DECEMBER 3rd 2014


All ready for tagging-A big Monkfish

All ready for tagging-A big Monkfish

Sad to say the last week has been one of much labour and no contact with running, still or salt water. Showers excepted of course. I have been getting plastered, though with skim plaster rather than anything involving alcohol. I have been out on the tiles, though not jollying my way through the night in the bright lights of any city establishment. The tiles have been large, bathroom appendages of some two feet in length, requiring careful alignment in preparation for the eventual arrival of the plumber….ANY plumber. The configuration of tiling has been somewhat affected by the cutting qualities of my tools of that trade. Disc tile cutter of mysterious and unknown parentage. A blade that may well be offset as the cut has an annoying habit of creeping away from my carefully marked pencil cutting line. A backup of a slide tile cutter was brought up as reinforcements, and for a while it worked. Then finally a hand-score tool that used to work on small tiles years ago, but appears stubborn in dispatching the two-foot tiles to the size I require. However it is all finished. As is the carpeting, painting, filling, sanding ,purchasing, delivering, unloading, and finally electricking various repairs to the correct amperage. Throw in a few hours of solid paperwork, figures, solicitor’s “stuff”, written in a language that is largely hieroglyphics, and you wonder how the week flew by. And not a rod in hand for the duration. The important thing in life is to prioritise. Fishing generally has not been wild. Or so the grapevine confides in me, and the jobs will not do themselves, so with a motivation bordering on the obsessive the workload is gradually getting crossed off. With Christmas now on the horizon I find it important to try and pigeon hole everything in readiness for the fabulous fishing I may have planned. Mike will break up from school teaching and the fish will be quaking in their scaly bodies as the date of our freedom approaches. Watching for this date will be the Trans-Atlantic Jetstream, which will undoubtedly alter its course around 48 hours before any planned fishing expedition and bombard us with low pressures and wind, or a blocking high from Scandinavia which delivers cruel body blows of icy wind that cuts a poor old fisherman to the bone. I have some limited armour of course, in the shape of a second-hand flotation suit given me by Phil Williams. I wonder how I ever got by with the cold weather clothing I wore 40 years ago. And it was back when we actually had “proper” winters that remained on a seasonal calendar.

One from Graeme's archives-50lb plus Monkfish (1)

One from Graeme’s archives-50lb plus Monkfish

Shore films with night fishing are planned. Perch sorties with the cunning art of drop shot fishing providing their downfall. If the rivers run clear they will need sunglasses to shield them from the blinding flash of my twitched sprats. And who knows….maybe “Hi Sea Drifter” will finally get afloat and hunt down the elusive Cod. So, I keep holding off with the hope I pick the right species, the right weather and the right day. I’m sure it must come together soon. Someone mailed us to say we must be the 2nd largest subscriber fishing channel for all-round angling…in the world! I think we have over 55,000 subscribers, with another 1000 subscribers on Mike’s new “TOTALLY AWESOME OUTDOORS SHOW” channel on YouTube. We recently put a brand new fishing film up on it entitled “PIKE ON A BIKE”. No, the Pike weren’t riding the bikes……… we were. Using them to cover vast distances along a canal, trying to give tips on what to look for if you are yourself in the predator chasing game like us. More “Outdoors” films are planned, so stick with us on the new channel as we gradually build it up over time. It certainly won’t be all fishing, but there could be the occasional programme that will prove interesting enough to keep you away from much of the mundane programming currently on the television. I believe the TV programme as you know may be a thing of the past. Soon you will be able to watch YouTube type programmes that you actually want to watch, on a TV, the same as your computer. The technology is already here. But quite how you remove the wife from her position on the settee watching the “Soap of the week” so you can watch The Totally Awesome Fishing Show on a big screen is something you will have to sort yourself. And YouTube is 24/7 of course. You can watch it when you want, which is just fine for most of us.

