13th DECEMBER 2014


A Totally Awesome Christmas present!

A Totally Awesome Christmas present!

Christmas is fast upon us, as is inclement weather by the sounds of the forecast. I have only managed to squeeze in a few hours of editing in the mornings before work, and a bit in a late afternoon as the workload has been pretty relentless. I would sooner get it now than during the spring to autumn period, but after ten straight weeks with no more than a day off or a few grabbed hours it does start to get to you a bit. I imagine there are plenty of people out there looking forward to Christmas Eve just to take a break from the routine of modern life, but then again a whole new world of stress can build up with the Christmas dinner. The wife gets touchy as something is always happening with the Turkey. This year we’ve relented and gone for a Turkey Crown which apparently makes life a whole lot easier. Now if there was any way I could just pass on the annual Brussel sprouts it would be great. But I fear they will again be considered “compulsory” family eating. I don’t touch the damn things for the rest of the year, so why am I force fed these green, hard golf balls on the one day. Some are so hard if I sat them on a tee at the local green I could get about 150 yards with my driver. Yes,I used to play golf as well, and once actually won the “President’s Cup” at a local Golf club Tournament at my first attempt. I remember 259 yards, down in two!!! Mind you the course wasn’t exactly Augusta, and on one club match I went on a ball search in a wood with our four and actually witnessed the club “champ” on the opposite team slowly look around and slide another ball out of his pocket in a first class bit of blatant cheating. He forgot I was five yards away obscured by a tree. After seeing that from their top man I quickly stopped going to the competitions. I don’t mind getting beaten fairly, but by straight out cheating it’s a waste of time. Sometimes anglers ask me why I never go in for match fishing, but I have absolutely zero interest. You know where the best pegs are, and then you have to put your hand in a bag and take out a number that puts you 900 yards from any chance of a fish!!!! Plus of course there always seems to be money involved with “pools” I think they call them. I wouldn’t bet on the sun coming up tomorrow, let alone winning a match from a peg with three minnows and a dead crayfish in it. Others ask why I don’t fish for big carp. Truth be told I just can’t afford to spend the time. I haven’t even had a “forty” yet, which some specimen lovers would consider the norm, but I just get bored really easily, and sleeping around waiting for a carp to hook itself is not really my kind of thing. I’ve done plenty of overnight sessions in my youth, and remember staying awake for the best part of 48 hours when fishing for wild carp using potatoes. I remember the 2nd day I started hallucinating, and of course it all turned out alright, whereas some people today now pay money for pills to get the same effect. Try fishing for 48 hours non-stop, it has the same effect and is a lot cheaper.

We have had a good rummage in the Totally Awesome DVD boxes and found some more, so anyone wanting a last minute gift can check on the remaining stock on our site and contact Mike. Should you want your DVD covers signed we are happy to do that. We have another full box of Giant Catfish DVD’s, but not many left of “The Carp Trilogy”, and very few of the much sought after-“Ultimate guide to Blue shark fishing”. If it’s a Hoodie, Polo shirt or T-shirt you want check the stock with Mike. These are deffo the last left at the old price, and until we source another supplier who can get them to us at a competitive price, those in stock will be the last of that run, so something of a collector’s item. Mike has a good stock of the three stickers, and they are light to post, so with Christmas posting times getting closer, do let us know what you want, as soon as you can. It will be posted straight out.

I managed to track down a plumber/gas engineer who didn’t have visions of retiring early with the quotes I had been getting for one of the property refurbs. A boiler change and a tiny bathroom refit would not be rocket science, say 2/3 days work, but would you believe the difference between the highest and lowest quote was £3000 !!!!! Now that’s a crazy amount, especially as I have various trade accounts so can price materials up accurately. It leaves around £600 a man per day as a wage??? I think not…..for me anyway. But then again a recent litigation saw my solicitor reconfirm his costs for representation. A gift at just……£250 an hour!!! I can see a brain surgeon getting that, but legal stuff? They must be having a Giraffe ………When I left school at 16 and opened my shop I had a sideline of chopping up wood for kindling (for fire lighting),wrapped the bundles of wood in sheets of old Angling papers and tied them with old fishing line. Sale price.25p a bundle. Being labour intensive it did give me a respect for money. Hard to earn…..easy to lose. The old saying still stands true…”A fool and his money are soon parted”.

So if you get a weather window in the next ten days or so I suggest you take it, as they all seem to be one day deals at the moment. And for those of you going flat out to get all your jobs done before the big Christmas break, good luck. Watch out for the bad drivers on the roads, and have some patience. Just keep thinking of the great “fishy” Christmas presents you might be getting. I’m working right up till Christmas Eve myself, but will hopefully get a shot or two at some “Fins” in the days following the food festival……

Have a good one,



SCHOOLS OUT! I’ve officially broken up from school and have a nice few weeks freedom ahead of me. As for that freedom being taken up by fishing time, sadly it will not be the case! I do however have a trip to Norfolk with Emmy next week. Staying in a log cabin near Diss. Thankfully, the girlfriend enjoys beach fishing, so I shall be armed with a few beach rods, a tripod and some bait ready to hit the shore and see if we can’t winkle out a few whiting and codling. I had a reply to my previous E-news from Chris Collins who gave me some helpful information on fishing marks and baits etc. So if you are reading this – thanks Chris!

Having only recently looked on google maps to find out where this log cabin is, I managed to zoom right in, and what did I find just 10 yards from the back entrance of the cabin?? A small river!!!! Oh how tempting it will be…..:)

Lots of Awesome videos coming your way for the Christmas period. I will be editing my eyeballs out for the next few weeks to try and give you guys some awesome fishing vids! Had a look at the YouTube statistics recently, and we just passed 55,000 subscribers! We are also nearly on 10 million views! Still cannot believe how big this has all become in such a short time. Nevertheless, thank you, the awesome army is growing and the feedback we get from all of you is overwhelming. It takes a serious amount of time and effort for myself and Graeme to run this fishing show on a part time basis, but the reason we do it is because you guys enjoy watching them so much! We have lots of ideas planned for the future so keep watching and thanks for subscribing to us!

I can’t wait to get out on that Norfolk beach!!!! Have a great week soldiers!



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Perch fishing with the DROPLOB rig

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