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Attractor Shad DS 3″



If you are looking for the best dropshot lure for catching Perch – look no further than the attractor shad ds 3″ from FishAction! This lure is made of the FishAction everlasting formula, which means it is incredibly durable! This means that you can catch fish after fish after fish, and the lure is hardly damaged. It has unbelievable swim action, and the stiff nose section to the lure, in addition to the supple tail section, makes it irresistible to Perch!

NOTE: Lures come in a pack of 6.


Product Description

FishAction Attractor Shad DS 3″

If you watch The TAFishing Show Perch lure videos, you will no doubt have seen Mike using these lures in almost every video. That’s because they catch FISH! The evidence is in the videos. He has had huge success using this lure, catching hundreds of Perch to some big sizes! It has been used lots in his DropShot Diaries series.

Watch these videos to see how deadly it is:

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White Pearl, Green, Watermelon, Silver, Pepper Moka


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