The benefits of all-round angling has just borne fruit, yet again, with some great fly fishing. It’s been trout all the way for both of us, and thoroughly enjoyable it was too. OK, so the weather hasn’t been great, but remember trout are a cold water species and early on in the season they are definitely on the take. We filmed down at Church Paddock near Winchester in Hampshire, and the film is due up in a few weeks. Then we ran the competition giving 8 lucky followers of the Totally Awesome Fishing Show the chance of some free corporate hospitality at the venue, which will also be filmed.

Then, with Mike off from teaching we got a tip off from a relative about the guiding services on offer up at Rutland reservoir, truly a monster body of water, and it was Mike’s initiation into proper trout fishing on a reservoir. We had a great time, albeit a long day with the drive, but the film will give you some great tips of you fancy some “bigwater” flyfishing, and with great scenery as well. We are going to schedule more films here as there is such a wealth of different techniques you can use to catch possibly the hardest scrapping trout in the UK. A cold westerly wind didn’t stop us and we drove home with a smile on our faces.

Then today, we fired off down Hampshire again for a last-minute-hunch-film of mine and yet again came up with the goods. This time we had Rainbows straight from the off, and to be honest I can now leave Mike to fish totally on his own as he has really started to get his timing together with his casting and is also starting to learn a bit about watercraft as well. The one thing I can’t pass down are “hunches” you have as to why you do something. You can’t teach experience, but through our instructional films I always try to pass on even the smallest tip that for me, after 50 years is obvious, but to the novice is almost like the holy grail, and the cornerstone to success. We have a corporate filming day at Church Paddock coming up, then, after finishing that we are going to jump in the car and drive 200 miles west to Minehead where we are scheduled to leap straight out onto the beach and do a night shore fishing film with Craig Butler and friends of West Coast Tackle. 7pm till midnight, after a full day fly fishing will doubtless leave us drained, but that’s what we do to get the best, most informative films to you guys. A few hours sleep and we will be off Minehead pier doing a daylight film there before a 200 mile drive home and a serious “crash-out” session.

Meg's pink Ballerina fly

Meg’s pink Ballerina fly

Now then, back to the trout fishing was given a fly to test by the bailiff of John O’ Gaunt’s fishery in Hampshire. It’s called “Meg’s pink ballerina” as it was originally tied with the moult hair from his pet dog, and now has pink in it. I have to say Sid Knight’s “Pearly Daddy” has been my top fly for the last two years, but the “BALLERINA” is up there with it. The trout hammered into it, and I feel the pink skirt has a lot to do with it. Anyone wanting a few of these can contact the bailiff Barry by emailing Barry ties them on a size 10 and remember these are not mass produced but tied individually, and apparently work at lots of fisheries. Worth a shot, for sure. Fished in tweaks, with a pause then a long steady draw. All on our film so you have a Totally Awesome exclusive tip on the latest new fly…The “Ballerina”. Keep watching the Show, and look out for this Friday’s new film. Another exclusive, and at over 50 minutes it’s a great watch with the usual tips and techniques. Good Fishing out there.


In on the action!

In on the action!

I think it is safe to say I’m officially ‘hooked’ on fly fishing now, I mean I really have the bug…or should it be the ‘fly’?…. Either way, I love it! The recent trip to Rutland Water with Rob Waddington really helped with my fly casting practice, which I have pretty much got the handle of now. But at the end of the day it’s the fly and the speed of retrieve that catch the fish, the cast just helps you to cover more ground and as a result, get a greater chance of catching a fish. The recent trip to John O’Gaunts was another success for me. One of the lakes has good clarity and one of my trout was taken on a visual take which for me is the ultimate feeling! Watching that Trout react to your fly, seeing it hunt it down and changing the speed of your retrieve to entice the take – adrenaline pumping stuff!

This week sees the first ever time we will be fishing with a group of TAFishing followers! We announced the ‘guess the weight’ competition on our Facebook and had over 100 entries. Out of those 100 we have randomly selected 8 people to come and fish with us at Church Paddock fishery down in Winchester. Watch next weeks news to see how they get on!

Straight after we do the filming at Church Paddock we’re heading off to Minehead for some beach fishing. This would be the first time I have done any beach fishing down there and having edited some Totally Awesome episodes I have seen the sort of fishing you can get! I am buzzing for this trip! A good rest will be needed afterwards that’s for sure!

Temperatures slowly creeping up, starting to get some carp gear together ready for the summer months, nothing quite like stalking carp on the surface, although this year I fancy one on a fly rod – watch this space!!

Good luck to everyone fishing this week, post any catch pictures to our facebook or Twitter or just email them to me.

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big carp fishing tips for spring

big carp fishing tips for spring


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