26th AUGUST 2014


Soon be time for autumn Codling off North Somerset.Dust off your beach rods.

Soon be time for autumn Codling off North Somerset.Dust off your beach rods.

Anybody know what just happened to August??  I was supposed to have all manner of stuff ready for filming in this month and suddenly it’s gone. Highlight of the month seems to be the almost constant lack of summer mackerel. As I type this I hear there has been one massive shoal down west, and a scattering of others, but that cannot be a good sign. Maybe it’s me, but a lot of the south coast boat fishing seems to have been pretty poor all summer. I can’t speak for the long range wreck charter boats but certainly from the small inshore boaters it seems they are returning to the slip with catches that barely make it worth going. “One ray and a few dogs”….”2 Bream, 4 mackerel, and a couple of small Hounds”…  “3 mackerel, a few pouting and Dogfish”.  That’s the sort of thing I keep hearing, which really makes sad results when you think we should be getting the “best” of British fishing. Contrast that with Ireland’s stream of fish, and even Devon and Cornwall and you begin to see why sometimes an angler from the South coast shore can catch more than a guy with a boat! I spoke to one club man a couple of months back and he said the general Eastern Wight fishing had been so poor for years that he has moved all his club bookings down to the Poole/Weymouth area where the fishing is apparently far superior. And that’s a big club. Why is that? Barely 60 miles and you have much cleaner water, and there could be the problem. I’m thinking of dragging “Hi Sea Drifter” down that way and see what the fishing is like, but it’s an area I don’t know, and would only go out if accompanied by another small boat. I hear Poole has a thriving small boat fraternity maybe that is worth a film or two. But what would be the next “clean water” area to go? Weymouth I guess, but again you need the local assistance to get you started. I need to find somewhere bearable in towing time, as Cornwall and Devon has good fishing but it can be a 5/6 hour drag (Falmouth) and you need the weather to be spot on. So with apparent failing fishing in the Wight area I think it’s a case of moving base, even if it is a 2 hour tow to get the boat there. Any ideas anyone??(Signed Mr. Desperate I need to catch and film something). I want conger fishing at anchor, Pollack, Flatfish, and if possible, cleaner water to get my chum slick to work properly!


The sprats will be due in the shops sometime in the next month.Get plenty frozen down for the early winter pike fishing.

On the freshwater front I dumped all ideas of fishing and just did a mega-drive up to film Rutland’s top trout guide, Rob Waddington. It was an all-day affair, but I’m back with a rack of films and information, so in that respect it was a worthwhile exercise. I had to finish a film at Dever Springs in Hampshire, having been there filming surveys on both lakes (3 trips without casting a fly!) so I was due some nice comfortable trout fishing. Duuuurrrr!! No chance. A pretty good day weather-wise but the feeder stream to the stock ponds was 14 degrees, and the actual lakes temperature was a trout-simmering 18 degrees. They had lock jaw like I’ve never known in 40 years of whipping the water to a foam. It took me ALL DAY to get 3 rainbows to 7lbs, and highlight of the day was an 8/10lb Pike that nipped at my WAEF fly with tinsel flash in it. I was filming alone using the tripod and in an epic battle that Paramount pictures would have been happy to put on the big screen I inadvertently pressed “off” instead of “on” button so the only footage I got was a few seconds on the head cam. I finished the film, but what a grind. Continually staring through the water to see the trout’s mouth barely nip at my fly. A tough one. But that’s why it’s called fishing, and not catching.

Seems I was right about the Jetstream changing and we are now getting low pressure systems stream over us. Bad for boat fishing, and the shark season that is also slowly slipping away, but good for the rivers as they need a freshen up and flush through to spark up the catch rate for river anglers.


Cooked squid as done by Wayne Comben.Watch out for our new films featuring how to cook your sea fish.

Low oxygen content is always a shut down for freshwater fishing, though I wait for the call to get me down to the North Somerset shoreline for an apparent autumnal influx of codling. Yesterday I did a bit of a survey on the new position of Chichester Bar, just waiting for the analysis to come back. I tried several hours fishing there for a single mackerel and a few Black Bream. Perhaps not the best place to be on a Sunday, as the yachts seemed to use me as a marker to make their turns, obviously unaware that I had uptide rods out. Not their fault really. So what will this week bring? Not a good one I feel, looking at the low pressure systems. Might be a sneaky day out fly fishing somewhere, and Mike’s time is getting thin as he approaches term time again. So anyone out there, Good luck fishing. I think you are going to need it….Graeme.




Emmy with a Wrasse on ragworm

Emmy with a Wrasse on ragworm

Well I made the most of the bank holiday weekend and took the 400 mile round trip to the North Coast of Cornwall for some Rock Fishing with Emmy. The first day was taken up by travelling down there and we had news that the weather was coming in bad on Monday. So we had a one-day slot to get some fishing in. I have a nifty tide app on my phone which tells me the exact tide times for pretty much anywhere in the UK as well as the exact height of the tide at any given time. It’s a brilliant little app and one I will be using more regularly. Anyway, having woken up in the tent at a casual 9am it was a swift drive from Boscastle (where we were staying) down to Tintagel. Having already done a lot of rock fishing episodes down on the Dorset coast I though it would be nice to go somewhere completely different. It wasn’t a tough choice, having fished the North Cornwall/Devon coast by boat I knew it was a rocky area with plenty of deep pockets and holes for big Wrasse and Pollock. We headed down what I think is called Castle Beach which is literally right underneath the English Heritage castle of Tintagel Head. We climbed over a rocky outlet to the right hand side of the beach, it’s almost like a small headland and I knew there would be deeper water the otherside. However, I made sure that I checked the high tide line before we climbed as it was clear that the beach itself actually gets completely cut off at high tide. It’s something that every angler needs to be aware of. Thankfully we had found another route out when the time did come to pack up and leave.


The Knightworm range from TronixPro. The Pink one has been deadly for me!

Once set up with the LRF gear, which for me was just a Rockfish Revolution rod with a casting weight of 1-8 grams, and my favourite Pink Knightworm from Tronixpro, it wasn’t long before we were into fish. To my complete suprise, on the first cast I latched into a MACKEREL! Of all things, a real rarity these days so I was completely made up. It put up a cracking fight on the ultra light gear too. I then had a Sea Scorpion/Scorpion/Bullhead fish whatever you want to call it!

Sea Scorption LRF

I think it’s a Sea Scorpion? Caught using the pink Knightworm!

As well as a nice wrasse. I had a go with a heavier lure rod and a firetail worm which got me a Pollock too. Meanwhile Emmy was absolutely clearing up on Ragworm! She was fishing two rods, one with a 3oz lead and ragworm cast about 50 yards out. The other was a light tackle spinning rod with a ball lead and simple running leger rig. She had two wrasse at 2lb and one at 3lb. As well as a number of other species to follow. We were fishing the flood tide and things went quiet at high tide. I have found fishing the beginning of the flood tide to be quite effective when rock fishing. I also like fishing the ebb tide too.

Anyway, plans for the next week are more video editing. We now have Trout, Sea, and Coarse videos to edit. The YouTube numbers are still flying! We have nearly reached the magical 50,000 subscriber mark! We also now have 17 videos over 100,000 views, three of which are now over 300,000 views! TOTALLY AWESOME! Thanks to everyone who have been talking to us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and sharing your fishing stories and pictures. Keep sending them in!!


Bass fishing with soft plastic lures

Bass fishing with soft plastic lures

Awesome fly fishing in Slow Motion

Awesome fly fishing in Slow Motion

fly tying Pink Booby

fly tying – Pink Booby

fly tying - CDC

fly tying – CDC