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The majority of sea anglers who own a boat will have grp. It’s hard. It’s tried and tested. You can keep things on it that are sharp and pointy. Like knives, gaffs and fish hooks. But there is a growing trend towards an adventure craft that could possibly double up with a bit of fishing. The popularity of the Rib has seen a huge growth in the market as there are obviously people keen to experience speed, and the versatility of launching that these craft can give. I can equate it to the growth in the Kayak market towards the angling fraternity. Who would have thought there would almost be a cult following of people trying to outdo each other by catching the most, and/or biggest fish they can from something you paddle out to sea?? Madness? Tell that to some of the manufacturers and importers who are struggling to keep up with demand.

The C-Fury Patrol

 With the Rib market being so competitive now days, development and innovation are of the upmost priority. There will, I feel, be a following of enthusiasts who don’t want to spend half a day paddling out in a kayak. They want the American style “Run-and -Gun” type fishing where you blast out, catch a few fish, and blast in again. Ok so you can’t build a galley and make tea or soup on a Rib like you could in grp boats, but the idea is to get out for hard and fast short sessions, maximising your time in the most productive area. This is where the C-Fury has really come into its own. With a combination of a unique catamaran hull and the added power of the new Yamaha F70 outboard, this Rib is not only fast, but incredibly stable, especially in choppy conditions. The C-Fury Patrol was designed for coastal exploration and copes well under choppy conditions. 

            During my test run on the course at the PSP Southampton Boat Show I was overwhelmed by the sheer stability of the craft. Being only 4m long and 1.9m wide, the turning circle was unbelievable, even at a fast speed. In some Ribs you run the risk of slide on a  fast tight turn ,and possibly getting a free shower if you do that in a cross chop sea but  it was not so in this craft. Conditions on the day were relatively choppy, so my initial expectations were that the hull would typically slam when going against a head sea. However, the cat design absorbed the shock so much so that it was as if the boat was hovering. We have our own boat of a 17ft Wilson Flyer, and while it presents a stable platform for fishing, any speed in a head on sea and it has those cathedral tunnels slamming like a drummer in a rock band. The high impact seating of the C-Fury adds to an even more comfortable ride. And more important I returned to the dock bone dry!!

            The craft is also fitted with a Garmin 7 inch chartplotter it and VHF radio. This is great for coastal exploration and with the right coordinates it can be used to seek out inshore reefs and wrecks for fishing. The LED navigation, deck and high intensity headlights take coastal exploration to a whole new level.

Kitted up with the latest outboard of the Yamaha arsenal, the F70 provides sheer power with “key turn reliability”. Our Wilson Flyer has the 60 Yam on the back, and it purrs along, but the extra boost of the 70 really does give that extra bit of bite. The C-Fury has a 25-litre fuel tank and two 5-litre reserves, which combined with the fuel efficiency of the F70 allows for a fast and durable ride. Once trimmed to suit the conditions, we were soon flying round the course and at a top speed of 40 knots this Rib is an adrenaline junkie’s dream ride.

            The price of the boat including aluminum trailer and transportation covers £29,500 Inc VAT. It is a fantastic smooth, comfortable, exciting ride and I can only describe it like being in the film fast and furious, but on water. A quality watercraft, it would be great to give the boat a fishing test, and see just how practical it could be to the angling world. Launching is so much easier than a heavy grp, and while you are open to the elements, adequate waterproof thermal gear could alleviate a lot of the chill of winter. All in all the C-Fury is a Rib with something different. And how big a fish could you pull over the side? Well, I reckon there’s every chance of sliding a 140lb Porbeagle shark over those nice round tubes. But we’d have to watch the teeth !!

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