24th DECEMBER 2014


We thought we would do just a short TAF news this week as it’s Christmas time. The next TAF news will have more detail we promise!

Even Emmy tried her hand at some Beach fishing!

Even Emmy tried her hand at some Beach fishing!

I recently fished Southwold Beach on the east coast of the UK. The target species was Cod, but like most beach fishing at the moment, I was plagued by Whiting. Still, it was nice to be catching and not blanking! We had strong westerly winds blowing in over the flood plain, so although it was nice for casting, it certainly kicked the temperature down a notch. Thankfully, I brought the IMAX shelter with me which I must say is an absolute godsend. Although it was pretty eventful trying to put the thing up, I should have taken up kite surfing! Of the many Whiting that I caught, most were pin Whiting, but I did have one fairly decent sized one. I noticed that the Whiting were very thinned-out, possibly due to commercial pressure I am guessing. If any of you beach fisherman out there are experiencing the same then let me know, I’d be interested to hear your thoughts on the matter. I have not heard any decent Cod coming out off the beaches so far this year, I think there have been a few in the Bristol Channel but it seems pretty patchy at the moment. The same goes for the boat fishing, a few good sized Cod coming off the Isle of Wight, but again, yet to see any consistency.

I am back to work early January and am away in Wales for a week after Christmas, which means I have been editing like a madman to schedule some episodes for you guys! Thankfully we have some great episodes uploaded ready for you to watch.

Mike with a Thornback ray. It's been over a year since he's been on the boat.

Mike with a Thornback ray. It’s been over a year since he’s been on the boat.

Graeme has also been out on the beaches recently. He’s been enjoying the plagues of Whiting that have hit our shores. Yesterday he went down to Eastbourne to do some filming with Tony Kirrage. The videos will be hitting your screen soon! He also managed to squeeze a few Pike fishing sessions in between weather windows and recently he has been having some success on the small streams. What method was he using? Twitching sprats of course!

From myself and Graeme we would like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Let’s hope that 2015 brings you all some Totally Awesome Fishing!

Tight lines,

Mike & Graeme.