This Wrasse crashed straight for the snags when it hooked!

This Wrasse crashed straight for the snags when it hooked!

I think it must be something to do with all the earthquakes I see the world has been getting, but it seems to be making the clocks go faster! Where does the time go? May has flown past, boosted through with some fairly mundane and quite cool weather. None of which gave me much enthusiasm to launch “Hi Sea Drifter”. Thankfully Mike was off from teaching for a few days so we loaded the tackle and cameras, heading the car down to South Devon for our target species of Ballan Wrasse. The weather was good for the afternoon we arrived, and after checking into the hotel we shot down to the rocks in Torquay with some leftover crabs from a blank session I had with Wayne up off East beach at Selsey Bill. Down in deepest Devon we had some light tackle sport in mind. Not with light line, but with light rods. In fact with the new Nomura carbon rods that are as light as a feather, and ideally suited to a bit of rock hopping.


Myself and Dave Kiddy at the Kiddy Wholesale HQ – Awesome place!

They do a range of reels, so we had three different models to use, all fixed spools. Mike was spooling up with Sidewinder 16lb braid, while I opted for straight mono. Neither of us had fished here before, and with just hardback crabs and a few extremely manky ragworm we set about exploring the seabed. It probably only took ten minutes before the wrasse homed in on the Ragworm juice, and from then it was bite after bite. What a change from the blank trip up at Selsey. And those rods folded over as the wrasse powered down trying to reach the sanctuary of the kelp beds. For weights I had simply cut up some ski leads that are used for adding to large swimfeeders on rivers like the Severn or Wye. I must have had them 40 years and the two “skis” either side looked like perfect dropshot weights, so I had set about them with tinsnips in the Totally Awesome workshop. I hammered a flat spot at one end, drilled a hole, tied a loop of line, and that was it.The perfect 1 ounce lead weight for inshore wrasse fishing.

From here, we drove next day down to Plymouth where we did some filming for Navionics (they make the latest chart cards), and of course this meant a bit of boat fishing. Alas the wind was howling, so we anchored outside Plymouth breakwater and Mike got a few small Pollack.

The guys at Tidal Tackle are really helpful, just ask!

The guys at Tidal Tackle are really helpful, just ask!

We did hear of some Gilthead Bream there, but with no specific marks or tips we decided it might prove better at a later date. We were due to have another day there and had unfortunately advance booked 2 nights in a hotel which proved to be a bit of a shocker. In the bedroom we had, the beam over the edge of the ceiling was all broken and the plaster was hanging down, one assumes from a roof leak. I make a tea that evening, but it was so rancid I had to spit it down the sink. The teabags made it taste like they were filled with bat droppings marinated in shark oil. Something was very seriously out of date, and it wasn’t me. So beware what you book on the internet that might look cheap. It was that bad I decided to lose my money and just drive back to Torquay for another pop at the wrasse. This time we got some fresh ragworm from “Tidal Tackle” shop in Torquay and that did the trick. I think we had around 60 wrasse in the 2 sessions to 4lbs, and lost a couple of biggies. In all the area impressed us and we deffo hope to go back, mostly for the shore fishing, and it seems a nice clean area with good eateries, DOOM beer and obviously good wrasse fishing.

On the numbers front we had a film set a new weekly all-time record for us. “The World’s best fishing baits. Prawn vs Worms” had over 7000 views in a week, and also our subscriptions have raced Past 67,000. It was only a couple of months ago we were celebrating with a staggering 60,000 views. Thanks to you guys in the “Awesome Army” for mailing out our film links to all your mates. In the Totally Awesome Outdoors Show, Mike’s other channel, we now have over 2000 subs and that site on its own has had over 37,000 views. Best film there is “Pike on a Bike”, with over 2,200 views. Lots more to go on the Outdoors site, but its finding time in the edit room.

Had yet another contact from a TV company looking for a bit of contact, but I’m not keen on rushing to help them. Last time I tried TV many years ago they pretty much told me to shove off as they had no money. So with our monstrous success on YouTube I may as well continue doing what I enjoy if I’m not getting paid for it. Far more satisfying and I don’t have someone telling me what to do. Everyone watches their fishing on YouTube anyway. 24/7, And all free. Other sites are always trying to copy us, but I quite like trying to keep one step ahead of them, by doing the pioneering aspect. They probably don’t think we know (one is really blatant) but of course we do and have a good laugh as they try, yet fail to match our productions. They old saying is so true….”If it ain’t broke….don’t mend it!!”…. And we won’t.


The Blue Shark DVD

If you want information on shark fishing – Check out our DVD with all the tips you need!

