25th APRIL 2014


Graeme's gets max pressure as he goes for Britain's biggest single-handed catch.

Graeme’s gets max pressure as he goes for Britain’s biggest single-handed catch.

Well, the week has been fairly manic after the capture aboard our shark tagging boat “Hi Sea Drifter” of the first shark of the 2014 season. Phone calls, TV, Radio, National Newspapers, and all I want to do is finish flooring a kitchen, fit some tiles and buy some time for the next weather window!  The news film we put up on Youtube has within about 48 hours gone viral with over 40,000 views, and the full length film that went up last Friday is cranking along nicely with some great comments. Makes it all worthwhile to know there are lots of anglers out there who appreciate the trouble we go to, in order to screen the Best of British fishing. A new P.B. Porbeagle for me. Previous best was a 350 male, but this one meant so much more as it was “solitaired”. That’s a fishing term for hooking, fighting, leadering and tagging the fish, entirely unaided. No skipper or crew to do all the work for you, and I had no choice as Wayne was balancing up on the cabin roof trying to get the film shots. The tag duly went in, and the big shark released. It doesn’t get any better than that…..well, it does because I have just returned from a 60-mile round trip to load up on some more fish that tomorrow have to be processed into more chum !!!

Wayne risking life and limb to get the shots

Wayne risking life and limb to get the shots

Our trip saw us get through 4 big tubs of the stuff in one session, together with my secret additive of RAPTA oil, (refined from two different species) which we believe makes the difference. Hard to dispute when here at The Totally Awesome Fishing Show we have now taken the biggest sharks in Britain over the last THREE consecutive years2012-Wayne Comben aboard “Hi Sea Drifter”…Giant Porbeagle, biggest ever on film.   2013-Wayne Comben, Britain’s biggest Thresher Shark, “Taryn” another 17-foot Wilson Flyer, and now “…..2014First shark of the season, and a clonker. “Hi Sea Drifter” yet again. And don’t think we are finished yet. The British record Mako is next in the cross hairs, and we believe we know the particular wreck the monster is living over. Watch this space………

If you are into your fly fishing I have previously mentioned it’s a good time of year to try stalking a big trout with a fly rod. Well,world famous Avington Trout Lakes in Hampshire is in good fish-spotting shape as I was there a few hours ago talking to Sam ,the Fishery manager. Here’s some of the lunkers that have been recorded. Mark Johnson used a Damsel fly to take a massive 17-12 Rainbow Trout from Lake 2. Prior to that a 12-4 came out, and John Fuller had a 15-12 on a stalking bug. Neil Phelps also used a Damsel to net a monstrous 18lb Rainbow, and another of 17-12 was taken by Martin Hammer, again on a Damsel nymph. There has also been a double figure Blue trout recorded of 12-14 by Richard Frances on one of Sid Knight’s famous Dog Nobbler flies. You can buy a 2, 3, or 4-fish ticket at Avington, but here’s the Totally Awesome tip.

Sam told me they close the fishery at 6pm to stock the fish so they can settle down overnight, but also net the lake of floating weed or algae. It means that first thing in the morning is your best shot of a biggie as it should be weed-free water, and they open for fishing at 8am. On warm sunny days the water warms, the algae pops up again and you lose the ability to present your fly to the bigger fish so easily. Prime time is between 9 and 11 am when the light is best. Don’t say we don’t give you some AWESOME tips!!

At one stage the shark bit the rubber strip covering the edge of the boat

At one stage the shark bit the rubber strip covering the edge of the boat

The weather appears unsettled, so the sharks look safe for a few days, but I might get a short session for Black Bream and Smoothhound later in the week. I have long since lost the urge to go boat fishing in any weather as I want to enjoy it, and filming in windy weather and a pitching boat is now a non-starter for me. For the guys who do coarse fish, try the margins of lakes, even in two feet of water, as enough anglers have been out dumping their bait at the end of the day, to bring those fish right in to the bank. Especially after the current bank holiday when more anglers, and therefore more bait has been dumped. Try after say 4pm, barely half a rod length out. Just sit back further from the edge of your swim. Bread, worms or luncheon meat would be my choice of hookbait. On the shore fishing front, deep water rock fishing with squid or mackerel bait should get takes from Conger or Bull Huss. Open beaches should start to expect the Hounds, but remember you don’t have to use Peeler crabs. Hardbacks work the same. For us anyway. What do you think? That Smoothhounds ignore hardback crabs and spit them out while they go looking for a peeler?

Judging by the fantastic boat sport we had while on the reefs off North Devon it seems there might be some really good shore fishing with Pollack from the rocks this summer. Try floatfished sandeel, setting the float about three quarters depth. Or spin Sidewinder lures at dusk over a high tide.

Good luck out there, and keep spreading the word about the great FREE TO WATCH films we try and make especially for you guys on Youtube. Why not join our AWESOME ARMY of loyal followers and get all the basic fishing tips.


A small 2" The LRF video is nearly finished worm and 3g jig head was all it needed

The LRF video is nearly finished, this Wrasse fell to a 2″ soft plastic worm with a 3g jig head.

The weekly news has been a bit later this week. You can probably imagine why! My phone has been buzzing non-stop this week with press calls from TV, Radio and newspapers. It’s been one hectic week, but boy has it been AWESOME. As Dad said the latest videos have gone crazy with the views! I have noticed our subscribers rocket up too! We’re now only 2,000 or so subscribers away from 40,000. Absolutely incredible numbers. I can also see from the YouTube Channel Analytics that we are getting over 480,000 views a month! I’m no mathematician but that’s some serious viewing figures. Thanks to all of you who have liked, shared, watched, commented and subscribed to our stuff. Thanks also to all of you who take the time and effort to give us some great feedback.

When driving through Reading the other day I noticed there were some HUGE hatches of Mayfly. They were swarming in the skies like black clouds, many of them came to a sudden end when they hit my windscreen at 50mph. But for all those budding fly fishermen out there, take note. Now is the time to give a go at fly fishing with the Mayfly. If you have no clue how to do it. Then click this link HERE and Graeme will show you just how to do it!

I have been editing up to my eyeballs this past week what with the shark news that came out. I have recently been editing the Light Rock Fishing (LRF) video that I filmed when on a 3-day camping trip down in Dorset with my girlfriend Emmy and her sister Beth. It’s set to be a pretty good video and hopefully you will be able to take some information from it.

As for the coarse fishing, I am making a 2 hour trip next Friday to meet up with our carp fishing expert Tommy Flower. I will make sure to have the camera’s fully charged and ready as I know that Tommy has some brilliant knowledge that he wants to share with you guys and it should make for another TOTALLY AWESOME Carp fishing episode! As for the rest of this half term break I have, unfortunately I have a 3-day residential up at Buckingham University. BUT, it is the last residential I have left and after that I will have completed my PGCE. It’s been a busy year with my workload having doubled as a result but I know it will be well worth it in the long run. Besides, I have a nice two month summer after this next half of term to look forward to really cracking some fishing out!

Good luck to anyone out fishing this weekend and half term. MAY your lines be tight! (May << Get it?!!)



BIG SHARK fishing from Small Boats

BIG SHARK fishing from Small Boats