We all know that bite detection increases significantly with the non-stretch properties of the various braids on the market. But the freshwater anglers are specialists when it comes to hooking into big carp. Almost to a man they have their reels spooled up with braid, and such is the huge market in carp fishing, that technology has met the demands of the most discerning freshwater angler. Now you can cover all sea fishing eventualities with the range of Braid from the stable of Richard Gardner Tackle in Surrey. I have used their GR500s for a long time now, and the general wearability is superb. What I do like about it is it seems a tad thicker than the wind blown braids that tangle in a flash, so I actually get more fishing time than frustration with “tangle time”.GR500s is also 20% heavier than water and is guaranteed to sink under its own weight, and with a diameter of 0.33mm to 15lbs and 0.44mm for 22lbs, and the round profile makes it snug down in knots well. I just use a standard tucked blood knot to hooks and an Albright special knot for joining the braid to mono backing. On the 200 metre spool I actually use it as “topping” over nylon, putting 100 yards(330 feet) onto each reel)thereby getting two fills from one spool. I rarely fish over 200 feet around the UK, so still have 130 feet spare. In times of economic strife it makes sense to buy only what you need.


The Gardner braid. Now tested by the Totally Awesome crew on two different species over 100lbs


If you want an upgrade on line strength Richard Gardner markets the highly successful KINETIC braided mainline. Again it has the round profile, a smooth tight weave and near zero stretch for maximum bite indication. It is made from 100% Dyneema, giving high knot strength, is UV resistant and has high abrasion resistance. The 250 metre 30lb spool is 0.34mm and the 50lb Kinetic is just 0.38mm diameter. Both in green, you may find them more pleasant to use as they have been designed for the specialist market.

GR500s sells at just £20 per 200 metre spool, which at a tenner to top a reel is good value. The Kinetic comes in 15/20/30/40/50lb bs and sells at £27-99 per 250 metres. Available from all Gardner stockists or contact Richard Direct on