With just a matter of hours to go before the rivers and moving waters close here in the UK I think those that are able will be out on the rivers doing their thing . I know I will, but I’m aiming to try the headwaters of main rivers which should be starting to drop after the winter floods. No big fish targeted, it’s an exercise to catch anything at this late stage. Personally I welcome the close season, as it gives all the fish, and more important the swims and bankside vegetation a chance to at least have a rest from the constant assault of humans. There is a growing trend of people wanting a return to the full close season and when it was previously in operation we all looked forward to picking up the fly rod for trout fishing, or booking a day aboard a charter boat, or even just rigging up, buying some worms and heading down the beach for some salt air. Don’t worry as I still do all those and I’m actually looking forward to some relaxing sea fishing with new species to be targeted. The trout will have to wait another month until it really warms up

Black Bream

Get ready for the Black Bream.We hear the big males are already inshore on the south coast.

As a special end to mark the close of the river fishing this Friday 14th at midnight I have spent time with Mike compiling a special edition film that I hope brings with it all the hope of a new fishing season in the long days of June. The film has over 162 frames of our absolute best shots held back since we first started the Totally Awesome Fishing Show, but what of?………… You’ll need to tune in at 7pm this Friday 14th. And if it gives you the “feelgood” factor feel free to make a comment .I reckon a lot of the older anglers will appreciate this one. At least we have done our best. It’s a photographer’s “PICTURE-FEST” with the bar for quality filming now being set that little bit higher for us.

Good luck out there for the end of the season. I’m personally going to be happy with a few Gudgeon, Dace and Roach taken on the stick float. And both places I have never fished before. Jungle fishing. Next week “Hi Sea Drifter” will be getting a dust off, with a potential full survey using the latest Lowrance equipment on a famous south coast mark. Will these new sonar scans provide a few hidden secrets that nobody knew about before…Exciting stuff. Coarse tackle away…sea tackle out. Watch this space.


Fly fishing

I enjoyed my fly fishing next year, something I intend to do more of this year too.

As I mentioned in my blog, unfortunately I won’t be able to fish any of the rivers up to the close season on Friday as I work at a school. I do however get Saturday to get out and try my luck at catching SOMETHING! The last three session I have done I have blanked, really hoping I can latch into some sort of fish on Saturday – fingers crossed!

Some of you may have seen our Winter Fishing Tips for Carp video that we filmed at Thorpe Lea Fishery with our Guest Writer Tommy Flower. Well I have been in touch with Tommy and we are currently setting up for the next big Carp epic which I will be filming over the easter holidays – watch this space!

Only a few more weeks left of work and then I have a couple of weeks off. I intend to fish at least 80% of that time! Be it sea, trout or still water I really don’t mind – that’s the best thing about variety fishing! Good luck if you are fishing the rivers at any point this week, if you catch anything post it on our Facebook or Twitter and I will share it.

If you haven’t seen our latest episode, here it is. Tune in for more TAF news next week!


Wraysbury1 Pike venu

Wraysbury1 Pike venu