Spotted Ray

Spotted Ray

Finally…..finally….I get to catch a few decent fish off the Eastern Wight area aboard “Hi Sea Drifter”. The week started on a low, with the worst case of “man flu”(basically just a summer cold) that I’ve obtained from sharing a room with Mike during the film work down in Torquay. He had the Lurgi down there, and passed it on to me. Takes a while to shake off, and the old saying about a cold “3 days coming, 3 days with you, 3 days going” seems totally fake as it’s still hanging around. I’m deffo not a medicine man but had to pop a few just to get the workload done, which frees me up for fishing. First trip was an afternoon over at Frensham Trout Fishery in the hope there would be a rise of Mayfly. I did see a few come off, but in contrast to a previous trip I had the evening rise was really quiet. Even the small wild Brownies that are generally so active in the low light conditions were noticeable by their absence. However, I lucked into a couple of scrapping Rainbows, maybe a couple of pounds each, and remember you can buy a sporting ticket allowing you to release trout if you want. I had no need for them so they went back into the cool, shaded water. Frensham has been operating catch and release trout fishing for years, and much of this must be due to the constant flow of fresh water running from one lake to the other. I decided to move lakes and finished the session with 7 trout up to about 7lbs, and all about using a different technique, so a film safely “in the can” for later in the year. This season I am actually trying to rack up a file of films so you can watch summer fishing through the winter as a sort of “fix”.


Thornback Ray

Double figure Thornback Ray

Then last Sunday came a weather slot for the company boat, and as it was Mike’s 25th birthday, the Saturday evening with his friends involved the touring of various establishments serving alcoholic beverages. We all know that won’t be best bedfellows with a rocking boat the next morning, so I was again fishing and filming on my own. I had already decided on a sit and wait mark, but with fairly large tides was hoping that the uptiding grip leads would be able to hold. Wind was all over the place. They gave light North West, so no surprise that it ended up about a Three South-West!!! Who would be a weather forecaster??



Double figure Smoothound

Anyway, I only had 3rd generation frozen squid that had been to Somerset and back, then South Devon and back, and was finally destined to go on my hook. Pulley rigs and half squids were fired out, and immediately I got stripped out and the line parted over some rough ground. I could actually feel it juddering, and a good fish was lost. Maybe a Tope. Maybe a giant Smoothound. The tide was barrelling along, and the main charter and private boats I could see were anchored over Boulder Bank. But I’m not one to follow the crowd, so kept about a mile away from them for a bit of peace and quiet. Channel 10 remained ominously quiet all day, so I’m guessing the fishing wasn’t that great. I certainly did not get plagued by bites, but those I did get resulted in a quality fish. I must have hooked around 11 good Hounds, and landed 7, 6 of which were into double figures. On top of that I had a load of dogfish, a really pretty Spotted Ray and the biggest Thornback Ray I think I’ve had off the Eastern Wight. I also neglected to put on suncream, which in June on a breezy cool day left me looking like a lobster. Back on the slip I didn’t look out of place as there were plenty of other boaters in the same position. Always put suncream on!

I hope to finish the last of the property jobs this week, then weather permitting I shall be scouting around for some more fishing. But this time of year the all-round angler can be spoilt for choice. I could take the boat out, or fish from the shore, or try for Carp, or even take a shot at the ever more elusive Tench. This was the premier species to catch during a British summer, but they have been crushed out by the ever increasing demands for more pot-bellied carp or the matchman’s quest for “silvers”. A crying shame, as there seems so few places where you can get a bit of traditional Tench fishing these days. And let’s not forget the rivers open next week on the glorious 16th. The Perch drop shotters will doubtless be out, though I’m guessing the weights will be down as the Perch will be spawned out. They could be hungry though, and a bit of margin and snag drop shotting could be interesting.

We had a new record “numbers” on the films with last Friday’s “Insane fishing-rod bending action” from our Torquay wrasse trip. It’s currently racing away with over 6,000 views in less than a week. And it’s had 184 likes, so there are lots of anglers probably getting ready for a seaside holiday who could get a few tips from this one. Of course we always get a better quality film with the two of us filming, and now Mike is back teaching I’m out on my own trying to do the best I can. Only yesterday I screwed up by putting a full memory card into the camera, not seeing the words “full” on the screen in bright sunlight, so ended up filming…..absolutely nothing at all!!!

