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“Hi Sea Drifter” managed to get out on the ocean again. Having been held back by the previous week’s wind it was “G” for go last week, so I thought I may as well take a run for an inshore Thresher shark.  There have often been sightings by other anglers boat fishing closer to shore that have seen the legendary Thresher tail, or even the entire shark leaping clear in the air. So I headed South-West to a deeper gully, not fancying the twenty mile run offshore on my own in just a twenty foot boat. The idea was to anchor rather than drift, as with a bigger tide the boat would be cranking along at several knots, and although I was carrying twin 25 litre tanks there is always the concern the wind direction or tidal flow could be against you .The wind gets up, or the big tide is holding you back, all mean that fuel consumption changes all the time. Boat fishing is not like filling up a car knowing at 50mph you get 40 miles to the gallon .With wind and tide you never know what your fuel consumption will be. So at anchor it was to be, letting the strong flow of tide take my chum trail all the way from the back of Nab Tower area, down past Dunnose Head. In fact I put two bags out, the tide was that strong.

The 50 wide Triton reel gave me an extra 200 metres of line over the standard 50 reel so it would maybe buy me some time in getting organised should a Thresher suddenly take hold. I had no Mackerel left in the freezer so used double Sardine bait. Being on my own there was little point in putting two shark rods out, so I opted to drop a set of mack feathers back in the tide and let them fish for themselves in the power of the Ebb run. Then I could drop down a couple of squid baits to amuse myself with whatever else was down there. It wasn’t more than half an hour before I was in action on a Smoothound. The tide was barrelling along when I suddenly spotted the mack rod going berserk. I cranked in to find 7 macks on the Frank Vinnicombe feathers, and this gave me some fresh bait to drop down. I got another Smoothie, this one a low double, then once the mackerel fillets hit the seabed it was time for the Tope. Doubtless they had been attracted to the general area by my double chum bags, but I feel the scent trail from the fresh mackerel baits was the real reason for their appearance. I hooked into Tope after Tope, and as the wind picked up on schedule I decided to finish off with an inshore mark. With the scarcity of Mackerel about I was pleased to see several strings, but hope of a Thresher being among them soon faded. On the inshore mark I had another Tope, plus Dogfish, some Black Bream and Thornback Ray. While the Thresher failed to appear it can only be a matter of time before they are seen more, and as the old saying goes…”You’ve got to be in it….to win it !”. The day finished with another double figure Smoothie and 11 Tope.


Tench Time!

Tench Time!

Next trip was scheduled for an all-night session for Tench up in Gloucestershire, somewhere I had never fished before. We have had subscribers and followers of The Show asking us for a couple of years to make a Tench film. Well, I spent a mammoth 39 hours without sleep to put the time in, but it was certainly worth it. Hard work but as we speak some of the shots in the edit are looking first class. I finished with 17 Tench to 5lbs 8ozs, most in the 3/4lb bracket, all falling to worm/double maggot cocktail on the hook, fished about thirty yards out. I also nailed three carp to around 11lbs fishing barely a rod length out from the margins, after I spotted them mopping up feed that was left about 6 feet out when I washed out my groundbait bucket….never miss an opportunity is my motto. During darkness I had several Carp feeding on the surface to frozen dog food mixer but could I catch them? I just couldn’t see the take in the darkness, and guesswork striking just wasn’t doing the job. Now normally, my Estate lake type of Tench fishing died a death by about 6.30 in the morning when the sun hit the water. Only on a wet overcast day could you pick them up to about 9am. Yet here, in a shallowish gravel pit the Tench appeared to feed right through the day in blazing sunshine. It was all beyond me buy Hey!!….I’m not knocking it. The Tench were steady right through, with no mad panic spells, so it was a pleasure to both fish and film. The fishery is called


A very good Tench film coming your way soon!

Horcott and is available on a day ticket. There is a secure coded gate car park, together with a toilet , and I feel sure I will be back as the water clarity is really good and it seems a quiet, peaceful spot. The bailiff’s were helpful and keen to get visiting anglers to catch fish. Makes a change from some day ticket waters where they seem to want the money, but then swamp you with rules, regulations and miserable bailiffs who don’t seem to want you there. So I feel Horcott is a place where anyone wanting good fishing, in pleasant surroundings, would do well to try.

This week’s filming schedule could also be hectic. I have been contacted by some shore guys wanting me to film some great shore action. Don’t want to say what species, and definitely won’t be saying where, as we have no intention of getting copied!! So far we are light years ahead of others in the filming field, and our constant stream of brand new productions, all free to watch, must really be hurting TV figures. Sooner or later the production companies will realise that here at The Totally Awesome Fishing Show we have our finger on the pulse of fishing. We just passed an incredible 70,000 subscribers and rising rapidly putting 10,000 extra subs on in the last 2 ½ months.

