The warm weather has been with us all of this month and while it may be appreciated, there is no doubt it has made for some very hard fishing. We drove up to the River Severn where they had been piling out Chub and Barbel just 10 days earlier, but with some stretches dropping up to 4 inches a day it proved to be late afternoon before we tickled out the odd fish. Upcoming film, so keep an eye out on our YouTube Channel. Then we drove all the way to the River Wye in Hereford where some stretches were slow moving and even the bailiff said it was as tough as he had known. So on the freshwater front we desperately need some rain to liven things up. August is always a tough month and this one could be even tougher.

Only a couple of days ago we had a flying visit to a Trout day ticket water. The water was so warm all the trout had lockjaw with their noses in the springs and inflow pipes, I guess just trying to keep cool. We both managed a rainbow each of 4lbs, but again it was tough going. One fell to a size 10 Pearly Daddy of Sid Knight’s tying, the other to my famous “Firebird” which Sid also ties. The Rainbows on Rutland are apparently around the oxygen pumps and taking shrimps stirred up by the turbulence. This relayed from Rutland’s top guide Rob Waddington. Hopefully we can sneak up there for a day fishing “The Bubbles”. In fact if it gets any warmer we’ll be jumping in with the trout to cool off!!

Had an interesting chat with Nigel Newport, a tackle shop manager for years. I was enquiring about where to do a Tench film, and commented that it seems it is getting harder to find Tench fishing. We had a good water at Frensham Ponds in Surrey, but that’s the only one I knew. Apparently all the big Tench have died off, and the cormorants have eaten all the small Tench, so it looks like a film on good Tench fishing would soon become a collector’s piece. Anyone out there know of some reliable Tench fishing in the South??

Tokushima Reel

The latest Tokushima G-X7500.Loaded with Ande Premium and Storm Pitch Black line

Have now had a chance to give an honest report on the Tokushima 4000 reels which we have used for a year now. To date we have had plenty of fish on them, and love that tinkly drag. The line clip protrudes a fraction and sometimes the line will catch on it, but the casting is good from the level line lay and long oscillations of the spool. I was dubious about the circular knob on the handle, but had no problems with it until cranking in fast while floatfishing the River Severn. I feel a flat knob would be easier to grip for fast finding. Other than that we like the reels. They also have a new Tok Graph-X which is numbered G-X7500.Much larger. I have it earmarked for Big Carp, and with a shock leader it should double as a good beach reel with a 3 to 4 ounce Bass rod. Plus could be good as a heavy duty spinning reel from the rocks for large lure work. It holds a ton of line with its deep spool. I have loaded mine with a fill of Storm Pitch Black, which at 0.35mm fills the spool with 350 yards. The spare spool I filled with 15lb Ande premium clear, so we will see which takes abrasion on rough ground the best. It has the same tinkly front drag, a gear ratio of 5.5 to 1, and 13 ball bearings so it’s a smooth retrieve. I hope the Tokushima Company come up with a baitrunner facility and a shallow spooled long casting spool version of these as I am sure they would be popular sellers. It also takes 260 yards (or metres?) of 0.45, or 320 yards of 0.40.

Awesome's best Bass lure.The Pearl Blue Sidewinder Super-Shads

Awesome’s best Bass lure.The Pearl Blue Sidewinder Super-Shads

With a year of lure testing under our belts in saltwater there is one lure from the famous Sidewinder stable that outshines the others. We nickname them the “Chubby-Chunky”, but they are really the Sidewinder 4 inch 25gm SUPER-SHADS. They come 4 in a bag, and our hottest Bass colour is the Pearl Blue. Great for shore spinning in medium to deep depths, with a large, single and very sharp Mustad 32768bin hook. Don’t think they are neglected by the Pollack either. Boat or shore, they love them. Everyone has their favourites but we are just being honest and telling you after a year which products are coming out on top for us here at The Totally Awesome Fishing Show.

On the freshwater front I have ordered some of the Sidewinder 4 ½ inch Sprats which I feel could be just the right size for the Pike. They have that same large floppy, soft rubber tail like the Super-Shads, but they are more realistic and even have ventral fins molded in rubber. I shall probably cut the big single hook off and wire a couple of VB hooks with a stinger near the tail, but not so close that it restricts that tail-wagging action as this is undoubtedly what makes the predators strike.

Pike anglers watch out for these.Sidewinder Sprats. Could be the job this autumn.

Pike anglers watch out for these.Sidewinder Sprats. Could be the job this autumn.

I don’t normally start pike fishing until the end of September as I feel the species are in better condition then, also any weeds or algal blooms from warm summer temperatures will be dying down and the waters going clearer.

