Well, the last week has certainly been a struggle. We tried to get in a few days as Mike’s back to teaching insets next week. Can’t really blame the weather as it’s not been bad, just that the fish seem switched off. Visited Avington Trout fishery, and although we ended up with Rainbows it was really hard work. Then, right at the end of the day I had a mad ten minutes on fish that I had been flogging away on all afternoon. It was the deadly “Pearly Daddy Longlegs” that did the trick, but can you believe it…stripped back under the surface, and they suddenly switched on like it was going to be their last meal…..well, for three of them…IT WAS !!!  Mike also noted the fast strip, or constant fast figure-of-eight created the response. But why did they suddenly switch on so late in the day? Beyond me, but that’s why I go fishing. Just when you think you have everything in a pigeon hole the fish throw a curve ball at you.

The first Pike of the season for Graeme. On twitched sprat!

The first Pike of the season for Graeme. On twitched sprat!

Then we tried Perch fishing on a day ticket stretch of the River Kennet. Mike’s hunch, but even there the canal section was chocked with weed, but we got action in the faster river stretch. Mike got a load of small Perch on the new product rubber worms and grubs he has been trying, and I lucked out on a single 7/8lb pike on the trusty twitched sprat. In fact I’ve never known the sprats to be on the supermarket shelves so early. It might be the Cod are right behind them, and I hear up off Clacton Pier they are hauling the shore Cod out. Another couple of weeks and they should be along the south coast, so shore anglers might get a much needed shot in the arm with sport. Look for worm baits, big tides, and night fishing.

Then we tried a 3 hour sesh on the river Kennet at Aldermaston Mill. It tipped with rain, and although the river looked fine, several of us never got a Barbel (or bite) One guy had been there trying everything from 8 in the morning. Not a nibble. But you know you could get a lunker of Barbel, Chub or Perch there so it’s always worth hanging on till the 7pm close, especially in the autumn. So next day we trucked off down to Throop in Dorset to hammer the hell out of the pike with the sprats. Mike stuck to his “rubbers”, while I must have twitched my sprats through about 14 miles of river. All I got was a small Jack pike, and 3 missed strikes, all of which were small. We tried a couple of hours late afternoon legering luncheon meat  in a spot I saw barbel and chub, but alas, they also had lock-jaw.

The sprats are in the supermarkets! Get plenty frozen down for the early winter pike fishing.

The sprats are in the supermarkets! Get plenty frozen down for the early winter pike fishing.

So what a good job we backed all those films up when we did. With Mike back to work next week, the longer versions on a Friday night will be down to me to stockpile, and speaking of “stockpile”, the property work has just gone up tenfold. It’s like the jobs knew Mike was going back, so held themselves back until I got all the fishing out of my system, and then hit me with everything. Oh well, we’ve had a long run of filming. I think there are about 30 films in the log ready to edit. We are also fast approaching the incredible 50,000 subscriber mark, so it’s only you people who can help us, by telling others and “sharing” the news that the greatest all-round fishing site on YouTube is THE TOTALLY AWESOME FISHING SHOW!!!!  Time to call on the Awesome Army to spread that word again!!

Good luck with the fish, and watch out for the Friday night Special (7pm) and “Mike’s midweek madness”, every Wednesday. No need to watch the TV, hopefully you have all you want for information on the T/A Fishing Show. Good luck out there.(Anyone got a spare paintbrush?)



Perch on ultralight tackle - Awesome fun!

Perch on ultralight tackle – Awesome fun!

It’s been Perch, Perch and more Perch for me this past week. With 3 river sessions, of which only 1 was productive, I am still searching out for the bigger Perch. The River Kennet certainly has the numbers, and I enjoyed a half day on beat 3 catching small Perch on some 2″ pink/yellow soft plastic worms. I am going ultralight Perch fishing, so 6lb braid and 4lb fluorocarbon leader. I know this is stupidly light, normally I would use 10lb braid and 6lb fluorocarbon leader, but having caught wrasse to 3lb+ on this gear, I know it is easily capable of a big Perch, providing you set the drag light enough to allow the fish to run. I have found that the Perch have been taking the lures on a slow twitch retrieve. Again, like my wrasse fishing and LRF, a lot of the takes have been on the drop. Small, slow jigs certainly did the trick.

The second session on the River Kennet at Aldermaston was much tougher. The Perch were in the weirpool but after 3 small Perch they completely switched off for the rest of the afternoon…odd. The trip to the River Stour in Dorset was a SHOCKER! We went there looking to get some rod-bending action but what we did get was far from it. I was using a drop shot technique with small 2-3″ worm shads. Having had no action all day and trying hundreds of different retrieve speeds and lures. I eventually hooked into a Pike on a fast straight retrieve down the margins. Not my target species and it was about 4-5lbs but it gave a hell of a scrap before throwing the hook. Thankfully it was just lip-hooked and didn’t bite through my mainline.

So I am still refusing to edit the Perch episode until I get something over 1lb! I think I will try the River Kennet again as I know the numbers are there so it is only a matter of time before I pull into a bigger fish. Personally I prefer fishing the colder weather. This mild, muggy weather followed by bouts of rain seems to be switching the fish off.

Back to work for me on Monday which means my fishing time will be limited to the odd weekend. The only real time I can get out there will be Saturdays. Fingers crossed the weather god plays ball this year and keeps the weather consistent! I have to admit, I am looking forward to some colder weather coming through so I can focus on some Pike and Perch fishing (As well as some shore sessions for Cod!)

Very near the 50,000 subscriber mark now which is an incredible number. Thanks to everyone who subscribed and remember to follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for day-to-day updates of what we are up to.




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