Hard to believe, but a year has sped past and we are now looking to go to what must be Britain’s biggest Fishing Show. Held at Farnborough in Hampshire THE BIG ONE is pretty huge. They get literally thousands of anglers travelling from all over the country to walk the many fishing stands there, and this time we have a small stand on our own. We are relative newcomers to the Show, which we learned has been getting bigger each year. The last couple of years we were kindly given some space on the Linden Lewis Boat stand, so if you are looking to check out the latest in potential freshwater boats, check in with them and see what types of different craft are available. And of course being based right on the Thames you might be able to get a test in some of the many craft they have on offer. We have fished from a couple of different boats up there, and caught good Perch and Pike, plus taken some interesting sounder readings using the Lowrance Echo Sounders and the Insight Genesis system of mapping your own recordings. The market leaders are Lowrance, and we have the HDS 7 touchscreen from Lowrance on our own famous 17 Foot big shark boat, “HI Sea Drifter”. Into this sounder we have put the Navionics Platinum chart chard which has so much detail it is amazing. In fact I confess to not knowing what half of it does, but it certainly gives me that additional feeling of security when navigating. And of course The BIG ONE is famous for having some great deals. Akios MVR Select.Last year Mike sneaked off with his friend Aaron and they both came back beaming, after having bought a complete bivvy for just….wait for it…FIFTY POUNDS!! OK, so it’s something you will need to look after, but it keeps you sheltered, dry, and has saved them both more than £200 over similar products. Also, Tony Kirrage, from Tony’ Tackle, Eastbourne will have a small stand there. He’ll be glad to tell you about his latest rigs, and he has some great new long beach rods and the latest reels on show. Did I mention Tony has followed me into the world of the fixed spool for all his beach fishing? Tony was no slouch when pendulum casting with a multiplier but has now decided the modern models of fixed spools reels, coupled to fine diameter line make for trouble free fishing. My own favourite fixed spool reels are the Akios Scora, and the MVR. Check Tony’s stand if you visit, he may be able to get you a deal. He is also in this week’s “Midweek Madness” film, showing you how to tie Nano line to a tapered shock leader for beach fishing.

Flounders among the Eastbourne Plaice

Flounders among the Eastbourne Plaice

Hot off the press, it was only filmed last week. Plus I got to catch some nice Plaice and Flounders from the beach at Cambridge Road in Eastbourne, right on the seafront. Fresh-out lugworm was deffo the best, with papered black lug lagging in second place. Or should it be Second PLAICE!!! Seems like I’m in a good mood. Well why not, as I’ve just had a monster Brown trout, and a great scrap with a 16/18LB Pike that took a Buster Jerk lure. In fact it didn’t just “take” it….it annihilated it. This lure with its weird “slider” action has totally out-fished every other lure I have used this winter. I stole it from Mike (he’s not had it back yet) and I have still to work out why it is so successful. We don’t sell them. I’m simply telling you as it happened. I had been racing off from work to grab a short hour or so just before dusk, and although a bit stressy carving through traffic etc, it has been well worth it. Plus I have been well pleased with the white Nomura Kanji rod I have been catching on. I chose it above more expensive rods because it was white and I don’t like following the tackle sheep, but also it seems sporty, yet quite powerful. Mike used it in our Irish films on Cod and Pollack, but I managed to get it back from him.

The other huge success has been Mike’s TOTALLY AWESOME OUTDOORS Channel on YouTube. It covers everything from Bushcraft to D.I.Y. ideas, walking, shooting with a subscriber base that is rising faster than anything we have seen on the Awesome Fishing channel. Sure, it’s extra work for us, but it’s this workload that allows us to bring you up to three brand new films a week, all paid for by ourselves, so you know you won’t get a lot of tackle and bait ramming rubbish which it seems everyone is getting bored of. If we use a particular piece of tackle we will tell you, but as you well know there is no “magic” bait, and certainly no “magic” tackle. It’s the knowledge that will help you pick off those fish, and that’s why our Show is one of the biggest on the planet. And its BRITISH !!..

Ferret videoWe have an interesting film coming up of Hunting in England with ferrets, that goes on the Outdoors channel and I still have my 600lb shark film to edit. Wait till you see the underwater footage. It will send a shiver up your spine. We still have over SEVENTY BRAND NEW FILMS ready to edit, which means you won’t want to watch anything on television ever again. Our Show should fill a gap that will probably never be allowed on television. And that’s proper fishing showsA. ll brand new. Never before seen. Quite simply I don’t think anyone can compete with our versatility of species, and expansive production programme. Thanks to all the AWESOME ARMY that have supported us, and our following in Canada, Australia and the States is now. HUGE!!! Turns out a lot of our Totally Awesome Fishing tips are getting soaked up in other countries as well.

The one drawback of the winter was we never got out river fishing. Much of the time it was flooded, so it will have to wait until the season opens in June before we have a chance to film them. We hope to get out and do some carp filming, but have no rush, and prefer to wait for things to warm up first. Trout fishing with the fly is also on the cards, and I strongly feel a trip down to the Somerset shore marks is coming shortly. I’ve always liked the freedom of shore fishing. No rules,regulations,stupid baby cradles to nurse the fish in, no jumbo landing nets that would swat a Pterodactyl, no paddy-pads to lay the baby fish on, barbed, or barbless hooks, boilie bans, ban this, ban that…why not just ban the fishermen, then there’s nothing to bother the fish, and therefore no red tape. Don’t get me started, I was quite enjoying myself until I thought about it!! Anyway, sea fishing is the freedom factor, and even more so when I turn the key on “HSD” and the 60 Yam coughs into life. Just point it at the sparkling horizon and head out to your hopes.

So, if you are heading to the “BIG ONE” drop by and see us. We are on stand 142A, but doubtless you will find us. And let’s hope you pick up some bargains there. It’s a great day out as the whole site is full of fishermen, and we are all talking…..FISH!!!!.

Good Luck..