4th NOVEMBER 2014


Roach sections and freebies of chopped sprats did the job on the Zander

Roach sections and freebies of chopped sprats did the job on the Zander

With Mike on half term we managed to get out freshwater fishing as the wind was up a bit much for getting “Hi Sea Drifter” afloat. We have had quite a few fisheries contacting us wanting us to showcase their fisheries but finding the right time is always difficult. Plus we are currently into “PREDATAZ!!!!” So I contacted one of the best predator waters in the South, Old Bury Hill Lake at Dorking, to see what was cooking with any toothy critturs. It was a film on Zander we were chasing, and after an interview with the management we set off in one of the OBH punts to tour the island and see if we could entice one. The water was coloured, but we amused ourselves with filming and working with one of those” Deeper” castable echo sounders to see what was on the lake bed. The day was superb for filming, a breeze, blue sky and mild temperatures. Not so great for Zander, which as I understand it are largely nocturnal and low-light conditions. However, with a floatfished sprat drifted up against the island I asked Mike to give the float one of those Totally Awesome twitches. All he got in was one twitch and the float went under !!. Fish on!!….. It turned into Mike’s first Zander and all on film as well.

At 4.30 we paddled back to the boathouse, and en- route watched a bank angler net two Zander in quick succession. That kicked us up a gear as they had already told us not to go home early as the Zander fire up as the light starts to go. With rods cast out and half Roach baits legered on the bottom we had not long to wait.Well, Mike had not long to make as he finished the session with a staggering SEVEN more Zander, while I had my butt kicked and only had one two pounder !! Film completed, in the can, and home. A result for a change. Then we shot off next day for an afternoon session on a local river. I’m afraid we now cannot name places like we normally try to do, as there are people who will eagerly kill coarse fish for food, even though Britain has easily accessible food in supermarkets so alas, we will not be naming free fishing waters, for sure. Mike again did the biz with drop shotting for Perch, and a Pike. Details from Mike in his blog.

Mike with one of the OBH Zander chunks

Mike with one of the OBH Zander chunks

I’m getting desperate to do some beach fishing but apparently the Cod are still not a sure thing from the shore. So it was back to Old Bury Hill for literally a couple of hours in the evening. Out went the legered Roach. I drew a blank (same swim) while Mike pulled another 3 Zander, PB’s all the way!! I had another session on the small local river and nailed a Pike of about 5lbs on a Pinfish rod, which cost just $4-99 from a supermarket in Florida, but I had 12lb line on the reel. It gave me probably the best scrap on a light rod I have had all year. In between the fishing I have slipped in a few property jobs, just to keep things under control, but two big refurb projects have reared their heads. So it might be a battle for priorities if the shore Cod and Whiting fishing suddenly kicks off.

Mike nailed TEN Zander in two sessions in late afternoon.

Mike nailed TEN Zander in two sessions in late afternoon.

On the filming front we are trying to schedule them so you have Mike’s Midweek Madness every Wednesday, and a main feature on the Friday, from now right through to the New Year, so that tells you how many new films we have in the files. It all depends on Mike’s teacher workload, but if we can keep them going we will do. In fact there’s a double bill this Wednesday at 6pm and another at 7pm, one of them is the last of the “Vintage” series I had digitised from my old VHS tapes. We currently have 20 Vintage films up, one of which, “How to catch Barracuda is over  51,000 views. For anyone who fishes Pike and thinks they are mean, then the Barracuda could chop a 20lb soft skinned Pike straight in half!! They attack like a missile, have incredible jaw power, and teeth like an Alsatian dog….what a mix. I love fishing for them, so why not check out the vid, plus if you want a really big fish try viewing the Blue Marlin I get from Mauritius that weighed in at over 600lbs. Those were the days. Blazing sun, big fish and cold beer on the verandah in the tropical evening warmth. Now all I have to look forward to in the week is low pressure, cold air, rain, and probably a cement mixer!! I suppose it keeps me off the street.

On computers, well what can I say. They are just a means to an end for me, I find no enjoyment in using them, but now it looks like the edit suite has lost an entire new film for me. It’s obviously in there somewhere, as I’ve hit a wrong button somewhere, so it now looks like I will have to re-edit the film all over again….and it was a really good Friday night one as well. I’ve replaced it in our scheduling system with another, but I still have to knuckle down and remake an entire full length film. All over again…….Not the sort of thing I can face doing on my 63rd birthday. Somebody please tell me where the years have gone?? I remember catching my first Starfish off Teignmouth Beach in Devon, aged about 8, from where it ended up in the aquarium for the tourists. After fame like that I was totally lost to fishing and 55 years with a fishing rod surely cannot have gone past that quickly?? I’m now trying to pass on all the tips in films that I can as there is an entire generation out there that don’t  know many of the reliable old school techniques that often work so well. Gadgets, Gizmo’s and perfumed baits appear to mesmerise many anglers, but I’m happy to be still catching plenty of fish on….Bread ???(That’s the white stuff we eat)…Worms ((Creatures that live in the earth) or even slipper limpets (millions of them attached to rocks, but they don’t sound as cool as Peeler crab). Oh well, let’s hope the weather doesn’t give us too much rain or too much cold, though I heard today that an early blizzard was battering New England in the States. Looks like the cold weather is only a couple of weeks away so get in whatever fishing you can. And if you just can’t get out….you know you can watch “The Totally Awesome Fishing Show” which has just passed the amazing milestone of NINE MILLION VIEWS !!!!. Way to go Awesome Army!




