Well this week should keep all the sea anglers happy. I was working on a big interview and fish compilation film that would have lots of historical significance in it. Trouble is as a long time journalist I keep getting carried away with the need for MORE information. You can never have enough if you want a good story. So instead of our usual Friday night film, which would have been an epic, I asked Mike to make it into a 3-part mini-series, which allows everyone time to digest the information better and hopefully pick out the parts that give them the most interest. So this week it’s a TOTALLY AWESOME Mini Series…starting 7pm Wednesday. An exclusive film interview with old-time black and white pictures of catches that should have your eyes out on stalks. Was the fishing back then REALLY that good?? We’ll, yes, actually it was, so Wednesday will give you a taster.

TAFishing Triple Episode! Wednesday 26th, Thursday 27th and Friday 28th March at 7pm GMT on YouTube: TAFishing

TAFishing Triple Episode! Wednesday 26th, Thursday 27th and Friday 28th March at 7pm GMT on YouTube: TAFishing

Then Thursday at 7pm the 2nd part, with yet another exclusive interview about one of Britain’s most famous beaches and what is on the cards today. Then, the end of the hunt, the cut to the chase, the spot where I finally track down our intended quarry, right on last knockings at the end of the season. That will mean you guys have well over an hour of information, pictures, tips, techniques and a day on the water that should give you renewed enthusiasm. We can’t say what species, as so many out there are trying to copy us we don’t want to give them ANY of our own hard-earned film work  I drove over 800 miles to complete the series, and we both put in long hours compiling it. Enjoy. And there’s plenty more where this came from.

Common Carp

Gary Western 29lb4oz Common

Golden Orfe 3 lbs

Golden Orfe 3 lbs

On the fish catching scene the lakes at Angler’s Paradise are producing well, according to a report sent to us from Zenia Gregorek. Everything from Carp to Golden Orfe ,so a drive down west for a couple of days fishing there might be worth your while. We also have several boat anglers getting ready for a crack at the Great British Thresher sharks this summer, and I hope they get one, plus we are aiming at a Mako shark somewhere north of the Isles of Scilly so let’s really show that England is the place for the BIGGEST sharks around. Porbeagle, Mako and Thresher are always on the cards around of the south coast of England, and it will soon be time to break out the big boys toys. Mind you the way the fly fishing for trout season is starting it might be difficult choosing a perfect date. Let’s all hope the weather pans out and we can actually get out there fishing. It’s been a long winter -Graeme


One week left! Then I am off for 3 weeks. Oh the joys of teaching! Although unlike some teachers I won’t be ‘chilling out’ and relaxing. I have some filming planned with Tommy for another Carp epic! I also intend to do some sea fishing as much as I can (weather permitting), in fact, I plan to do as much fishing as possible in the time that I have as once the holidays are over it’s back to the grind and I won’t have the time to fish. There is the small matter of an essay that I need to do for my teacher training too, but that can wait…..

P.B Ballan Wrasse!

P.B Ballan Wrasse! Click picture to watch the video where I catch this fish!

The May bank holidays are also a good chance for me to get away and I tend to take that opportunity to go down and do some camping with the ball and chain down in swanage, dorset. The great thing about Dorset is that it isn’t too far for a weekends camping and it offers some fantastic rock fishing if you can find the right locations and get the right conditions. The Wrasse pictured was my P.B Wrasse caught last year on ragworm. I had no idea what it weighed as I didn’t have the scales but I know for sure that it is the biggest Wrasse I have caught! I intend to go back to the spot where I caught this and this time I’m brining the scales!

Good luck to all those fishing this week, don’t forget you can chat to us on Facebook or Twitter and post your pics to us too!

Tight Lines,