Freshwaters anglers should keep watching for the upload of possibly the best film I have ever made, single handed, on the Tench. A lot of work, a lot of editing for Mike due to the huge number of clips, but I assure you it is well worthwhile for the wait. Quite where you get those “It was two years in the making” type of films I don’t know. I go out, catch the fish and knock the entire High Def film out with Mike in just a day (or night. We now have a scheduling system for piling up brand new films. And the speed we can do this is unbelievable. I get back on Friday evening with the footage, and by Sunday evening it is all scheduled. We don’t think we have any competition for matching this kind of speed.

Mike is finishing the teaching term by Friday and will be gearing up for some serious fishing. Hopefully with two of us filming we can ratchet up the production even more. And with that school break up comes the start of the summer holiday season. Many of you may be staying on holiday near the sea. That means the potential for either beach or shore fishing. Why not make sure you are stocked up with tackle, and make sure you have some of our Sidewinder braid on your reels, and the latest Nomura fluorocarbon for leader material. Check the website for our spools. If you are going carping and want to spool up with fresh line, try the Hikaru Fluorocarbon Coated Copolymer line we have in stock now..8.70lbs bs, 12.12lbs and 20.08lbs, and all on 250 metre spools at great prices. If you are hoping to go sharking down in Cornwall, you will get all the info you need from our best-selling DVD, “The Ultimate Guide to Blue Shark fishing. Plus great action on it as well as information. Shore anglers make sure you have a 75 metre spool of our elasticated “anyfish/anywhere” bait thread and a pair of the foldaway “Nipper” stainless knot and trace cutters. Pocket sized, I don’t know where I would be without mine.

Finally, if you want others to know you are a member of the “Awesome Army” why not get a pack of stickers and we will throw in a free Tokushima sticker as well. Pimp up those tackle boxes and get some colour in your fishing !…we’ll post out just as fast as we can. Grab a few of the Sidewinder lures if your target species are Bass, Pollack….or even Pike. If you are off on your holidays then have a great one, and if you catch a fish or two don’t forget to mail it to Mike for our Facebook.

Finally…..something a lot of you have been asking about…..a get together fun –fish-in of the Totally Awesome followers!!! Well, a leading southern carp day ticket water has now offered us one of their lakes for a full 24-hour overnighter. There might also be the chance of food in the shape of maybe a BBQ as well, and I feel sure we could rustle up a raffle with some tackle prizes. It could be held over a weekend so many who work during the week would all get a chance to attend, and maybe nail a big Carp or two. Interested???? Let Mike know. I’m guessing it would be around August and could be a great 24 hours for the Totally Awesome Fishing Show supporters….Mail Mike if interested.….Good Luck…



Just 4 days left! Granted they might go very slowly, but bring it on! I’ve already got a trip booked with Dad for a week away sea fishing. As soon as I get back from that I will be hitting up the freshwater scene and looking to get a P.B carp and barbel. Having just edited Dad’s Tench film I have to say I think it is one of the most informative and in-depth Tench fishing films around. Lots of great info on weather, rigs, bait, location and fish!

It’s a very busy week editing this week as I have to finish editing two films to schedule for the next two weeks as I will be away fishing at the end of the week. Having just gone and looked at the YouTube stats I am proud to say that we have just surpassed the 70,000 subscriber mark! An incredible number, and all thanks to you guys out there representing The Awesome Army 🙂 We will do a video on this shortly.

I have been inundated with emails asking about when we will get the T-shirts and Hoodies back in stock. Well let me tell you something…..Not only will we be having them back in stock, but we’ve gone a whole step further. The last few weeks I have been working on getting a brand new clothing website designed that is dedicated to selling TAF merchandise. You’ll have the option of T-shirts, Hoodies, Baseball caps, snapback caps, mugs, cups, backpacks and more! And you will even get a range of colours to choose from. The shop will be live in just a couple of weeks so keep an eye out on this weekly e-news plus our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram where I will be announcing the opening time for the website. Help represent the Awesome Army by wearing our apparel and merchandise!

Sweet Crisis band

Sweet Crisis – If you like Rock Music you’ll love these guys!

Some of you may have realised that we used slightly different music in our latest video “Spring Tide – Episode 2”. The music was by a band called Sweet Crisis. I went to school with the guys in this band and in fact Dave Cullen (the drummer) was my mentor at the school when I first joined. They’ve been playing rock music for most of their lives. Over time, their music has changed from indie rock to the heavier Led Zeppelin style fast paced rock. Both myself and Graeme absolutely LOVE their new content and be sure to check out their Facebook page to keep up to date with their latest releases and where you can purchase their songs from.

Best of luck to anyone out fishing this week. We might not be able to do an e-news next week due to us fishing in a remote location. But if there is wifi where we will be staying then I might be able to give you guys a brief update direct from where we will be!

Tight lines,



Spring Tide - Episode 2

Spring Tide – Episode 2

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How to dig the best fishing bait – Worms