Catfish Featured imageWell what can I say… It has been a pretty hectic week of fishing/filming. It all started when we decided to head to Finch Farm to try see if I could catch myself my first UK Catfish. I have caught big catfish up to 114lbs on the River Ebro in Spain. But for me this was just an opportunity to catch my first UK Catfish. I wasn’t bothered about size. We decided to use the Deeper Pro+ Fishfinder to try and locate individual fish that were sitting on the bottom. The rig used was a simple one-hook rig with a small section of Bluey as bait, hooked through the side. I was using my regular carp fishing set up but fished a tight drag as there were no leads used in the rig. You had to sit close to the rods as sign of the bite alarms going off could be a bite and an early strike is needed.

After just over an hour or so the right hand rod went off. It wasn’t an aggressive bite like carp. More like a slow rising take as the bobbins glided up towards the top of the bite alarm. Once I hit into it I instantly knew it would be a big fish. The rod folded over and the line was being stripped from the reel. The fish took off like a steam train. The fish headed straight for the lilly pads, therefore I had to run along the bank, keeping even pressure on the rod, trying to turn the fishes head out towards the middle of the lake. At this point I hadn’t even turned the reel!

Thankfully, we finally managed to get the fish in the net and after weighing it at 36lb9oz I was over the moon with the capture. Despite being a small water, Finch Farm can produce some big fish. It was only a few weeks ago that Graeme landed a 40lb+ Catfish from the water. I will certainly be back to battle the beasts again….

Taking YouTube on full time has been well, full time. I’ve been flat out, trying to film as many episodes as I can with Graeme. The idea being that we want to give you guys more videos. However, in conjunction with providing regular content for TAOutdoors it is proving busy! But I am thoroughly enjoying it and I know it is the right direction that I wish to be going at this point in time.

Next week I already have fishing plans. It’s been a while since I’ve been doing the lure fishing. So tomorrow I am heading to the coast with Graeme to test out some new ultra light travel spinnings rods. Target species will be Wrasse, Pollack and the outside chance of Mackerel. We might even tie in some beach fishing with this too, to try and target the bigger species.

Hopefully you are all still enjoying the videos we are putting up. If you are interested in seeing more Behind the Scenes footage, or the opportunity to have private links and watch TAFishing episodes before they come out, as well as monthly Q&A videos. Then head over to our Patreon page to find out more.

Thanks again to all of you who follow TAFishing and TAOutdoors. Your support is AWESOME!

Tight lines if you are out fishing this week.



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