I seem to be getting a lot of enquiries about our shark techniques. To be honest everything you need to know about our most prolific species, the Blue shark, can be gleaned from our exclusive DVD “The Ultimate guide to Blue shark fishing”. It’s about an hour long, has great action, exclusive interviews, but has everything you need to know about setting out for your first shark. Tackle wise, Mike is waiting for his next order of those special drop shot lures for Perch fishing. He sold out almost straight away, so make sure you let him know if you want any, they are going out fast, especially as the inshore LRF guys realise they will work for small Bass, Pollack, and Mackerel close to shore. If you have a trip on a charter boat lined up I suggest you take a few Sidewinder lures in the 6-inch size as they are the mainstay lure for big Pollack, Coalfish, and even Ling. This is especially true if you are going on holiday in Cornwall. And get some of our line clippers. They are so handy for snipping knots and changing lures. I can’t believe it took me so long to discover them. I think we have a couple of the Totally Awesome Fishing Show T-shirts left, if you are wanting to look cool on holiday and let others know you are in the “Awesome Army”. And if you are spooling up for a bit of wrasse fishing why not try a spool of some Hikaru Fluorocarbon coated copolymer line in the 20lb range? It’s 0.25mm diameter, and comes on a 275 yards spool, so you could top off a couple of reels if you wanted. I rarely strip all the line off my reels when I want a change, preferring to top off with about 150 yards of whatever I want. It saves money, and there’s nothing much off the British shoreline or lakes that is going to crank off 100 yards of 20lb line under drag.

I have had a film on hold for a couple of months now with Tony Kirrage down at Eastbourne. I expect you think it would be shore based, but you would be wrong, as Tony is an expert at Carp fishing, and has even won Championships at it.The venue is now set, we are just waiting for the right conditions and I will be off to “The Dark Side !” Yes, I will be sitting behind a pair of buzzers to see if we can’t glean a few Totally Awesome tips from Tony as to his secret for success. It will be a last minute call, and the same goes for a Smoothound trip as I have about three I want to do, covering both boat and shore. Then there is the river season to open, plus better Stillwater fishing, so there is everything on “simmer” at the moment. Don’t worry, we have the next few weeks already scheduled with films, so keep watching, and most important, KEEP SPREADING THE WORD”…..Have a good one.

And remember, it’s better to be lucky, than skilful…




One of many Wrasse caught in our epic session last week!

It seems that I have the immune system of a three year old…… This past week I have had the same fever again that got hold of me when I was away in Sweden. I know it isn’t something I have caught from someone else, but either way it’s bloody annoying! Listen, I’m not a fan of green vegetables and never have been, but I force them down either way and yet I still have a rubbish immune system! It seems to hit me when I get run down, which I have noticed has been quite often as balancing the whole of the TAFishing show as well as teaching is very strenuous.

Anyway, it was good to make the most of the half term break that I had and what better form of fishing to do then fishing from the rocks. I really enjoy exploring new rock marks and when Graeme said that we would be targeting Wrasse I was all over it like Arsenal on the FA cup. I had only recently got back from the annual rock fishing/camping session with Emmy down in Dorset, so I had wrasse on my mind. We fished in Torquay on the first afternoon we arrived. It was a cracking 3 hour session, with over 30 Wrasse to 4lbs caught between us. I have a confession to make…..Those of you that have been watching my dropshot diaries/rock fishing adventure videos, will have noticed that I use the same rod for pretty much all of my light tackle fishing. I loved the rod and it’s caught me hundreds of fish.

Nomura Hiro

Just look at the bend in the Nomura Hiro – yet still so much power!

But it did have it’s flaws. Although great for rock fishing, I did find it too short especially when fishing on sloping rocks where you need to wind a fish in quickly. It was also a little too sensitive in the tip (hence why I broke the tip on it by accident). However, I have been using a new rod for rock fishing, and I LOVE IT! It’s got a really nice tip action, and being that it’s made from the purest high modulus carbon fibres – it’s as light as a feather, but also incredibly powerful. It was great to finally have a rod that could fold double when hooked into a fish, but still have the power to bully a 3lb+ wrasse in no problem. It definitely helped me to keep big wrasse from crash diving to the weeds. It’s an 8ft rod, with a casting weight of 4-21gm. So it’s not really an LRF (Light Rock Fishing) rod, which are more in the 0.5 – 7g range. It’s more of an HRF (Heavy Rock Fishing) rod. But personally, I will be using it for all my rock fishing as it’s such a great sport rod. What’s the name of the rod I hear you say? It’s called a “Hiro” and it’s by Nomura. I really love the range of tackle from Nomura, it’s so futuristic and aesthetic as well as a quality feel to it. Keep an eye out for the rod in an upcoming video…

I also did some more filming with Tommy and Andy for bite time episode 2. That will be hitting your screens soon. As for the next few weeks, it’s back to the grind teaching wise. I have some Geography exams to write, as well as reports and the usual lesson planning. Lots of TAFishing videos to edit and we have some crackers coming up over the next few weeks! I have 5 more weeks of teaching left and then I get a tasty 2 month break. Of which I expect half of it will be taken up by fishing 😀

We have been getting great feedback from you guys on our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Don’t forget to post any fishing pictures you have to our social media, we enjoy seeing what other people have caught.

I have pretty much completely sold out of the awesome dropshot lure “Attractor Shad DS” by FishAction. I only have 2 or 3 packets left of “Green”, which is still a great colour for Perch. Fear not, I have already placed another order with the guys at FishAction and I hope to be getting them back on

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Busy week ahead for me, I have some plans to do some carp fishing soon and hopefully I can get a good weather window on a weekend to get out and wet a line. In the meantime if you guys are out fishing over the next week then good luck, I hope you catch! More updates from me in next weeks e-news. Don’t forget you can subscribe to receive this e-news for free via email. Just put your email into the subscriptions box on our website. I have put a photo in this blog to show you what it looks like!

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