Soon be time for Britain's top big shark boat to hit the water !!

Soon be time for Britain’s top big shark boat to hit the water !!

Had a good first session on the Rainbow trout with Mike last Saturday. We fished Richard Twite’s Frensham Trout Fishery in Surrey and finished a pleasant day’s sport with 9 trout to 5/6lbs. All taken on both slow and fast sink lines. And takes were on everything from a form of one of Sid Knight’s Dognobbler patterns twitched over the bottom of the main lake, to one of his size 10 White Chompers, heavily weighted, but tied with a shimmering green shellback, which is also a top fly when we go to places like Avington or Dever in the hunt for the big doubles. While the “lunkers” do come out at this time of year I like to give it another month, not so much for the water to warm up, as trout like cold temps,but more for the higher altitude  of the sun which penetrates the water and lets me target the bigger trout easier. The doubles often only nip at the fly and you need to see that big white mouth snap shut in order to strike at the right time. I’m in desperate need of some new fly lines, my intermediate has been dragged across the rod rings so many times it won’t shoot properly and is like trying to cast a piece of wet string ! …No wonder Mike had trouble getting line out when he used it.

I don’t think I have changed any of the fly lines for 30 years, and providing I can get the flies far enough out they are still catching. Years ago you could buy some re-plasticiser solution for coating worn fly lines. I wonder if you could still do that?  Might give some extra “shootability” for Mike with his fly casting. I do love the luxury of going fishing with just a fly waistcoat, flies and a rod. OK so a load of camera equipment as well, but it’s still far less than coarse fishing.

On the YouTube front…Yes, we’ve had yet another of our films go through the 100,000 views barrier-“Pike on floats and deadbaits and wait for this, there’s a beach casting tips one running close behind it at over 90,000 which shows we are the best all-round fishing show on YouTube. We love our sea fishing, but word on the “salty” grapevine is that some of the top banks for our Rays and Plaice fishing have been blasted away by those winter storms. That means we all have to take more time chuntering around with our Lowrance sounders recording where all the new sandbanks have been formed. But the downside of this is lost fishing time, and of course will there be any food on those banks or will it take years to form and collect? So it seems the scene is set if the weather starts to square itself up. Mike is gearing up for his Easter break as a teacher, filming carp fishing with the Totally Awesome Tommy Flower, so that means there could be some lunkers before the camera lens. I’m looking forward to the call from Craig Butler down in Somerset for the shore fishing. Spring is often the time for Thornback Rays, Bass, Codling and…yes, Conger eels. Beach fishing with an “edge”. I love it. Plus the boat fishing as well. I’m still waiting for the transducer to be fitted to the new Lowrance HDS7 Gen 2 Touch unit so I can get out and do some recording of the bottom using that Insight Genesis system. Hopefully it gets fitted soon or I’ll miss recording the best fishing spots. Bracklesham Bay is first on the hit list, followed by a search for the newly formed Bognor Sandbanks, and with the Lowrance Structure scan it might even save me fishing time. Fingers crossed it gets done soon imagine I’ll have a lot of friends once the recordings are done.

So get out there with flyrod, beach rod or boat rod .All-round fishing means you get that extra excitement of new tackle rigs,baits,flies,tides,and species, all of which can keep you fresh and keen. Good luck out there…..Graeme.


A fine Frensham Rainbow Trout

A fine Frensham Rainbow Trout

Well I finally caught my first fish of 2014! After three sessions of complete blanks it was nice to finally get a bend in the rod. Although I am pretty new to fly fishing I do like the fact that you don’t need too much equipment (especially as we have to lug so much camera gear around!) The weather was good on Saturday, and although it took me a while to get used to the fly cast again, I do enjoy that feeling of stripping a fly in and feeling that soft tweak on the line as a trout has snatched up the fly. One of the Trout I hooked was almost unstoppable! It kited from one end to the other end of the lake and made several leaps out of the air. The cold water gives them lots of energy and some do fight well!

As Graeme said, I have two weeks left until I have 3 weeks off! (Can’t complain really). I have been speaking with Tommy and he has been busy planning the next big carp video so keep an eye out over the easter period for this one! I also hope to get some sea fishing done in the three week break  (weather permitting).

Having run a half marathon yesterday morning, it is a pleasure to be sitting at a computer and not having to use my legs (they are in bits!) I did do a bit of training for it and managed 1h40 mins which was a massive achievement and I even got a shiny medal at the end. No more running for me for a few weeks though! Back to fishing I think!

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Next TAFishing episode

Next TAFishing episode