14th OCTOBER 2014


The weather curtailed any fishing trips and with wifey on tour in Oz and New Zealand my “dream” of piling in a load of fishing trips got changed to piling in a load of work on the properties. As usual, the renewal of all the home security lights to these new low energy Halogen thingies has been put on hold. I keep looking at them in the boxes, all shiny and new, but cannot get up the stamina to wire them all in. Nor do I want to cough deeply and pay the electrician to do it. As the saying goes “A little knowledge is a dangerous thing” so if you suddenly see your lights dim, you know Graeme is trying to renew his outside lights and got his wires crossed! Instead the week was spent painting the outside of one of the shops, I lugged the 15 litre tubs of Sandtex to the car, not realising I had pulled the tub against my jeans. Sat down in the leather seats of the new veee-hickle and on getting out suddenly saw I had “pimped” my driver’s seat into a black leather and Magnolia combo. Not a great start to the week, but I did dive out to get a closeout section on our rather uninspiring section of canal. Only got one small Pike on twitched sprat, and had two other mini predators spit the bait. Then the boats came, churned the water to Oxtail soup and that was the end of any predator fishing. I really must stop going there. The fishing is naff compared to when I was a youngster. All the Tench seem to have disappeared, the Perch are on the decline, and the only other Pike I saw in there through the whole summer was a belly-up version. We never had a Bream in there 50 years ago but the “match lovers” I guess they wanted “silvers” to catch so the only thing I reckon have caused the Tench to decline are the Bream. My local Pond was the same. Some bright spark stocked a load of Bream and now you would be pushed to catch a Tench in there. My best dawn session was over 70lbs of Tench way back when ,and all taken on the float from a dinghy, traditional style. I really do think species like Tench, Roach and Perch do suffer a decline once a load of Carp and Bream are rammed in a water. Why not let nature create its own balance?

The weather has been looking good for giving the beaches a bit of a stir up and it seems the Codling are on the verge of giving us a good winter of sport. Check out the bigger spring tides, I feel they are the key to Cod success, as is the use of “fresh-outs”. This is the term for anglers fishing with freshly dug lugworm. There is no doubt in my mind that a fresh lugworm is giving out all sorts of Amino Acid concentrates that help the fish zone in to them. Cod especially seem to come out on them, and I’ve seen fresh-outs outfish all other baits to know there really is something in it. And of course you don’t always need to cast far for Cod unless you are on a shallow beach like Norfolk and Suffolk have. 80 yards with a bait should be enough, and don’t forget the new catchphrase I founded due to some long caster thinking he would beat me into submission with his powerhouse, lead-flinging antics. The saying now is….”Cast like a girl….but catch like a man !!”.

Want the T.A. tips .Try one of our special DVD's.

Want the T.A. tips .Try one of our special DVD’s.

The rain and wind meant I had an evening in sorting through stuff in the office, and I found another box of our best-selling DVD-“Giant Catfish of Caspe” which I thought we were out of. It features Catfish to 180lbs, and wild River Carp to over 30lbs, with all the info you need to know if you want to know how they are caught. Plus in the same box were a few of our “CARP TRILOGY” DVD’s which features THREE episodes on carp fishing, not re-hash stuff, all new. Third DVD is the “Ultimate guide to Blue shark fishing”, featuring interviews with top Falmouth shark man Frank Vinnicombe, plus Jack Bray at Looe in Cornwall, and an amazing bend I get on a regular trout rod on a blue shark, tagged and released of course. All these we can still run out at £10-99, but only while stocks last. And finally the chance to get your tackle box or car “BADGED UP” with our pack of three stickers.

