8th OCTOBER 2014


six gill shark

measured at 5 metres long.Its a monster for sure.

NEWS FLASH…..Totally Awesome shark caught off west Ireland!!!  Here are a couple of pictures sent to me by Skipper Luke Aston of the monster 1,200lb Sixgill shark an angler took aboard his charter boat based out of Carrigaholt on the Shannon estuary. For those newcomers to our site who may not know, I was on a recce’ last winter to try and catch a Sixgill shark from the shore. I got smashed up several times, and even put 200lb mainline on my reels and still couldn’t stop whatever it was. Among the various people I talked to was Luke, who had previously had the species to over 1000lbs. You may want to watch the film I made about my search, but it took a lot of time to put it all together so break out the popcorn and pull up your best armchair. Here’s the link if you want to hear some interesting, and factual accounts of really big sharks. The mouth of the Shannon estuary is proving a real hotspot for 1000 pound sharks, and Luke is without doubt the skipper with his finger on the big-shark pulse. Forget all your blues, your Porbeagle, and your other toothy critturs. These leviathans only come in one size and that’s B-I-G !!!! .Congrats to Luke for doing it yet again and there may even be more pictures and footage to come. It’s got me all fired up to get out after a winter big shark again …..


six gill shark

Look at the girth on this 1200 pounder

Autumn weather is finally with us and looks set to be here a while. I did mention a while back about the Jetstream changing to the same position as last year when we had an entire winter of rain. I feel the same may be coming, but along with the rain comes the winds, as any low barrelling in from the Atlantic will have a good push of the breezy stuff with it. I fear the sharks will be getting a respite and probably migrating south to warmer waters as we speak. Can’t say I blame them. Luckily I spotted a gap before the change came and went down to try Shoreham in Sussex, where sport has apparently been fairly consistent off the beach. I’ve never fished there before, but after a shocker of a drive with traffic I eventually spooled into a tackle shop in Worthing where I had some bait ordered. Turned out the owner was a follower and had done quite a bit in the early formative years in The Gambia (West Africa) where I publicised the first stories of big fish. I still remember that first trip out when a boat owner had me over to try and get him whatever it was that had been busting him up.  That very first trip I boated giant Lemon sharks that weighed 300lbs and 355lbs. No need for the “special” tape measure in those days. Fish weighed, dressed out and no doubt eaten by the locals all in the same day. Strange, but after a first year of big fish the sport seemed to dwindle and you heard less and less about it.Various companies came and went, and the shore fishing seemed to take priority. The blue water sailfishing did have a bit of a flurry when someone decided on a run out offshore. But it was miles out before the depth fell deep enough to give you blue water, and doubtless the main Gambia River colours the ocean for miles out to sea. There were some huge stingrays caught, and a few successful sorties after the legendary Tarpon, but it wasn’t quite the same catch rate as the Florida Keys in May and June! So with stories of huge Lemon sharks rekindled (from an open Orkney if I recall!!) I eventually found the beach huts and car park by the lagoon.

Although the fishing wasn’t exactly on fire I did enjoy the day, found the beach clean, the weed bearable, and I never needed to move the Imax beach shelter anywhere. Even as darkness fell the fishing never switched on, but the guy next to me beached a huge Garfish, lots of what looked like Joey mackerel, and other bits and bobs. I struggled with a few Black Bream, the tiniest Bass I have ever caught (I think it might be a Spanish Bass by the markings) and a superbly marked Red Mullet. A species that seems to be featuring more in the summer and autumn on our beaches. I hear the Bass have been going gangbusters on the South coast banks, with fish to 16lbs coming out. Even deadbaits are getting them. And down at Eastbourne on the pier the locals have been piling out the Bass to 8lbs on Joey mackerel fished straight down the side of the pier. Tony Kirrage, who features in our shore Sea Rigs section, has just returned from a trip to France where they had several 60lb Catfish, largest around 80lbs I believe. And he tells me the Cod are being hauled out big time off Brighton. Time to take a serious look at the weather charts.

And over in Ireland at the top port of Courtmacsherry, Mark Gannon’s boats have been getting among the fish, proving that it really is one of the best all-round fishing places in Europe. Ling,Conger,Pollack(on livebaits) and even big Bass to over 11lbs from his charter boats “Lady Patricia” and “Lady Louise” in the estuary. Apparently there are still plenty of mackerel around as well. I’m still trying to find a short weather slot to get a backend season trip done over there. Don’t forget Mark and Trish do a full B&B package so you might pick up a last minute deal. So much to film, so little time before the winter arrives. On the film edit front we have put up a special double issue for Mike’s “Midweek Madness” which we are still trying to maintain in order to give our “Awesome Army” members their weekly lift before the main event on Friday night. It’s a heck of a lot of work, but we are now so huge (looking at the 52,000 member’s slot) that we feel all our efforts are rewarded by the kind comments so many of you send us.

The whining, whinging, poisonous, back-biting, key-cowering poisonous plebs with their self-righteous, bullying comments appear pretty much a thing of the past. I think they realise they might meet some members of the “Awesome Army” out in the open, and of course like all know-it-all bullies, they do all their talking from behind the screen. How many have I personally met in the three years since we started?? Absolutely not one. So if you are a youngster who feels under pressure from the biologically unstable verbal bully types, fear not as there are way more good guys out there than you would imagine. The bullies just have the loudest mouth, that’s all. Probably never had enough milk as a baby so continued their bawling into adult life.

I have a new production I’m hoping to put together that might be something different. Absolutely bound to get copied so it will only be a straight release when I am good and ready. Plus Mike has something extra in the pipeline as well, on another load of work. So looks like the winners will be everyone who loves our films and site. And check out what Mike has done to our new-look Facebook and other social media sites.  Let’s hope this constant low pressure finally spins off into Scandinavia and gives us all an autumnal gap to get some fishing in.Whether its Boat, Beach, Rock, Freshwater or Fly fishing, the month of October can really be a corker for big fish. So if you see a gap, get out there and try. You’ve got to be in it to win it….



The new TAFishing facebook cover photo

The new TAFishing facebook cover photo

Well it’s been a seriously busy few weeks on the teaching front. Far too much paper work! But there is light at the end of the tunnel……HALF TERM is on the horizon! Just two more weeks to go and I get a tasty 2 week break which I can assure you will be jam-packed full of fishing!

I have recently had a little trial on Adobe Photoshop CC, it’s odd how you can now only subscribe to Adobe to use their desktop software but I guess they have done it to stop all the plagiarism etc. Either way the trial suits me. So I have been busy “jazzing up” our facebook, youtube and twitter artwork. Currently, I have only finished the Facebok artwork which I think looks pretty cool, let me know what you guys think! Next stop is the twitter and youtube artwork.

I have a 2-day filming trip with Tommy this weekend as part of a BRAND NEW SERIES coming your way soon! The weather isn’t great for filming but if the fish are on the bite then I won’t mind! The Perch video that I uploaded just over a week ago seems to be going down well, with over 8,300 views already which is really awesome! Thanks to everyone who posted some great feedback to me, I will definitely get out there and do another one when I can.

As Dad said, Autumn is certainly here. Autumn is my favourite time of year. The temperature cools, the trees change to the rusted gold and orange and the PREDATORS COME OUT TO PLAY! I am definitely going to hit up the Pike fishing this Autumn as well as the Perch. I am also looking forward to a few Beach fishing sessions to see if I can catch an early season Cod.

Good luck to anyone out fishing this weekend, I will post next week about my trip with Tommy. Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram.

Tight lines,



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