NOVEMBER 13th 2014


The thermal gear was on for Graeme at Old Bury Hill Lake yesterday,but with Bream to 4lbs coming out it was worth the shiver !!

The thermal gear was on for Graeme at Old Bury Hill Lake yesterday,but with Bream to 4lbs coming out it was worth the shiver !!

Well you would think we have enough work here at the studios of The Totally Awesome Fishing Show. But NO!!!….Mike has just launched an entirely new channel given over to the Great British Outdoors, and it will feature…EVERYTHING and ANYTHING we can think of that is linked to getting out there in the fresh air and enjoying whatever is on offer. It could be a sport like learning about shooting, mountain biking, D.I.Y. (Plenty of time for this when the weather stops us fishing).We’ve got to build it up gradually and the fishing won’t take a back seat that’s for sure. There’s a huge following on my old D.I.Y. tips, especially in Canada and the States where my film on how to make picket fencing from Pallet wood…FOR FREE!!!!  has had over a QUARTER OF A MILLION VIEWS … .So what is the name of the new channel???

The TOTALLY AWESOME OUTDOORS SHOW of course.  It’s all a bit of fun, so give us some support by hitting that subscribe button. I’m not going bended knee begging for subscribers, as you guys know we fund the entire operation ourselves, but it would be nice to give us a bit of moral support. Who knows where this new Show will take us. I already have full length documentaries planned that would give you something else to watch when there’s nothing else on television. As a journalist I love storing information in my (limited) brain for future reference. And of course I love filming, photography, and getting the sort of “fly on the wall” films that you all seem to love. We get comments from all over the world, Australia, Canada, Italy, even Afghanistan.  So with over 53,000 subscribers who like fishing in the great outdoors this new channel might have one or two programmes that interest you. Although of course with such a huge number following us there will still be the odd one or two “keyboard” bullies, though I have to say they are becoming much more rare. Presumably because we now don’t even bother to bicker with them and hit the remove and block button instead. We don’t mind constructive criticism but we’ve now drawn the line with those who think they can bully others with their comments. I wouldn’t mind but some of these whiners must have the I.Q. of a potato peeling. Which brings me to one poor chappie who was having a rant about me using a fish bait for Perch and likened me to a person living in a cave. I hope I am, as our forebears were cavemen who hunted and killed to survive. But for some reason he then scrolled down and started attacking some other random individual who had mis-spelt “Walleye”. Easily done. Now that mis-spelt word could have easily been put up by a younger enthusiast, and the last thing they need to hear is some creaky critic who must have too much time on his hands, bullying them for a word inadvertently spelt wrong? Now as I say, the potato peeling brain whizzo has been blocked, but he hasn’t realised I have the E-News to level things up a bit for the youngster. Now you youngsters should fear not any verbal bullies as the perpetrators are invariably cowards who hide behind the keyboard and probably read everything they can to put themselves over as some superior human being. Unfortunately the perps name was….(I have to hold on to the desk, I’m about to crack up again)….Mr SPRATT !!! …..OMG!!!….Holy Moly!!!!…..someone pass me a glass of water!!!! ….I can’t breath !!  Although we’ve blocked Monsieur Le’ Spudpeeling we are going to remind him we have a complete film up on YouTube dedicated to the very name he has….”PIKE ON TWITCHED SPRAT”!!!!……OMG I’m off again. How often do you get you have a fishing bait named after you. So the moral is pal, if you dish it out without first putting the brain into gear, you had better be prepared to get some back. And for the youngster, don’t worry about the spelling, here at T/A Fishing we knew exactly what fish you meant.

Onto the weather. It ain’t good, make no mistake. I did squeeze an afternoon in down at Old Bury Hill Lake. Lucked out on a 4lb bream, but not a sniff of a bite from the predators as dusk approached. Cold snap. Heavy rain. Blue sky daytime. Clear at night. Full moon. I deffo seem to do no good over clear sky full moons. I remember writing to Britain’s freshwater guru, the late Dick Walker when I was but a youngster. I only caught MALE Tench over full moons. Did he know why? To his credit he answered my letter, so even back then 50 years ago I was having trouble on Full moons (But Blue marlin are good then as they eat the Tuna and tuna feed at night, and the squid they feed on comes up from the deep on full moons. But freshwater? Avoid clear sky full moons I say. There could be a vampire about… (or maybe a 2-legged Potato peeling??)

Work schedule has been pretty heavy duty this week, three projects on the go, but all good workable property maintenance stuff which I like. If anyone asked me when I actually sit down to watch TV it would be around 10pm at night. Watch an hour, by which time I’m dozing, and that’s it. The rest of the time is spent on the films, editing, paperwork etc. Mike’s even worse…he takes his Apple phone and laptop everywhere with him. All that social media stuff is all well and good but it certainly eats up time, which is why Mike does all that, and I don’t. So I’m off to grab some food before getting back on the edit. What have we got? Scampi chips and peas with a glass of white wine. Could have been worse. Could have been SPRATT ON TOAST!!!!. O.M.G. I’m off again.

Good Fishing guys, and check out the new T/A Outdoors channel. More films loaded from Friday on both channels. FISHING and OUTDOORS. A real double whammy-Graeme.


No fishing for me this week as it’s flat out teaching (AND EDITING!) Now we have started the Totally Awesome Outdoors Channel my workload will probably double, maybe even triple! But it’s something I have had on my mind so I want to give it a go and lets see where we end up in a years time! If you would like to subscribe to it then click this link here.

We have a great video going up this Friday night, a real classic session I had with Dad, plenty of laughs, great fishing and just all-round fun! I hope you guys enjoy it as much as we enjoyed making it. I am busy this weekend so unfortunately AGAIN no fishing for me 🙁 but I do have a slot next Saturday where I hope to get out and wet a line.

I hope to really crack on with some fishing over the christmas period when I am on the school holidays. I’d like to get some beach fishing done, as well as some winter pike and perching! Love those Perch! Got another episode coming your way soon on the Perch and yes, it will feature my new P.B! A quality fight on ultra light gear.

Good luck to anyone out fishing this weekend, let us know how you get on!



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Beach fishing for Beginners with Graeme Pullen

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