It’s been a manic, tiring week and that’s for sure. managed to get out for three filming sessions which has resulted in no less than two brand new, exclusive, tip-filled programmes to watch. While others are picking their jaws up from the floor at the fact we now have an incredible following of over 30,000 subscribers in just over 2 years, we took a chance and hit the Linden Lewis Marine stand at “The Big One” tackle show in Farnborough with the ultimate in Big Fish productions. I couldn’t get the cast of my 135lb Tarpon inside my car so I took my “baby”, a Tarpon of about 80lbs, and wired it high on the stand. Top that with Tiger shark jaws, Mako jaws, and Bull sharks to over 500lbs, plus a chance for visitors to crank the giant 80 wide, twin-speed reel on my curved butt 80 that I used to take so many big Marlin on. It was probably the biggest display of really “big stuff” that they have had there. I don’t know as I’ve never even been there before. But thanks to our AWESOME ARMY of loyal followers we had some aisle-jamming experiences as Mike took a large flatscreen TV over and ran our record breaking British shark footage via a feed from his laptop. It was truly impressive.

We had followers from the age of 7 to 70 shaking our hands and telling us not to change as they are all fed up with the commercial, tackle-ramming productions that seem to be multiplying. What the people making those commercial style films don’t realise is that today’s anglers are no mugs. They can see it for what it is. Sell, sell, sell. So I’m delighted to say we will endeavour to re-double our efforts and fish and film in exactly the same way!! Totally Awesome. So thanks to all the people who took the trouble to come over and say thanks, and to those who were amazed to learn about us… so enjoy…as there are now over 200 fishing films up, many of them over half an hour long.

We now see tiny 4-minute rehash films being thrown up in a desperate effort to climb the Google rankings and compete. I think you will find we have now set the financial and effort bar way too high with 30-minute plus films, so they will never catch us up. So thanks to all our loyal supporters, and to those guys that offered to get us out filming some of their favourite fishing spots. Thanks too, to the angler who showed us the catch of a massive Common Skate he had, wait for this, on his kayak …224lbs or something! What a catch. We love it. Keep watching, there’s a new film going up this Wednesday 26th, and a near hour long epic going up on Friday night at 7pm, it is one NOT TO MISS from The TOTALLY AWESOME FISHING SHOW !


What a busy half term it’s been for me! As well as the usual teacher planning, residentials and essay writing I did actually manage to go fishing! Dad and I took a trip to Crowsheath Fishery in Essex to meet with fishery manager Nick Kearsey. The method of the day was live-baiting for Pike, unfortunately we didn’t catch but for me I was happy with the chance to be out on the bank. The video is one of our fastest growing videos as it stormed past 2,000 views in 48 hours and is still flying.

This year was the first year that Graeme and myself went to The Big One tackle show over in Farnborough. What a massive event! We were on the Lindon Lewis Marine stand right next to Lowrance. Thousands of people pouring through and so many of our followers stopping to get pictures and have a chat with us. It was humbling to see and we both thank all of you for being such loyal followers of the show.

15lb Rainbow Trout - Dever Springs

13lb Brown Trout- Dever Springs

I recently received this news from Stuart at Dever Springs Trout Fishery:

15lb Rainbow Trout

15lb Rainbow Trout- Dever

Here is a Rainbow that we had grown on from 5lbs last spring that we estimate to be 15lbs in the pic, the second photo is a Brown Trout of about 13lbs that is of the same batch as the Browns Graeme filmed here last March.  These fish will be stocked throughout this year and can be viewed in the ‘Stonk Pond’ on the far side of Willow Lake, there is a few hundred in

Roger Comber with a 11lb 12oz Rainbow caught on the 15th Feb

Roger Comber with a 11lb 12oz Rainbow caught on the 15th Feb

the pond averaging about 12lbs.  We are now growing on fish averaging 5lbs for next years doubles, we would expect them to hit double figures by the end of the summer.  These photos were taken last week.

The 3rd photo is fishery regular Roger Comber with a 11lb 12oz Rainbow caught on the 15th Feb, his first Dever Double of the year and part of a 5 fish bag weighing over 32lbs.

Contact Dever Springs here: +44 (0)1264 720 592,



Live Baiting for Pike

Live Baiting for Pike


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