Another new film up Friday night, plus we have already finished the pre-Christmas “specials” for you. A good job we worked so hard to back up the film files when we did. So keep watching The T/A CHANNEL as there are all brand new films lined up one after the other, right through to the New Year. We’re currently running at 278 films in a little over THREE YEARS!!!!  Our “Awesome Army” is growing by the day on a worldwide basis. Keep spreading the word people, there are still loads out there that have yet to see a T/A film. I was even drop-shotting the other week on a stretch of Surrey canal when an elderly couple with a dog asked how the fishing had been going. I told them it was tough, and the man said “You are the bloke that does those Totally Awesome Fishing films with your son Mike”. I admitted immediately, and asked him what sort of fishing he did himself. He replied that he wasn’t even a fisherman, but just liked to watch them on YouTube as he found them more interesting than the Television fishing programmes as there was so much info in there. And there was I thinking that it was all anglers watching our Shows. I know a lot of people like to watch our D.I.Y. instructional films just for entertainment value. They have no need for a picket fence, a bird box, a dog kennel or a log store. Yet they still find something informative in them that keeps them coming back. For those who like watching something different keep checking Mike’s “Totally Awesome Outdoors Show”.

I’ve now got my slide scanner working in conjunction with our 6Tb computer so when this unending workload does eventually slacken off I should have time to rummage through my 20,000 picture files and see if I can’t put up a few vintage shots from yesteryear of Big Game Fish or scenic that will give those of you under 40, an idea of just how many big fish I really did haul in all those years ago. 34 different species of fish over 100lbs. Now I wonder if I can track down the shots of every single one. And somewhere I have some pics of the biggest Mako shark ever caught by an Englishman, it was 1,014lbs, though I suppose there is still the odd one or two disbelievers about who won’t believe that weight and feel it has to be measured first. Don’t make me laugh…I was on the end of the rope that helped drag it up to the registered and authorised electric scales. A 3 hour fight on 130lb max class Big Game tackle. It tore the transom door off the hinges. What a fish. If I find the pic for Christmas I’ll put it up. I’ve noticed a few of the “superheroes” are now dragging up their old pics of catches, but I think they won’t even be on the same planet when I really get to work with the slide scanner. At least it’s more interesting than plastering or laying slabs in the cold!!! Good luck out there people, and keep spreading the Totally Awesome word.

– Graeme


One more week….just one more week of work then I am FREE! For about 3 days of a 3 week holiday……I have somehow filled up my diary with plans of the non-fishing sort that I have left little time for fishing. Hmmm, not sure how I did that?? Anyway, got a Saturday slot this weekend, we haven’t had much rain this week and I have been checking the local rivers and streams, they seem to be fining down nicely. So providing we don’t get much rain tomorrow and Friday, I will head on down and chuck a lure or worm in, target species, the Perch of course! Lately I have been addicted to Perch! Especially the drop shot technique, it is truly lethal and such great fun. My latest video on drop shot fishing for Perch seems to have gone down well and I have received some great feedback from you guys so thanks for taking the time to message/email in your thoughts.

Emmy is keen to do some beach fishing in Norfolk. She's not new to Sea fishing, here's a pic of her with a nice Wrasse caught from the rocks in Tintagel - Cornwall

Emmy is keen to do some beach fishing in Norfolk. She’s not new to Sea fishing, here’s a pic of her with a nice Wrasse caught from the rocks in Tintagel – Cornwall

Fear not Sea anglers! We still have some cracking Sea fishing episodes that we have kept back especially for you. I am off to Norfolk towards the middle of December for a 3 day holiday in a Log Cabin. Spending it with the mrs and the cabin itself is right by a small river. Well planned by me eh??? 😉 Thankfully, Emmy (the mrs) does enjoy sea fishing, and I was delighted to hear her say that she wants to do some beach fishing in Norfolk. So beach fishing we shall do! Now…what I know about beach fishing in Norfolk can be written on the back of a postage stamp. So any of you guys out there who have done any beach fishing in the Norfolk area let me know some tips on rigs, baits, fishing spots, tides etc I would be very grateful! We are not right on the coast but we are in the south of the county. I will be taking the camera with me and providing I catch something, I will make a short video on it.

As for other fishing plans over the holidays, it’s looking pretty limited for me. But the time that I don’t spend fishing, I usually spend editing. So we have some nice Christmas videos coming your way for the festive period. Stay tuned to The Totally Awesome Fishing Show – for all your fishing needs 🙂

Thanks to all 55,000+ subscribers! You guys are Awesome!!!

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Dropshotting for Perch

Dropshotting for Perch

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How to tie a drop shot rig