How to put bait on a multi rig

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The Multi rig is a good carp rig when your chosen bait is pop ups. Once you have read how to tie the multi rig from the article on our website, you can then have a look at this article which will show you how to attach bait to the multi rig. This article is written by Tommy Flower, our guest blogger.

Attaching bait to a multi rig

Attaching bait to a multi rig – step by step.


  1. Take a length of bait floss, put through the rig ring and tie a loose overhand knot leaving a loop.
  2. Place your chosen pop up in the loop and tighten down the knot securing the pop up in place.
  3. Tie a further two overhand knots and pull down as tight as possible for extra security.
  4. Cut the floss leaving two tag ends.
  5. Take a lighter and blob down the two tag ends to make sure the knots cannot slip.
  6. Test the pop up sinks under the weight of the putty. If it doesn’t sink add putty until it slowly  sinks. Also add a small piece of putty up the hooklink to keep every thing pinned down tight to the lake bed.