Graeme's HDS sounder.Plotter.All working

Graeme’s HDS sounder.Plotter.All working

It’s going to have to be a short news this week, as so much has been going on. Let’s get straight into it. Saturday I thought being windy I would shelve the proposed boat trip, but that draw of the saltwater was just too great .Where could I go at short notice? I live almost 50 miles from the sea the closest spot is invariably the Solent/East Wight area. But what bait? I arrived in the harbour and managed to claw out a few crabs. They seemed mostly small and I did wonder if any of the sewage pollution I had heard about was finally taking its toll on the sea life as well? Either way I didn’t have to make any sandwiches so guess I wouldn’t need a Hepatitis jab from fingers in the mud. I decided to try Sandy Point, right by the Lifeboat station, where on the boat echo sounder I had seen about 60 plus feet of water. I wanted big baits, so it was as crab tipped with half a squid, elasticated on. Distance wasn’t the objective with so much boat traffic and I started at slack low. After an hour of nothingness the flood started ripping and this was followed by the notorious south coast weed. Tons of it. I toughed it out all afternoon and stayed late to see if the famed slack water high for Smoothound would stand me in good stead. Time between was spent filming cut away shots for Mike’s major projects coming up so at least I did something constructive. As the tide turned yet again I conceded defeat and went home water-whipped and….BLANK!! Listen, it happens to all of us at some time or other. I don’t like blanking, but you just have to take them.

Rest of the week was spent grinding out figures for the end of tax year accountants. Invoices, receipts, paperwork, div slips, and of course it’s always in a mess. However I did alleviate the brain straining by updating my marks from my Lowrance HDS5 to the HDS7.Loads were deleted as it’s always tempting to hit the record button when someone hooks into some decent fish on the boats. So if anyone wants a little used Lowrance HDS5 plotter/sounder let Mike know. All working, I have it in the office where I can plug into a 12v car battery, so can be tested. No transducer as that’s in use on the boat, no cable and no bracket, so you could either flush mount into a boat’s dash or just buy another bracket and cable. Going cheap as it’s only going to sit unused in my office otherwise. I would sooner somebody else with a boat (or kayak) gets to use it as it certainly hasn’t had much use.

How about the film views? Now over 12 MILLION and rising rapidly (hitting half a million views a month) confirming that so many are finding our informative, and we hope, entertaining fishing films so much to their liking. Of course we get the odd crank mailing some obscure opinion in, but if they get lippy or use bad language they get removed and blocked. With 12 million views there are always going to be a few who don’t like what they are watching….For Free??? And with an easy to hit “STOP” button if it’s not their favourite species. And our loyal “Awesome Army” of subscribers just keeps going through the roof. Remember Mike recently put up a film celebrating our milestone of passing 60,000 subs.Well that is now all old as we have already passed 65,000 subs, and that is thanks to you guys who are passing our site details to others who have yet to hear of us. And the Totally Awesome Outdoors site which Mike also runs for fun has doubled and is over 2000 subs. As for films we have pumped out, at our own expense….a staggering 320 films already, and yes, there’s another good one on Friday.

Yesterday I took advantage of a weather lull and towed “Hi Sea Drifter” down to Hayling Island for a go at “The Hounds” mark inshore off Bracklesham Bay for Black Bream. It was smothered with loads of nets, and unsuprisingly, I struggled. After three moves in the coloured, netted water, I decided enough was enough and spun out 3.8 miles to one of the rough ground marks Wayne had given me a few years ago. I don’t think I ever fished before, but with anchor down I had tide run and nice clean “green” water. What a change, and the fish started coming. I was supposed to finish a survey on the Teardrop mark, but got side-tracked and eventually finished up with Smoothound, Thornback Ray, Dogfish and half a dozen or so Black Bream. The bream actually favoured some manky frozen ragworm that I almost poured on the hook, as they were very finicky on squid strip .That worm, left over from a Somerset shore trip deffo paid dividends, and despite putting in a 17 hour day with all the towing/launching/retrieving, I did enjoy it. There’s just something about fishing in saltwater where the species aren’t stocked and where you know lots are against you that makes it so satisfying when it does go right.

Mike’s got a limited stock of those incredibly durable “FISHACTION” Perch drop shot lures, so check out his E-News for details. I know they are flying out at present. He also showed me a big Pike lure of a….pike…..and its almost too good to use. It’s a work of art. I think I could only cast it into the clearest of reservoirs as it would be a crime to lose it. Oh yes, I almost forgot. For you fly guys. I dropped in to Dever Springs Trout Fishery in Hampshire on the way back from filming at Stockbridge, and manager Niall told me those giant browns are being stocked. That’s trout OVER TWENTY POUNDS, stocked in both his lakes. Wait for this….nobody has caught them yet!!.   They have been spotted and stalked by many anglers but nobody (as I write) has yet walked up to the weigh room with one so I suggest getting down there if you want a stupendous Brown trout as the next week or so is prime time for spotting fish with the sun going round higher. And of course don’t forget the big Rainbows they have there as well.

It will soon be time for a Mako expedition down west, so let’s hope the El Nino’ that is happening in the Pacific doesn’t send incessant bands of wind and rain across to us. Lots of shore trips planned. I want to do an all-nighter in the boat for giant Hounds off Bracklesham Bay, but it’s got to be calm and warm. I also fancy an all-night/all day marathon camping sessions on one of the west Somerset beaches. Conger, Huss and Smoothies being the target. Also all- nighters for carp, but not using broom handle rods of 3lb test curve. I want to hook big fish on something that bends, and use a mix of techniques from old school to new school. Just to see what would happen. Of course not using boilies means you have to stay awake all night (or try to), but getting out of a sleeping bag just to wind in a fish that has hooked itself anyway doesn’t really “float my boat”. Maybe I’ll get corrupted and go to the dark side, investing heavily in bivvies and £300 bedchairs. What do you think?

Have a good week, and keep watching for the films, there some good stuff all completed and in the scheduling pipeline.



Caught on attractor shad ds

Caught on attractor shad ds

Another week gone by, another week without any fishing! It’s been a pretty full on week at work. Lots of lesson planning and observations, as well as exam writing and cricket matches on top! They’ve certainly been keeping me busy. Thankfully I had already edited this Friday’s video so it’s been a quiet week on the editing front. I do have some filming planned this weekend with Tommy and Andy for Bite Time episode 2, hopefully the fish will play ball.

I have some excellent news for all you dropshot junkies out there! We’re now stocking the FISH ACTION ATTRACTOR SHAD DS 3″ on our website! It’s taken a while, but having now done so much dropshotting with countless different lures, I can tell you that this lure is without doubt THE BEST dropshot lure I have ever used. It has incredible durability with it’s everlasting formula (basically means you can catch lots of fish and the lure doesn’t get damaged for ages!) But the action of this lure is just perfect for dropshotting. I have also tried it on a small jig head and it’s still deadly! Such a good lure and it’s already flying out of our online shop, I only have a few more left in stock, so if you are interested in getting some of these bad ass lures, then click HERE. If you are in a different country to the UK, then let me know on: and I can arrange something with you to get you some of these insane lures.

Check out this video where I kill it with the fishaction attractor shad DS:

Good luck to anyone out fishing this week, I have a week off from the end of next week, and I hope to be fishing a lot!



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Beach Quest – Episode 2

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