How to use solid PVA bags for Carp

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This step-by-step guide by Tommy Flower will show you how to use a solid PVA bag for carp fishing. This method can be effective in both summer and winter months and helps keep carp around your hookbait.

Solid PVA Bags

Solid PVA Bags for Carp

  1. For quick and easy Solids I use an inline lead and a short KD rig around 3-4 inches with a critically balanced bait coupled with Small and light baits to fill the bag such as pellets and boilie crumb.
  2. Take your bag mix and put a thin layer of mix into the bottom of the bag.
  3. Place the rig into the bag making sure the hair sits away from the hook to make sure it doesn’t wrap and will be presented well.
  4. Continue filling the bag until you have just enough room at the top to twist around the lead insert.
  5. Twist the PVA bag around the lead insert as tight as you can then add a bit of saliva to hold it in place.
  6. With the top tight and secure push the two bottom corners in making the mix compact more and stick the bottom corners back to the bag again with saliva making an extremely tight and aerodynamic solid bag.
  7. You should be left with a well presented rig sitting in a neat pile of bait awaiting for a hungry  carp to pass.
  8. The possibilities for bag mixes are endless and the only limit is your own imagination.