Wraysbury Pike

TAFishing about to reveal brand new huge Pike water near London.

It’s another enormous exclusive for us as I have recently returned from filming a total survey of the undulating lake bed of a record-breaking carp venue that is going to be opened up again, with the emphasis being on providing boats and guides for anyone wanting to try pike fishing a venue that must surely have a chance of challenging even the British Pike record itself. Just miles outside London, I had a last-minute trip between storms to try and get out in a boat to map a water that has never been mapped before. The potential is huge, and once up and running the venue is sure to be a class fishing spot for all Pike anglers whether they use lures or bait.

Wraysbury Pike venue

Totally Awesome film the Insight Genesis system mapping a new huge Pike water.

It’s full of Perch apparently, and it could be these are the main prey species, with Pike to 30lbs already known to be in there. Currently we are working overtime to get the exclusive interview and previously unseen lake bed survey completed with the new “Insight Genesis” system. It’s great for us to get the first report out, as there will be loads of people trying to film, write and photograph about this historic fishery .Stay tuned to The Totally Awesome Fishing Show if you want to be the first to know !…….

Nathan Brotherton who was with us for our hugely successful pike film up last Friday just can’t keep away from the toothy critturs. He’s had a cracking canal Pike of 16lbs. Now he’s off to Scotland and his eye is turning to bigger predators…Porbeagle shark………watch this space !

Nathan's 16lb Canal pike

Nathan’s 16lb Canal pike


Lately I have been editing the new exclusive venue video which will be up really soon. It has a lot of potential. Nearly the end of the river season already and we have barely fished them! Such a shame but in this build up to the end of the season mid-March there could be some big pike out there looking to spawn. Less rain has meant that water levels are falling, water clarity might still be a bit coloured but a deadbait such as a sardine or mackerel put near the margins could be the way!

I hope to be out fishing this Saturday, we have a break in the weather this week so hopefully we will get some fish for the cameras. (I’ve fished only two times so far this year and blanked on both – I really need a fish!!)

Our recent episodes have been flying! If you haven’t seen our latest one in which Dad gets a double hook-up of Big Pike with lure fishing specialist Nathan Brotherton then click the picture below:


Pike tips - deadbaits - TAFishing

Pike tips – deadbaits

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