Another film that is going off the scale is the one where I take Mike on his first trout fishing trip for a big Rainbow, and bear in mind he had done barely any fly fishing at that point. “Monster trout on a 4-weight flyrod has had over 346,000 views, and what never ceases to amaze me is that some fly fishermen from around the world still have difficulty in understanding that almost all our trout have to be stocked, and also that some of our commercial fish farms are world leaders in the size of trout they can produce. We just don’t have cascading glacial streams pounding through a valley overshadowed by snow-capped mountains. If you have those wilderness rivers, fine. But here in Britain we don’t. And there certainly aren’t 20lb Steelhead running in them. More like 1lb wild Brownies. I’ve done the Salmon and Steelhead in British Columbia, and out on the West Coast of Vancouver island. Fantastic scenery. Fantastic fishing. But it’s not like that all over the world. We can do no more than try to catch the stocked trout. It’s all we have. At this time of year I will probably ease up on our trout scene as the warm weather creates algae blooms and weed growth, all of which make it difficult for fish spotting.

On the tackle side, all you Perch enthusiasts better keep an eye on Mike’s post as he is about to get another delivery from Fishaction of those red hot, stretchy Perch lures. The last batch sold out quickly. Also, remember to change your line for the start of the season. Mike does Fluorocarbon, Copolymer and Sidewinder braid lines on the shop site, plus the Sidewinder Bass and Cod lures for shore and boat fishing, and youngsters, make sure you have a pair of forceps for getting hooks out, they are on the site, and try those line clippers which you can carry in a pocket and are dead handy for quick jobs. Let’s all hope the cool mornings don’t put the fish off and that we all get to have our “strings” pulled in the next couple of weeks. Good luck out there…..



Light tackle

Nothing quite like light tackle fishing..

Unfortunately it has been a rather boring week for me. Exam season means that most of my time has been spent marking exams and writing reports. However, it is also cricket season which means a few hours out in the sun umpiring a cricket game – it could be worse. As Graeme mentioned in his post, the latest video on Wrasse fishing has gone down really well with you guys. I’ve received some quality feedback via facebook and over email, a big thanks for those of you that take the time to give us good feedback, we read everything! In fact, some of you commented on the video saying that we should get a petition going to get TAFishing on the TV! We do get asked this a lot. As much as we would love the show to be on TV, the wonders of YouTube has its benefits. Firstly, you can watch one Awesome video over and over again with just the touch of a button. Secondly, there are new episodes every Friday at 7pm, every week of the year! Plus some midweek videos that we occasionally upload. Oh and one more thing…’s FREE TO WATCH! We’re nearing 70,000 subscribers now. Which is just incredible figures. We’re also currently hitting well over half a million views a month, which is just crazy viewing figures!  YouTube is our TV 🙂

I have a Saturday free this weekend where I have the potential to get out fishing. However, with report deadlines approaching and quite a bit of editing to do, I am not sure which to do just yet. It might be a last-minute call depending on the weather. Perhaps a visit to the local carp fishery might be in order. But I’ll see what the weather is doing first. I have just over 4 weeks left of school teaching, then it will be fishing, fishing, fishing…..oh….and filming too of course! I have already booked up the first fishing holiday of the summer with Dad, we’re not giving away where we are going yet. But the country we are going to have a big number of Awesome Army followers! So we’ll keep it a surprise for now 😉

It’s June 16th next Tuesday, which means River Season!! Unfortunately, due to work commitments I won’t be casting out at midnight, but I will be sneaking away for some evening sessions now that the light stays for longer. I have some small stream stretches in mind. I quite fancy some summer Chub fishing. But the real draw is those Barbel! I hope to be going back on the Severn and the Wye this summer with Graeme for some big barbel fishing.

If you enjoyed our latest Wrasse fishing on light tackle episode, then check out the reviews I have written on the Nomura fishing rods and reels. The link to them is at the bottom of this e-news (just click the picture of the rods and reels to get to the reviews). It really was some top quality fishing gear and I hope to be using it much more in the future!

For those of you out fishing this weekend, GOOD LUCK!! More updates in next weeks e-news (remember to subscribe to receive this for Free via the email subscription box on the homepage of our website



Insane fishing!

Insane fishing!


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