Insight Genesis

Insight Genesis survey reveals the wreck is in two pieces

Following on from the success of catching the first big shark of the season I took out “Hi Sea Drifter” with Wayne Comben, to try and do some survey work, testing the Lowrance HDS7 plotter, and using the recordings to transfer through the Insight Genesis systems that formulate detailed maps. The first problem we had was a dark screen. So dark in fact that neither of us could see enough to hit the button and make it lighter! We did manage (I had to put on two pairs of glasses) to run the sonar recording, but we missed the structure scan, which being over a Solent wreck, would have been really interesting. We did have a second backup recording survey of a section of The Hounds, which is a patch of reef in Bracklesham Bay. It took us a long time to make all the sweeps and passes, but again, we couldn’t get the screen to clear allowing us to hit the structure scan record button. The next best thing was to go fishing, and despite a half bucket of chum and bran it was nothing short of dire! Couple of average Black Bream, Wayne got some Dogfish, and there seemed plenty of small Pouting on strips of squid.I even decided to call it a day with the fishing being that poor and Channel 10 on the radio remained ominously silent despite around 17 other small boats in the vicinity. The wreck did show up on the contours as being broken into two pieces, and I did notice two separate boils in the coloured water, so I learned that the distance between boil and wreck was not too far from each other.

The contour recording shows how the Solent wreck has been broken intro two sections

The contour recording shows how the Solent wreck has been broken intro two sections

On the subject of water, it was about the most coloured I have ever seen it, and I talked with Wayne about this being the reason the fish were not feeding. Apparently Southampton water is being dredged and all this water colour could be from the spoils being dumped, a fact not unnoticed by a lot of other anglers. Then, tonight I had a call from another small boat guy who had relocated his 19 footer from Eastern Wight (due to poor fishing) right down to Weymouth, where the water was cleaner. He said the coloured water was stopping the mackerel coming in, and that only the long distance wreck boats were getting them. When you think of it from a predator’s eye view, how would you catch your prey in coloured water? And if the Mackerel are not moving in (June?? Surely by now?) then a lot of other fish could stay away. The Smoothhounds are later, and I hear the sizes are smaller, with 5/6 pounders being the norm. Wayne suggested they might not be able to spot the crabs so easily? Or even that the crabs are not molting due to the extra silt in the water, so that is again, why the Smoothhounds are staying away. All interesting stuff. And all telling me to get Hi Sea Drifter ready for a trip to the West Country where the water will hopefully be clearer.

I put the sounder in my office, ran a 12v battery to it and put a 3amp inline fuse, and lo and behold, it lit up like normal. So I have no idea why the screen was virtually black all day. While working on the boat tonight I plugged it in again, and it seems a lot better, though I still need to get it set up properly with nice big numbers, and all my old shark marks transferred over to it.

The bilge pump and /or float switch has not been working. I chanced it for the last two trips, but with more big shark tides coming it had to be rectified. No point in having a pump that doesn’t work. After dismantling both pump and float switch I could see it was not jammed with paper or ends of fishing line, the usual culprit for blocking bilge pumps. It was completely glued up with the wash-down of my sharking RAPTA oil. And believe me, this stuff goes like glue when it’s set. I consider myself fortunate in not burning the motor out completely. A flush down with Code Clean’s Bilge refresher, and I’m almost ready for another sesh on the toothy critturs. My joblist might finally be coming down, as today I ran new wiring from timer to immersion heater in a flat, then change a pressure release switch, along with a load of other small jobs. Am I finally unshackled from 3 months of daily jobs, or will something else rear its head? A chat with the architect about a planning application for a property expansion. Surely that will go smoothly?? I feel maybe not, but on the other hand I am hoping to start a raking and prebaiting session ready for the start of the traditional new season, and the target will be Tench. I really have to nail this species early as the Mako shark of the “secret” Cornish wreck is tugging at me, and I might put in too much time on the sea and miss some of the early coarse fishing species. I’m really fancying a chance at Tench fishing. Can’t remember the last time I did it. Years ago probably, but trust me, there won’t be a whizzo-fizzo boilie in sight. Maggots, Worms and Corn only. And then there’s this email from Rob Waddington. Get up to Rutland, its fishing well in the boats for the trout. Good luck out there.


My new P.B

My new P.B Carp. A fine 20lb 12oz Common from Wylands.

Well what a week it has been! I managed to finally finish the last of the PGCE residential’s, and on the day that I finished I took the 3 1/2 hour drive from Milton Keynes down to Wylands international angling centre to meet up with Tommy Flower – our carp fishing ace! The plan was to do a 24 hour session and make a short film. It turned out to be a lot more than that! The end result was over 20 carp (Of which Tommy had the most by far) and he even joked that I would catch my P.B carp. I thought he was mad…. but the man knows his stuff and he worked incredibly hard to keep the swims feeding and the end result…..MY P.B CARP! It weighed in at 20lb 120z (ok it was on Tommy’s rod as he was getting something out of the car at the time) but still, a caught fish is a caught fish and I’d like to thank Tommy for a Totally Awesome session that will hopefully end up making a really good episode. If you want to chat to Tommy or ask him any questions relating to carp then you can follow him on his TwitterMyself and Tommy couldn’t help but notice the pristine condition all of the carp were in, be it mirror or common carp. They had some cracking tails on them and fought really well! We fished the New Speci lake, a small lake with a few features. I will certainly be back again.

The Drone!

The Drone!

June is looking to be a very busy month for me. I have my birthday and a wedding to go to this weekend, followed by the Isle of Wight festival next weekend and Ascot the weekend after. It looks like fishing will have to take a back seat for me this month but I will still be cracking out the editing hours to bring you guys the best fishing videos on the planet! Speaking of best fishing videos. I have invested in a new toy…some of you may have seen it on our YouTube channel or Facebook. It is a quadcopter……. This is going to bring a whole new AWESOME angle to our fishing videos and having already done a test flight, prepare for some quality action from our awesome eye in the sky!

Good luck to anyone out fishing this weekend, make the most of the good weather slots where you can and try and get out on a few evening ‘shorty’ sessions. Prime bite time can be the few hours of dawn and dusk. Carp anglers watch out for those ‘cruisers’ on the surface. As the weather heats up in the middle of the day the carp will make their way to the surface, get those dog biscuits out!

Tight lines,