My new PB Perch - Awesome!

My new PB Perch – Awesome!

I certainly made the most of the last few days of half term! For those of you who follow us on social media you may have noticed that lately I have been engrossed in the sport of drop shot fishing for Perch! There is just something about it that has me itching to go back for more. It’s a finesse method of fishing, just tiny jiggles of a small 2-3″ soft plastic worm and then BAM! The Perch hit the lure hard and on a 1-8g casting weight rod, it just folds double and your suddenly in for the scrap of a lifetime with a Perch that only weighs a few ounces! Madness really, but boy is it fun. Anyway, I was giving the method a go on a small stream near where we live, fishing the lure 1ft off the bottom on the drop shot rig and under some over hanging trees. Dad had joined me to help out with some of the camera work and we both agreed that the conditions of the water looked spot on for predator fish. It had that lovely dark green colour and the clarity was perfect. I was sat under an over hanging tree, branches all over the place and I was so zoned in on this one area of slack water where I had pulled a few small Perch out of on previous sessions. I was sat like a school kid, on the back of my heels with the net by my side ready in case something huge came along. This was my idea of heaven, the river was quiet, I was tucked away under a tree and it was just me and the fish. All of a sudden I had a huge pull on the lure and then slack line… I struck into it far too anxiously and the lure (and lead) came flying back at me and snagged up in the tree behind me. Such was my determination to get that lure back in the water that I spent nearly 10 minutes untangling this mess just so I could get my favourite lure back. Once untangled, I dropped it into the exact same spot, an area of slack water about a foot away from the fast pace of the river in what looked like a small eddy. I was staring anxiously at the tip of my rod as I jiggled the lure up and down, bumping the lead across the bottom and then SLAM! This time it was hooked and I saw a huge boil on the surface. The fish rolled onto its side and from the classic black stripes on it’s side I knew it was a big perch. I spent the next 5-6 minutes in a battle with the beast, rod bent double and line stripping off the reel. As I hooked it from such close quarters it just zoomed off! Thankfully I had everything prepared and managed to net it with Dad holding the camera. It was a special moment and it was easily my PB Perch. We didn’t weigh it as we didn’t have the scales but we estimated it at just over 2lb. I wasn’t too disappointed I didn’t have any scales as I knew it was a PB and that made me happy enough! A quality fish and great that it was from such a small river! I will certainly be back…

A few days later I went night fishing for Zander with Dad. I say night fishing, I’m talking 5pm in the evening thanks to the winter nights closing in. We were using Avon rods and chopped up roach deadbait from the tackle shop. I think I managed 3 zander (this was on the second time fishing for them) and after having a drop back bite on the bite alarm I hit into it and all of a sudden I was latched into another PB fish! That’s 2 in 2 days! I had also been on the Thames with Dad during the day and caught myself 2 nice Perch as well as landing a Pike in the morning down on the local stream. So I had myself a PREDATOR GRAND SLAM! A Pike, Perch and Zander all in one day. I didn’t realise it at the time, but looking back at it now I am seriously chuffed with that achievement! The zander weighed in at 8lb3oz I believe. A truly awesome fish, I can see why they sometimes call it the “Vampire Fish”, the front teeth are pretty large and they are not too dissimilar from fangs!

Anyway, it’s back to work now 🙁 more planning, more Geography and PE for the next 6 or so weeks. But I do have the weekends, and as well as all the editing I need to do for each weekly episode, I hope to get myself out there and give some winter beach fishing a go, as well as some more predator fishing! I have received some great feedback on the new Carp Series I filmed called “Bite Time”, despite it not being everyones cup of tea, it has gone down really well. What you have to remember is that we are a variety fishing show, showcasing different fishing techniques. We work very hard on making FREE weekly episodes for you guys, remember its YouTube so if you don’t like a certain episode, then close it and go and watch something else. The following week there is likely to be something completely different on your screens as we like to keep the fishing mixed! I have plans on a few more series with different species so keep an eye out for them 🙂

I hope you all have a good week fishing, got 3 different videos going up this week so keep an eye out for them! Don’t forget to follow us on FACEBOOK, TWITTER and INSTAGRAM.

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Bite Time - Episode 1

Bite Time – Episode 1