Graeme has been getting amongst the Falmouth Bass

Graeme has been getting amongst the Falmouth Bass

The mackerel fishing is still in a shocking state. I have never heard so many people complaining about the lack of them. I had two days Mako shark fishing in a small boat out of Falmouth a couple of days ago and we had ONE mackerel in the two days. Good job the Lizard Bass were biting, but it still makes me wonder if the macks are ever going to turn up in any sort of numbers. The year is racing by, and there are still a lot of fish on our “hit list” to film. The subscribers are going up in leaps and bounds, so thanks to all for sharing.

Our “Ultimate guide to Blue Shark fishing” DVD is now our fastest seller and features big shark caught on a trout rod, and a fly, NOT BAIT!!  The shelves are emptying on our Totally Awesome T-shirts, I guess with the summer months, but we cannot order any more yet as the maker is moving premises. Check out what sizes are left in our store, all at the old price. So whatever you are fishing for, Good luck out there.


My favourite type of boat - The Big Game boat! Awesome!

My favourite type of boat – The Big Game boat! Awesome!

Apologies for the delay in the weekly e-news. I was away on holiday in Gran Canaria last week so I couldn’t do the news. However, we have lots to report in the form of new videos, fishing plans etc. I had a great trip to the Canary Islands. For those that don’t know, Gran Canaria is one of a number of small islands off Morocco. We had excellent weather with sun everyday and temperatures ranging from 27-30 degrees. I believe Gran Canaria itself is one of the top places in the world for consistent sunshine. We stayed in Tourito which is right next door to well known fishing harbour – Puerto de Mogan. I couldn’t resist sneaking a telescopic fishing rod in the suitcase much to the girlfriend’s annoyance. Big Mullet were abundant in the harbour, but unfortunately as the law states, you can’t fish inside the harbours, but you can fish on the points and on the outside. However I found a small estuary and a little river where a young kid was fishing, BUT I didn’t have my fishing rod with me! The next day I returned with the rod, a loaf of bread and a packet of hooks. I am not even sure what line I had on the reel but I guess it was around 8-10lb, probably much too heavy but it worked fine nevertheless. I was using a small size 16 barbed hook and pinched a small piece of bread around the hook. I lowered the bait over a small bridge, the smaller Mullet attacked the bait like piranha’s! You have to be patient and keep an eye on the bigger Mullet. After a few practice casts and a lot of bread I finally managed to get into some Mullet. Only small fish, a few ounces, but great fun on a small telescopic rod. In the future I would have probably used a short flourocarbon leader as Mullet are very wary fish. It is important that the hook itself isn’t visible but make sure the hook point is protruding. I went round the harbour and spoke to a few of the Big Game Boat skippers. They said Marlin fishing had been good at the beginning of May, with a couple of 400lb+ Marlin being caught. But recently it has been incredibly tough, with no Marlin for over a month. The tuna fishing however, has been very good with a number of big tuna being caught.

I did take the GoPro camera with me and filmed some of the holiday which I will probably upload to our YouTube Channel at some point in the next month or so.

The week before I went away I did some river fishing with Dad. We hit up the River Severn and the River Wye. Although the fishing was tough, I did manage to break 3 P.B’s! I had my P.B Barbel at over 5lb (caught on luncheon meat), P.B Chub (also on luncheon meat) at over 3lb and P.B eel (on maggot). I really enjoyed the trip and am really looking forward to getting back there and seeing what the fishing can really be like on these majestic rivers of England.

Now that I am in the summer holidays I have more time to focus on filming and editing. Which is why we have 2 videos going up a week. Yesterday I spent the day changing the intro’s of our videos, playing around with graphics and titling software etc. See if you can see the difference in the new intro’s. Having looked at the number of subscribers that are subscribed to this weekly e-newsletter it is now over 540!! Which is pretty awesome and great to see that so many of you are interested in what we are doing.

We have had a few videos up since our last news so if you haven’t seen them and you are worried you missed them. Just click on the pictures below and it will take you to the videos:


Beach fishing

Beach fishing tips (part 7) – crab bait

fly fishing - Fluorocarbon vs Mono

fly fishing – Fluorocarbon vs Mono

How to find good fishing marks

How to find good fishing marks

How to make your own grip leads

How to make your own grip leads

How to use Insight Genesis with Lowrance

How to use Insight Genesis with Lowrance

We have a lot planned for August. I have some more filming planned with our carp fishing guru Tommy Flower. As well as hopefully getting out on the boat to get my first shark of the year. (I haven’t been on our boat for ages! I just want to get out on it!) And lots more! Remember you can receive our “VIDEO UPDATES” which we do regularly on our Facebook. And stay up to date with the very latest on our Twitter and Instagram. Has anyone else had good fishing recently? Or is this hot weather affecting your fishing too? LET US KNOW!
Tight lines for this week, more news from us next week!