12th MARCH 2015


A giant river roach for Graeme

A giant river roach for Graeme

Somebody call the fire brigade, my fishing has been so hot I’ll probably self-combust with excitement!! Actually it just made a nice change to go down to the Hampshire Avon, plan what I wanted to catch and film, then find not only did the fish bite freely, but the sun even came out and the darned wind actually eased up. Yes, that’s right, it only lasted a day, but it was a manic, enjoyable, and extremely productive session. I had spent three solid days working on a couple of properties, repairs, decorating, hauling rubbish and all the other stuff in order to “buy” myself a free day as I had seen the one day weather window coming. Having said that I still don’t quite understand why we have had so little rain yet many rivers are fast, swirly, pacy and have a slight tinge of colour in them?? My bait on the day was a mix of horse feeds, polo feed mostly, but with a break up agent of plain bran. Nice and cheap, and something I don’t mind throwing into a river. My target was a nice Roach, and most anglers will tell you to feed on the little and often basis. Yeah, but at Totally Awesome we do things differently. I mixed up half a bucket of feed, garnished it with a pint of white maggots and started balling it in. I was floatfishing as I find legering for Roach just a little bit boring. Effective certainly, but for me the float keeps me more active. Size 12 wide gape hook, three maggots and a secret additional hook bait which you will only find when you watch the upcoming film. If I write what it is here one of the angling superheroes will put it straight in one of their articles, whereas if I release it on film everyone gets to see it at the same time. It proved extremely effective, and I had non-stop rod bending action on big Roach, humongous Dace, Grayling and even some Rainbow Trout to 4lbs. When they get that size, on a match rod, and in a fast river, you could almost forgive yourself for thinking you were attached to a British Columbia Steelhead .I was well pleased with how the film turned out as I was filming on my own again, and although draining it really is worthwhile when you get back to see what you have in the edit suite.

The following day it was job catch-up again, but Saturday saw us travelling down to the Royalty Fishery (Again, the Hampshire Avon), but looking at it put me off as it was pushing and slightly coloured. Not good for twitching deadbaits for Pike. So we decided to buy a cheaper day ticket and headed over to the Dorset Stour, which….yes, was also pacy and off colour. After an 80-mile drive to get there we had to fish, and I decided on a walk to the top end, which I had never fished before. It proved to be real Mr Crabtree stuff with bends, rushes, overhangs and I even lucked out with three pike which all came close in to the margins. I guess they were happier out of the main current, but you never know. Maybe they had followed my twitched sprat in from mid river and just grabbed the bait as they thought it was going to escape at the edge. We tried the main river, walking miles, but it was as dead as a Dodo. We saw plenty of Barbel anglers coming down to fish, but they all seemed to be sitting around in the doldrums and we never saw a single fish hooked up all day, so I guess they were also struggling.

With rain coming in I guess that could be the end of the river season for me. They will surely colour up quickly if all the ground water and general water tables are so high. My own well is right up to the edge, indicating my house is probably floating ,and we are on top of a hill, so that is obviously a spring upwelling. Plus the lawns are all saturated. We need some sunshine to dry it all out, but of course that means the grass will grow, which means mowing, which equals less fishing!!

I am actually looking forward to the River season closing this weekend as it can be tough getting freshwater films twice a week .Whereas the beach and boat will soon be coming into its own, and even Mike fancies a bit of shore angling now. I think he wants to do more drop shotting for wrasse down in Dorset, whereas as I will soon be sharpening the big shark hooks to see if we can film the biggest shark in British waters, FOUR YEARS IN A ROW!! You never know, strange things can happen when I start ladling my secret Raptor oil over the side of “Hi Sea Drifter”. Middle of March is when the Plaice should start to show, plus there might be the early Black Bream around. On the Somerset shoreline they tell me it could be a great season for the spring Cod run, and some of you beginners might want to check out our latest “Midweek Madness film this Weds, could be a couple of tips in there to help you enjoy your fishing a bit more.


