If you are after any of the toothy critters like Ling, Cod or big Bull Huss, or even the bone-crunching jaw power of big congers, you’ll want to know about the new range of leaders from Gardner Tackle. 

                 They currently market two types, supplied on what is known as a wrist spool. Designed for sliding on your wrist if you are adding them as a wind-on leader for your reel, they come as “SURESHOCK”, an abrasion resistant leader, and shock resistant to sudden lunges from big fish. Colours are clear, neon yellow, and neon red in 50/60 and 80lb test on 150 metre spools, while 100 and 130lb test is on a 100 yard spool. These are priced at just £6-99 per spool. Even if you use a long 2-metre trace in the 80lb strain you are going to get a staggering 75 traces out of the one spool, and that works out at just 9 pence a trace. Value for money or what? I can use it for tying up the runner beans at that price!!

                 And for the visual predator hunters that want something softer, they market the “Slinky” in similar spools. This was brought out in response to anglers that wanted better presentation and easier knot tying for snoods etc.Slinky comes on a 100 metre wrist spool, in strains of 40/50/60/80 and 100lb test, with prices ranging from £4-99 to £7-50,in clear only. Just pick the strains you use and you are ready for action.

 For stock try your nearest Gardner Tackle stockist, or try www.gardnertackle.co.uk