb in to put the kettle on, rather than spend twenty minutes in rain trying to get a tent up. I’ve done all the camping, car kipping and roughing it all night on a bank that I need to. So maybe I will find somewhere down Somerset way to leave the caravan for the season and use it as a base for some fishing trips. Anyone know of any reasonable sites or farms down that way?

I am still holding off with the boat as the sea fishing down on the South coast stills appears a bit sketchy. Bet your life when a good set of tides arrives the wind will start blowing. If it does, worry not, as we will be off with the flyrod for some Stillwater trout fishing. Have fun out there, and check our new look website and shop, which still has a load of articles to go back on.



Dropshot diaries

Dropshot Diaries is coming along nicely….

Whoever said that teachers have it easy with long holidays obviously hasn’t tried running a weekly fishing show….I have been flat out the past week updating our new website which is now live, as well as the additional weekly fishing videos, updating the social media, answering emails etc. It’s been manic to say the least, and to be honest, I haven’t felt settled over the holiday period. However, busy people do well, so tomorrow I have a flight booked to somewhere that I won’t reveal to you guys until I’ve actually caught something. One would be fooled to think that this is going to be a relaxing holiday, in fact I hope that it is far from it. I want rod-bending action, jumping fish and awesome slow motion! Either way, I am hoping for an enjoyable week long trip with some like-minded anglers. Bring it on!

During the past week I did manage to get out to film some more footage for Episode 2 of DropShot Diaries. Episode 1 has been a great success. I have had brilliant feedback from many of you which is pleasing. I can tell you that Episode 2 already has more action then episode 1. I am only halfway through the edit, and I am still contemplating having one more session when I get back from holiday to see if I can squeeze some extra action into the already busy episode. Watch this space…

A nice Wrasse on the Light Rock Fishing gear

A nice Wrasse on the Light Rock Fishing gear.

Over the easter holiday I went down to Dorset for some rock fishing with Emmy and her cousin Aaron, who is a good friend of mine. We didn’t set out to have a crazy fishing weekend, it was just pleasure fishing with the LRF gear hoping for a few wrasse. Despite it still being early in the year for Wrasse, we manage quite a few over the 3 day period. Nothing huge, but good numbers for the time of year. Biggest fish went just over 2lb (that one went to Emmy!). We explored some new marks and found some good spots for fishing. However, the tides were completely against us. We were fishing the ebb tide on most days, which I have always found isn’t great for Wrasse fishing. I was soon proved wrong, but I feel that in a month or so, the fish will bite better given the warmer weather. I am planning to do a fun Rock Fishing Tournament down there if any of you are interested? No entry fee, just turn up and fish for fun. I’m thinking of getting a group together, go camping, go rock fishing and just have a laugh. Let me know if you would be interested, probably looking at the last bank holiday in May. Email me on: if you would be up for it, I will be filming as well so you will be on the TAFishing show!

FishAction Attractor Shad DS 3" - Deadly for dropshot!

FishAction Attractor Shad DS 3″ – Deadly for dropshot!

Well that’s about it from me this week. I thought I would mention to those that are interested, we will be stocking some of the FishAction Attractor Shad DS lures and the Kraken 2″ lures on our website in the next few weeks. They have both proved deadly for me on the dropshot and I’ve caught large numbers of Perch of a good size on them. After receiving so many emails from people asking where they could get them from, I finally caved in and ordered some for the website. So keep an eye out on the lures section of our website. Next week’s E-News will be a little late as I will be away until Wednesday, but don’t worry, if you have subscribed to this newsletter via the free subscription box on the homepage of our website, you will be receiving the TAF news direct to your email as soon as we have posted it!

Tight lines everyone,



60,000 subscribers!

60,000 subscribers!

Stalking Rainbow Trout

Stalking Rainbow Trout