Storm 9ft Spin makes a good Uptide rod

Storm 9ft Spin makes a good Uptide rod

Also, I’ve had time to give my view on one of my rods having used it quite a bit now. It is listed as a spinning rod, but I feel it’s too heavy to fish with on the shore all day, and would probably wear my arm out with continual casting. But for light uptiding it is a real positive rod to use. It is called a Storm Force 9 ft Spin. Two piece, 2.7 metres and the action is for casting 20-60g weights. I’ve no idea what that is, but I heave a 4 ounce grip lead with them off the boats and it seems OK. It is a spiral carbon wrap construction, and I use it with either fixed spool or multiplier. It has been featured in our films, and I am really happy with it. I reckon you could take quite a big fish on it, though I do lean towards “bendy” rods rather than unforgiving broom handles. If you see this one in a tackle shop don’t think it is just for shore spinning as it stands up favourably when used as a light uptider off the boat. I vote this one our “Uptide Rod of the year” (even though it’s a spinning rod !!

On the trout front, Avon Springs down in Wiltshire is still producing some nice Rainbows and the insect life will be moving earlier here due to the clarity of the spring fed water so it could well be worth an early trip here. Plus, remember a lot of the big water reservoirs will be opening soon and there will be plenty of trout about, though I know last year some of the anglers were complaining (rightly so) about the small size of the stock fish. I don’t think fishery managements realised how much word travels on the fisherman’s grapevine, and small fish stocking is always something anglers are going to shy away from. Maybe they would do better stocking less trout, but of a higher average size, as anglers are always happy when they come in with a decent fish, rather than something not much bigger than a 1lb mackerel. I have yet to hook a big reservoir rainbow so I hope this season might be the year. Hopefully I can get up with Rob Waddington at Rutland for some “bung” fishing with buzzers. They tell me it is a deadly method, and it’s a new one for me to film so I look forward to that, and some warm sunny filming weather.


The Ultimate Guide to Blue Shark fishing

The Ultimate Guide to Blue Shark fishing

We have just taken delivery of another batch of our famous DVD’s which we have totally sold out of both films. Remember these are not on YouTube, they are films in their own right only available on DVD. Anyone thinking of even trying for a shark this season should take a look at the huge number of tips and historical interviews in our “ULTIMATE GUIDE TO BLUE SHARK FISHING”. It covers pretty much everything you could want for your shot at tangling with a big Blue shark, either from your own boat, or a charter boat. Filmed aboard the famous “Hi Sea Drifter”, it features an epic battle with Graeme catching a Blue shark on a regular trout rod!! An unbelievable hoop in the rod, thank goodness for the strength of good old fibreglass


Carp trilogy DVD

Carp trilogy DVD

And with Spring upon us, requests are coming in for our “CARP TRILOGY”. Three different sections of old school tips, baits and techniques that will have you thinking outside the boilie baitbox. Just one of the many tips could put you that extra Carp on the bank, and as we all know it’s the small tips in fishing that can pay dividends. Prices for these DVD’s are exactly the same £10-99 inc P&P.

Good luck to everyone out there trying to squeeze in that last session before the season closes on the rivers. But don’t give up. Follow The Totally Awesome Fishing Show and you could turn into an all-round angler yourself that chases the different sea and freshwater species as the season changes. Tight Lines (but not in snags !)



No fishing for me for this past week as my time has been focused on the teaching (oh the joy….) But I’m hoping to get some filming done this weekend for Episode 2 of Dropshot Diaries. This time a complete change of venue and a few more added extras. The weather is looking pretty dismal for Friday so I’m guessing it will colour up the canal slightly for Saturday but to be honest I’m more focused on getting the shots that I need. Still preparing stuff for The Big One next week, I’ve already had lots of emails from people saying that they’re looking forward to having a chat with Graeme and myself. It’s always nice to see some of the awesome army and it’s great to get such positive feedback from you all. We look forward to seeing some of you on the 21st and 22nd March!!
That’s it from me, hopefully I’ll be able to report on greater things in next weeks e-news!

Tight lines,



How to cast a fishing reel - Multiplier

How to cast a fishing reel – Multiplier