Carp after work

A 2 hour session after work with floating biscuits saw a carp frenzy for Graeme & Mike

While the fishing has not been “smokin’ hot” on the sea fishing front, the ability for the Totally Awesome Fishing team to adapt with all-round fishing has paid off big time with the short afternoon and evening sessions we have squeezed in. Last week we hit three different venues, one after the other, and even got our fastest ever film, completed in a bit over 2 ½ hours, that’s a new P.B. for us as well!! Mind you, tack another 6 hours on to that for the editing, but the first of those films is going straight up tonight, Tuesday, 5th August, at 7pm on YouTube. Can’t get faster than that. Filmed and loaded in under a week. At least you know we bring you the latest T/A action as fast as we can. We have two freshwater films loaded and a fly fishing one with a surface take that will have all the purists drooling at the mouth. It’s a first for us at TAFishing, Mike got the fish, and we got everything from the cast to the hookup. Awesome. We were due to head down west to film Tommy Flower carping on his annual holiday, and had plans to drop off the caravan near Bude so we could use it for the backend of the sharking season. This is the least number of times I have used our boat “Hi Sea Drifter” but with the distinct lack of mackerel I’m saving the fuel money in the hope that September and October will provide a last minute flurry. However, my car expired, went to the garage where they extracted over £1000 from my wallet for the “fuel pump” repair ??? Drove it five miles when they gave it back to me and it started to kick off again. No way could I risk towing either the boat or caravan like that, as I even had the engine die on a really bad bend in heaps of oncoming traffic.

It’s obviously back at the garage, but if that wasn’t the problem, what have I paid over £1000 for? I’m sure a good few of you out there have been in the same position as you are never going to know what work was really done, and why, with engine management facilities/computers the real problem was not located correctly in the first place. So it’s a case of cramming everything into Mike’s car, and the West Country trip was cancelled. As the weather was looking grim I decided on another shortie trip down to the edge of the New Forest yesterday to a fly fishing venue that has recently undertaken a transformation process. I fished there over 30 years ago, but it seemed to slide off the publicity shelf for about 10 years. Now with a new owner and considerable investment it could easily return to its former glory as a top stalking venue for the discerning fly fisherman. Mike lucked out and got his P.B. brown trout there, and we got a staggering action hookup all on camera. The venue was called Rockbourne Trout Fishery. You may have noticed a difference in our new film intros, thanks to Mike spending time on the edit suite, and he even went through the main camera manual and found some different settings. I think those who follow us will appreciate the extra work of that, especially as I watched a new TV programme last night, and can see we are easily better than anything going on TV. No wonder so many anglers just use our Totally Awesome Fishing films on YouTube to pick up information. I think the era of anglers watching fishing on TV has passed, and many get their “fishing fix” on YouTube.

boat fishing

As well as a geological survey off the Helford river Graeme managed to log this huge Whiting as well

Last week’s Friday film was our fastest hitter ever, going to over 6000 views and as I write this its only Tuesday!! What is going on? You guys out there in our “Awesome Army” must really be spreading the word about our films, so thanks for that. We now get over HALF A MILLION views in a month, and had yet another T/A film passed the 100,000 views mark. We are just a week away from our anniversary, and try to remember, our Show is comparatively still the new kid on the block. We’ve only been up three years and have shot past many of the big, sponsored sites. We have an amazingly loyal fan base, and for that reason we are still going to fend off sponsorship as we know all you guys hate all the tackle ramming films, and while we occasionally mention a piece of tackle by name its purely because that’s what we have bought and used. So we will keep funding it ourselves and do the films the way we want.

The fact that we cancelled the West Country trip meant our Carp man Tommy was sure to come up with a big fish and yesterday while we were filming in Hampshire came the text message.Tommy had nailed his P.B. English Carp with a truly massive 39lb 14oz Mirror ! ! Now that’s what you call a really honest weighing and congrats to Tommy on such a great fish. He’s still on holiday in Devon, and with his Carp catching capabilities we expect to file another report next week. Who knows. Maybe a big Catfish will pick his bait up.

I finished the survey on the smaller lake at Britain’s top big trout fishery, Dever Springs, so all we need to do now is get fishing there and use that information to find where the best big trout spots are. There is a 20lb plus Brown trout ready to go in and that could well be the largest Brown trout in Britain this season. We may take a drive down there to see it being stocked. We are hoping to get over to Courtmacsherry in Southern Ireland where Mark Gannon has his two offshore charter boats and those 16 foot inshore hire boats. We want to try a couple of days shore fishing for big mullet, Conger eels and maybe some wrasse off the Seven Heads, then out for the bass with the small boats. However, I feel the good summer weather might give us a kick in the teeth with September storms, spinoffs from any Atlantic Hurricanes, or maybe that Jetstream will drop south again and pile the Atlantic lows over us. August can often be a tough month in freshwater, but you can bet your last boilie that if there’s a gap in the weather the Totally Awesome Fishing Show will dive out to get the best we can.

Good Fishing.


It’s been a bit of a hectic week this week. With the time off work I have been hard at the editing. I jazzed up the intro’s to our videos a bit, as well as play around with a few settings on the big camera to help us get some good quality footage. We are still able to put up two videos a week for the rest of this month so tonight saw our “OLD SCHOOL FISHING- Carp on Baked Beans” video go up. You can watch this video by clicking on the picture of it at the bottom of this news piece.

As dad said, we did a number of evening sessions this week. I tried my hand at dry-fly fishing for trout at Frensham Trout Fishery. A new technique for me and a fantastic adrenaline rush when you’re poised, waiting for that cruising Trout to snap up your fly. We were using Mayfly imitations. Following that session, the next night we went out and did some floater fishing for carp with dog biscuits. Easily one of my favourite methods of fishing. I love the visual aspect to it, as well as the simplicity of just a hook attached to your mainline. No complicated rig, just a size 8 or 10 hook with a soft dog biscuit attached. Cast out, no need to cast far. I like the fact that you can target the fish you want, if you haven’t tried it I recommend it to you. It was the way I was brought up!

39lb 14oz  carp

Tommy Flower with his new P.B Carp – a MONSTER 39lb 14oz! Well done Tommy!

We have more fly fishing planned this week, as well as a trip to do some filming with Tommy next week and maybe a trip to Ireland. After that I fear I may have to prioritise the teacher work again and start planning some of my geography lessons which I’ll be teaching this year (on top of the PE stuff!).

Before I sign off, I’d like to say a huge congratualtions to our Carp man Tommy flower for SMASHING his personal best carp with a beauty of a carp weighing in at 39lb 14oz. Tommy worked hard for it and thoroughly deserved it. Looking forward to filming some work with him next week and getting more information about this catch.

Thanks to everyone who posts in to us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Or even those who give us emails. It’s humbling to receive such awesome feedback and that our videos have helped you get out there and enjoy our sport of fishing! If you are fishing this week then good luck and Tight Lines!



Carp on baked beans

Carp on baked beans

Float fishing Rivers with Meat Bait

Float fishing Rivers with Meat Bait