21st January 2015


I’m not sure what’s happening with 2015 but it seems to be accelerating away already. Not a bad thing as January can be a tough month, and it does get us nearer to some mild weather. Some very limited light appearing at the end of the work tunnel, so I am hoping any Polar Vortex recedes and allows some low winds and mild airflows in. It could flick the switch of a few fish, particularly on the freshwater front. With bad weather the only extra filming I do is in the Totally Awesome workshop. Mind you even that has been freezing cold, but I have to make sure of doing something constructive every evening I can. Mike is the same. Straight in from work, grub crashed down the throat and either editing or emailing. It’s pretty full on stuff.

Mike’s new Totally Awesome Outdoors channel is now picking up, but I find a strange detail in the YouTube statistics. My natural physical chemistry, drop dead looks and untameable personality usually pulls in an average of 10% female viewers. I can’t help it of course, it all just happens naturally!! But the Outdoors Show has a male viewership of 98% and females just 2% ….OMG….what has happened?? I’m guessing that boiling down fish guts to make lamp oil for living in a cave, or trapping and killing rodents, or D.I.Y. jobs just don’t appeal to them. Listen…if I was the only Neanderthal in the cave estate with a nice oil lamp (albeit fishy) they would soon come flocking. I guess it’s the Outdoors thing that really appeals to blokes. Maybe I should put up a film of different floral curtains that contrast with the light in the cave. But…I’ll still pile on doing what I want. There’s only one Alpha male in our house, and luckily for me she’s in the lounge watching one of the soaps!!!

On the new Outdoors site our “Pike on a bike” film is the current top hitter, and having started at 1000 subscribers we are already up to 1,455 already. The main T/A Fishing Show is heading towards 58,000 subscribers so keep passing it on to others who still don’t know about the huge numbers of free-to-watch fishing films out there on YouTube. And our E-News has been quietly and steadily growing. Heading towards 800. It means you subscribe to receive the E-news via email as soon as it comes out, rather than looking on the T/A site for it. I like doing it weekly without adding that awful word “Blog”. Who knows what that stands for??

We had notification from YouTube that last week’s film “Float fishing on small streams” that it had received more views in just one day than any of our other films over the last 6 months. There is a lot more skill involved in learning how to float fish moving water than legering on a still water. Maybe that was the secret. More fishermen out there actually do want to take on the challenge of another technique or a different species.

For the saltwater enthusiasts “Beach fishing Carp Versus Surf rods” raced to over 5000 views in just one week, so there must be a lot of guys out there wanting to try something different with their Pike and Carp rods. Enjoying the outdoors. Trying different rigs out. Using different baits, some of which you collect yourself rather than just a packet of the same old boilies. Remember that the ocean is not stocked. Everything in there is wild. Satisfying and beneficial in that fresh air. And you should find shore anglers generally a lot happier than their freshwater cousins. Many of whom seem really unhappy chasing weights and names of the locally caught favourite fish. Which brings me on to the film “Pike fishing tips-Float trolling”. This is going great guns and I am grateful that some anglers really do appreciate some of my old school tips. I used this method a lot in the early days up at Blenheim Palace Lake in Oxford, and especially over in Ireland. It allows you to cover more water, and efficiently work two rods at the same time. Plus again, all that rowing is good exercise.

I did a film for the Outdoors Show about trapping Rats and Mice so they don’t gnaw through your electrical cables and create a house fire. I know this past year has been boom time for the rodents, which in some areas are in plague proportions. Even the TV runs programme on rat catching so you know there are too many around. Anyway, at one trout fishery they were taking delivery of large sacks of rat poison, and I was told that while the rats are on the raid for the high protein pellets, there is a trace element within the make-up of the pellet that actually counteracts the poison in the dressed seed. So they need a huge volume of poison to keep the numbers under control. Might be cheaper to invest in a couple of Jack Russell’s and fire them into the feed barn. Or of course most rats have great trouble in outrunning shotguns pellets travelling at 600 feet per second!!

I have changed the hubs, bearings and wheel rims on “Hi Sea Drifter”, all filmed, plus fitted the new bilge pump. Basically now need a weather window to get her afloat. She’s champing at the bit to battle another big Porbeagle shark, but I told her great things come to those who wait. First aim is for a spring Mako shark attempt, but nothing small like 160/180lbs. It needs to be a 350 pounder, male if possible, and it’s going to be an attempt right outside the usual thinking of when Mako sharks enter ENGLISH waters. Can’t say when, as the angling “instant superheroes” will home in on the details, and I’ve fished for big sharks for too many years, with too many blanks, to dish it up on a plate for them. And of course you have the “pot hunters”. People with enough money to rush around chartering what they think is the top boat of the moment to get their shortcut to success. Only way to make it really count, and that is to go out and buy your own small boat, do it all yourself from servicing the boat, to choosing the spot, to sourcing and mixing your own chum. That’s the only real way to say you caught the fish yourself. For me? If I could paddle out on a pallet and catch a shark on a handline I would be as happy as the angler that goes on a 30-foot charter boat. In fact with all our film success on making things from pallet wood how about I build a boat from pallet wood and see what I can catch from it? That would put a real edge on it, especially as I’m a non-swimmer.

So if we get a mild break, let’s get out there as its prime time for Perch, the Pike will be building up towards their heaviest weights, and there could be a big Barbel waiting to scoff a nice soft hotdog segment. Good luck out there, and keep watching The Totally Awesome Fishing Show…..another brand new episode coming this Friday, and later on for the new Totally Awesome Outdoors Show !! One not to miss……. Graeme


I have been anxiously watching the river levels this week. The recent cold spell and frost has helped to delay some of the rain water entering our river systems. Conditions are looking ok for this weekend, with some more rain coming Friday night. I am hoping it won’t colour the river too much. However, I have another option open! A bit of gravel pit Pike fishing. Now, there’s a hard choice if ever there was one. Do I head to the river and get the dropshot gear out and try and winkle out a Perch or two, or do I up the gear size and head to a lake for some deadbaiting? I am swayed slightly to the deadbaiting for Pike if I am honest. I have done a lot of drop shotting lately and it is certainly an addictive method. But I did say in last weeks Blog that I would like to get out Pike fishing. So I think, given the temperatures are slowly rising on Saturday, that Pike fishing might be a good shout, I fancy myself a Croc!

Being that we are well into winter now, it’s a great time to have a look over the gear and see that everything is in good working order. I haven’t used my reels enough for them to need maintaining! But I will tie up a few drop shot rigs to make things easier for when I do go out fishing. I have just been sent some exclusive new lures from FishAction too which I am desperate to test out! I might do a review of them for you guys and let you know how I get on with them.

The sea is also beckoning me…Usually around easter time I head down to Dorset for some rock fishing. I tend to tie it in with a camping trip with Emmy, and we have earmarked some dates for this year. I do love rock fishing, especially on the Dorset coastline. Wild, raw, rugged and some awesome fishing! So I have been prepping some of the camping gear ready for some of that too (This is all on top of my daily video editing, lesson planning, book marking etc. I have some good ideas for TA Outdoors too, I can’t wait for spring to come around! But not too soon, I got me some Predators to catch!!!!

Tight lines folks, and good luck to anyone out fishing this weekend. If you’re not fishing, GET OUT THERE!



Float fishing on small streams

Float fishing on small streams


How to trap and Kill rodents

How to trap and Kill rodents