Get badged up with your Awesome stickers (1)

Get badged up with your Awesome stickers

Last week we mentioned the great catch made by Luke Aston over in Ireland with a monumental Sixgill shark. He’s now had several, but I noticed on one of the “Keyboard Capers” forums that a few think it wasn’t that big? These are people that haven’t even seen a 1000 pounder, let alone caught one, and it never ceases to amaze me the childish level of what can only be described as green-eyed jealousy. Luke gets a huge Sixgill, brings it in and weighs it on land at over 1000lbs. No disputing, no arguing, it’s there, it’s immense. Check out our film-“Search for a Sixgill Shark” on YouTube. So the next one is even bigger, but he releases it as he obviously knows what a 1000 pounder looks like, and they still don’t believe it ??? Duuuhhh??? It’s obvious anyone who gets a big shark (or any big fish, bitching goes on with any species) that you really can’t win. If you bring it in and weigh it you get bitched on. If you release it, they still don’t believe it. You can’t win. And the last Sixgill Luke had was FIVE METRES long? I guess that’s not big enough for the Keyboard warriors. If you took away all the bitching and whining remarks most of these forum fanciers would be looking at a blank page !!!

On the astonishing numbers front we are about to pass 52,000 subscribers!! and very close to having NINE MILLION VIEWS !!! Mike actually had an email from a National TV company requesting footage from us and a possible appearance on a hugely successful show. If anything comes of it we’ll let you know. It shows that people are really starting to take notice of our numbers. As I type this Mike says yet another of our films has passed the magic 100,000 views barrier. This one was Pike fishing lures underwater…See link here if you want a look at it.

I’m also currently looking at some free stretches of rivers within a comfortable driving range and there are really not many. I can’t see myself wanting to sit by those commercial lakes where you are forced to pre-book your swim and are stuck in just one place, barred from fishing between pegs etc. I like to poke around where I can to spot fish, and if there’s one place they are likely to be it’s in between the swims of anglers. Far too many rules on many fisheries, they want your money but they don’t really want you catching their fish. They should do a “free to sit and watch only” ticket. So I’m off to find pastures new, regular ticket waters or free stretches where you can relax, enjoy the day, without the pressure of a prison sentence from some obscure rule infringement. Which is of course why I love sea fishing so much. Freedom. Open space. And I can fish where I want, with what bait I want. That’s it for now. Mike has a half term period coming up so we hope to get Pike and Perch fishing, but with all the rain forecast it makes river piking look a bit dubious for water clarity. And watch out for this week’s “Midweek Madness” from Mike, I’m sure you’ll enjoy it…..Graeme.


A fine Sandhurst Mirror from Tommy

A fine Sandhurst Mirror from Tommy

Just one more week until half term! Looking forward to the time on so I can get some fishing done. I do the editing on most nights so I am not too worried about that. It’s just nice to wet a line and enjoy a day out fishing. Last weekend I did some filming for a BRAND NEW SERIES featuring Tommy Flower and his friend Andy Phillips. The choice of venue for this episode was Sandhurst fishery. It was tough fishing I can tell you that. Most of the anglers were blanking over the 48 hour stint that we did. But thankfully a nice Mirror fell to one of Tommy’s solid bag rigs. However it decided to bite at 2am…..lucky I had the camera’s prepared this time! I already have the next episode planned and will be fishing with them both again next Monday for another 48 hour stint, watch out for the series coming soon. Both Andy and Tommy were fishing different methods and different rigs. It was great to see how the rigs work and on such a weedy venue the presentation is hugely important. We also noticed at least FOUR Pike up to double figures just sitting in the margins of Tommy’s swim! There were lots of fry and small perch around and at about 7:30am on the last day both Tommy and myself witnessed a Pike smash the fry right in the margins. Great to see and I think I will be back there with the Pike gear!

On other fishing fronts, I am definitely going to get out and do some more Perch fishing over the half term break! I would also like to go for the Pike this time too, and I am looking to try new venues so if you guys have any good Pike/predator venues then let me know! A winter Cod would be nice too 🙂

I will update you with more fishing information next week! Good luck to anyone out fishing over the next week.

Tight lines,



River fishing with Hemp and Caster

River fishing with Hemp and Caster

sea rigs - 3 hook flapper

sea rigs – 3 hook flapper