Dave Kiddy and the famous Sidewinder Lures have brought a couple of new pattern lures to the 2015 market. With the popularity of lure fishing from both boat and growing by the month, it could well be the rock shore anglers who will have a smile on their face. For there is now the traditional Sidewinder lure so

Mustad articulated hook

Here’s the new articulated hook from Sidewinder

famous for Bass, Cod and Pollack, but it comes in a weedless version. Now that really does put the odds in favour of the “rock hopping” angler getting among the better fish. Most anglers know the biggest fish are likely to be cruising in deeper water, and the sanctuary of kelp beds won’t be too far away. So the risk was always there of losing your favourite lure in an attempt to get among the better specimens. With a weedless lure you can try that little bit deeper, hanging out in the area where you are likely to get the bigger fish.

The usual Sidewinder shape is there, and all the popular colours, but the pattern now features a split back to take the hook, and it’s no ordinary hook either. They come with a Mustad 37117 NPBN weedless hook that has a special articulated system that is reckoned to aid hookup ratios.

The Sidewinder Super weedless minnow could also be used in the arsenal of Pike anglers, particularly those who fish deeper reservoirs from boats, or may want to cruise the wiggling tail through some weedbeds. They surely won’t be totally snag-free, but they will allow the chance of getting the lure back more times than usual.

Weedless lures

The new Weedless Sidewinder lures

Nomura PULSE MINNOWS from Japan

Nomura PULSE MINNOWS from Japan

They do a 12gm shallow runner, which looks suitable for freshwater use and a 20gm size for the shore angler wanting more distance. A guide would be 4 inch-12gms, and 5 inch 20, 30 and gm heads.

They also have a range of new “Deadeye” weedless minnow heads which is red. 3 lures per packet cost £7-99, available from your local Sidewinder stockist.

Also available from Dave Kiddy is a new imported lure from the Japanese company called Nomura. These are called PULSE MINNOWS and come 4 in a pack at the rrp of £3-99,and a variety of colours. For some of the shallow reef Pollack I catch when dinghy fishing with Mike in Ireland these are going to get totally engulfed. They just have that “eat me” body shape, plus interior shimmer material and in particular a very large eye, which I personally have always felt is a great trigger point for any predator. They seem soft, yet durable, with a really big paddle tail that tells me I can get a great action even when retrieving it slowly. You can rig them on your own hooks, and they do look as though they are about the right size for any aggressive Perch. Presumably designed for the saltwater market, we both feel they are bite size for both Perch and Pike in freshwater. Certainly worth a checkout, and new for 2015.



ETX 70 fishing reel

The new ETX 70 fishing reel

The ETX70 is titled Heavy Metal surf, and it certainly seems to carry some weight. Said to be saltwater proof, it also comes with a spare spool and carries an RRP of £69-99. This reel could treble for several uses. It looks robust enough to do some uptiding out in a boat and certainly has a deep spool. It takes 230 yards of 20lb, 170 of 30lb or 125 yards of 40lb test. From the shore you should spool it up with 15lb test and it should throw a good distance with a light to medium beach rod. But it also looks up for a bit of freshwater Pike fishing and would have little trouble taming any British Pike. With a 4:1 gear ratio and 4 ball bearings and the spare spool is graphite so that will reduce weight from the standard aluminium spool. The front drag system is very quiet. Personally I like a noisy drag, not just for filming but for the adrenaline rush when a big fish pulls away. The model I saw had no anti reverse which I know freshwater anglers might prefer to use when fighting a fish. It certainly carries the weight that implies a quality reel, but as with most products, only time will tell. It features a nice large grip for the handle, and I could see a very large fish being taken from saltwater on this. It has the look of the Penn 850SS which was a standard on many American charter boats, so let’s see how this model fares against the traditional brands. Will it be able to “talk the talk” when it comes up against a good fish?? Certainly worth a look at for a variety of uses. Ask at your local stockists.

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