Graeme hauled out the Black Bream and returned every one !

Graeme hauled out the Black Bream and returned every one !

The run out on “Hi Sea Drifter” gave me the chance to run the test that Tom from Lindon Lewis Marine (our transducer fit film) suggested I do to determine if the boat’s engine was actually set too low and thereby creating additional drag. He thought I also had some air bubble erosion on the sacrificial anode that could be caused by the prop being too large. On taking the engine cowling off he pointed out that the Yamaha 60 was rated to run up to 5500 revs. That was a number I don’t believe I had ever seen aboard HSD, so they thought if I could not reach 5000 then it confirmed an upgrade was possible. Finding a quiet flat spot I opened up, trimmed the engine and sure enough maxed the engine out at 4800 revs. Despite further trimming it won’t go any more, so I’m guessing a trip back to Lindon Lewis might be on the cards.

A nice Ballan wrasse on the last cast

A nice Ballan wrasse on the last cast

Who would have thought that a reduction in prop size would actually stress the engine less, and might even result in greater fuel economy. I find that hard to believe as I get well over 30 miles to a 25 litre tank of “liquid gold” but Tom assured me it might go as high as 45 miles per tank if the engine raise on the mounting brackets and prop reduction were added. Then, while having a freshwater wash-down on the boat I noted the bilge pump was not working. Boats? They might be great fun when running, but after a long winter layoff you need to be vigilant with servicing and checks or something is going to come back and bite you….just when you least expect it…like the end of a 2 hour battle with a 500lb Mako shark, you are drifting near Black Head in Falmouth Bay, big ebb spring tide and the engine dies. You will probably lose the shark of a lifetime, and worse, get sucked into the tide race off the end of the Lizard with no power !! Don’t even go there. Get your boat stuff serviced and enjoy the day out rather than constantly worry. Hmmmm…do my trailer bearings need a change? And the jockey wheel is getting on a bit.

A dozen big Bracklesham Bay Garfish.Does this mean summer is here .

A dozen big Bracklesham Bay Garfish.Does this mean summer is here .

On the filming front we have more episodes stacked up and ready to watch. Keep a look out every Friday night at 7pm.We are actually getting lots of good comments in pm’s about our last sea film up-Boatcasting, so thanks to Steve Yeandle aboard “SCOOBYDOOTOO” from Watchet for his excellent and informative interview which was certainly appreciated by a lot of anglers who are thinking more outside the box with their fishing. On the Totally Awesome Fishing Show YouTube we are really close to getting SIX MILLION VIEWS, a huge acceleration, and I think 36,000 subscribers will be on the cards in the next couple of weeks. You guys in the “Awesome Army” can help us by spreading the word, as there are lots of anglers out there who still don’t know the fantastic range of free to watch films we put up. We fall around laughing now as we hear even more competitors trying to cash in on our success by subtle copying.You won’t do it guys, try going out and doing your own pioneer work. I was surprised to hear one guy had only recently had his first blue shark, but was now spouting off in true “expert” fashion. And thanks to the guy from west of Ireland who always hits the dislike button straight away on every single film!!  …at least we know he watches them…but he’s actually missed one. That means he now has to scroll over 200 films so he can complete his set !! How sad is that.

I heard down off Bognor, the local small boats are hammering the Bass and Black Bream, which is good to hear, and hopefully I can get down for a film or two. The Smoothounds are just around the corner, there might be a shot at a Giant Porbeagle or Mako before May is out. Trouting trips are scheduled, and in a couple of weeks I will hope to start a prebaiting session for Tench so big you’d think they were Carp sprayed green ! I haven’t done any raking and baiting for years, and doubtless some other smartie will now pipe up and say he is going to do it as well, but luckily they don’t know where I am fishing, or exactly how big they could be. Quite fancy my chances and I haven’t done Tench fishing for years. Have a good one, and make sure you take advantage of all the weather windows for your fishing as the weather at present is being very fickle. And if that prop downgrade on HSD works I will be the first to let you know-Graeme.


LRF - Rockfish Revolution UL locked up to a big one!

LRF – Rockfish Revolution UL locked up to a big one!

It’s been a pretty hectic bank holiday weekend for me. As most of you will know if you follow us on Facebook or Twitter, I had a 3 day camping/fishing trip down in deepest Dorset with my girlfriend Emmy and her little sister Beth. The original plan wasn’t to make a fishing episode, however I managed to sneak the camera gear in the car without them noticing and before long they were in front of the cameras on one of the many rock fishing marks in Dorset. The weather was kind to us, with good sunshine on all three of the days and reasonably warm temperatures (not quite T-shirt weather though!). We fished a few spots on the South Coast that we knew well but one mark that always produces did the business again. This time I was using ultra light tackle (I mean stupidly light!) A small 7ft 1-8g casting weight rod (Rockfish Revolution 732UL) coupled with a mini 1000 size reel, 6lb braid and 4lb fluorocarbon leader – all of which I got from Tronixpro. I was using these small 2″ worms which were actually UV so they have a glow in the dark effect in the dark kelp beds. On my second cast I latched into the biggest Wrasse I’ve ever seen. It buckled the rod over and was stripping line like a Marlin! Brilliant fun on the light gear which made the fight even more awesome.

A small 2" rubber worm and 3g jig head was all it needed

A small 2″ rubber worm and 3g jig head was all it needed

However, I made the schoolboy error of trying to leader it towards me so I could pick it up by hand – Lesson learnt! With just a 4lb fluorocarbon leader it popped off and swam away! Nevertheless I managed to get the fight on camera even though the footage is a little blurry (Don’t let Women handle anything electronic!) Emmy and beth were fishing similar to gear to me but using Ragworm bait, they also had a totally awesome session landing a number of Wrasse! Keep watching the show soon to see the episode on LRF!

Got a couple of Tutor observations coming up now for my teaching training so I will have to put the fishing on hold for a few weeks. Thankfully it is the summer term so I might be able to get a few evening sessions out on local stillwater!

Good luck to anyone fishing this week – Remember, post your catches to our Facebook or Twitter!

Tight lines,



boat fishing tips - Casting

boat fishing tips – Casting