97 balls of secret groundbait about to hit the water in THE GREAT PRE-BAIT !!!

Well, the start of the old Close season finishes on June 16th and is almost upon me. I say me, as I guess I’m about the only one who doesn’t want to hammer fish in what was an out of season time. I just go trout fishing and sea fishing. Of course I have had the odd trip, but this year I hope to hang on right to the “Glorious 16th”. I went out on a massive prebaiting session, pumping over 90 balls of my secret groundbait into a weed-dragged swim. It’s on a deep water gravel pit, notoriously hard to get a fish from, but I may just get lucky with a nice Tench. I don’t do massive expeditions, but hope to hit the water again with a prebait of natural baits of sweetcorn and worms, not a boilie in sight. Chances of a blank are pretty good, but it’s got to be done. If I don’t try for a Tench on the 16th I know I will only get sidetracked by things like Mako sharks over a wreck, Smoothhounds off Selsey or giant Rainbow trout in Hampshire.

The joblist appears not to be going away so I’m afraid fishing will have to take priority over everything if the weather is suited to a particular species. I really must make an effort to try Barbel on the Severn or Wye. I’ve heard great reports with superb scenery, but where to go ? Both are big rivers, and I don’t think I’ve even seen the Wye, let alone had a chance to fish it. Our trip to Courtmacsherry is hanging in the back of our minds. Those light tackle Pollack and inshore Bass are pulling us more and more. Will there be another massive Devon Porbeagle shark in the pipeline for us? So many species to choose from and so little weather windows.

Rutland Trout

GP latched onto a Rutland trout

One weather window that closed on me in a big way was a last minute fly fishing trip up to Rutland water. Top fly fishing guide Rob Waddington invited me up for a crack at some rainbows, and the weather was good, or I would not have spent three hours in the car driving up there. (Got to love that M25. It’s deffo getting worse). I arrive and its blowing a NW hard force 5, too much even for “Hi Sea Drifter”, left alone an open boat. But Rob had a fallback technique of rudder fishing, and despite inclement weather the entire fleet of boats had been booked out with other hardy anglers. The wind was raging and played havoc with the microphone, but we had no choice and soldiered on. The technique certainly got us out of a hole, and the film is scheduled in our editing list.

Rob Waddington

Rob Waddington with two fine Rutland Trout

While stocking up with bran for shark fishing from my local feed supplier, the guy told me about another coarse angler who came in and took sacks of a special Polo horse feed. He showed me and it was similar to another equine feed I used 40 years ago. Great binding qualities, fine, and at about £12 for a 20kg sack you just can’t beat it for price. For youngsters or those on a budget, don’t pay for those clear plastic bags of groundbait, go for your own bulk sack from a feed supplier. There were loads of different products in my supplier’s barns, and I even came across a potential new floater biscuit that is meat flavoured. Remember this Totally Awesome tip as you won’t find horse feed in your local supermarket!!

The jockey wheel has been serviced and reassembled. It’s certainly had its moments over boulders in the launching, but although I need a new one, I’m hoping the clean down will get me through to the winter. Wayne gave me the tip of trying a fine abrasive like Brasso or Silvo on the cheapo Perspex windows on the boat I think wiping the screen when covered in salt meant tiny salt grains were the culprits for the scratches. Hopefully it does the job.

In the T/A garden the weeds and general undergrowth are hitting us from all sides. I guess all gardeners know it’s that time of year. The grass on the lawn just seems to grow before our eyes. I want to go fishing, but Mrs Awesome wants all the garden jobs done first. So if you are a garden enthusiast as well as an angler check out our new “Totally Awesome Garden tips” film coming to a computer near you soon. Might just be a tip in there to make the jobs go easier and get you that all-important day on the water….. Good Fishing…and for all of us…GOOD WEATHER!!


Well it seems the latest video I did with Tommy Flower has gone down pretty well with everyone. As I type this at 6:30am on a Tuesday morning the BIG CARP fishing tips in Summer video has now nearly had 4,500 views! Some pretty impressive viewing figures then and thanks to everyone who commented and gave great feedback. I am already in the process of booking up the next trip with Tommy.

Unfortunately June is a pretty hectic month for me. Not only is it reporting writing time at work, but it is also the build up to sports day, cricket season, athletics etc but I also have my weekends booked up with a number of different things (not fishing related).

Barbel fishing

Barbel fishing maggot feeder

However, as Dad says the “Glorious 16th” is upon us and only 6 days away. I’d like to think that I may be able to get out on the odd 3-4 hour evening session on the River Kennet to try my hand at the Barbel again. I remember catching my first Barbel just last year and what an experience it was. They really are the equivalent of a fresh water bonefish and they don’t have give you some rod bending action all the way to the net. That time it was on the River Severn up near Kidderminster. Check out the video here. I quite fancy targeting some of the smaller species on our rivers too. But let’s face it, how long is this good spell of weather going to last? If it’s like any of the previous England summers, probably not very long….

I have something new coming into our online shop over the next few weeks. It is something that we have had people constantly asking about in private messages, comments or emails. So please keep an eye out on our Facebook and Twitter to see what’s about to be released!

Looking at the YouTube figures again this week and we now receive over 500,000 views a month. That’s mental right? I had to refresh the page a couple of times just to check it wasn’t my computer playing up. But no, we really do get that many views a month. On average our YouTube channel gets 17,000 – 19,000 views a day. TOTALLY AWESOME! It still amazes me how myself and Graeme have managed to produced such a massive fishing show with just the two of us. Don’t get me wrong we work incredibly hard to give you guys the best fishing videos on the planet but the feedback we get is incredible. So thank you everyone who hit that “Subscribe” button and watches our videos. Remember there are new episodes every Friday night at 7pm GMT.

Good luck to anyone out fishing over the next week or so! Tight lines.



Big Carp tips in Summer

Big Carp tips in Summer